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response and columnist
The famously abrasive columnist and restaurant reviewer A A Gill in his 2005 book The Angry Island called Stow " catastrophically ghastly " and " the worst place in the world ", resulting in an angry response from the town's mayor.
In response, Wall Street Journal online columnist James Taranto jokingly called Scientific American " a liberal political magazine ".
" In response to Vonnegut and Truss, Ben MacIntyre, columnist in The Times ( London ), wrote: " Americans have long regarded the semi-colon with suspicion, as a genteel, self-conscious, neither-one-thing-nor-the other sort of punctuation mark, with neither the butchness of a full colon nor the flighty promiscuity of the comma.
* 1992-93 California Governor Pete Wilson was targeted for recall by the Bite ' Em Back campaign, which was a grassroots effort that came about as a result of a piece by San Jose Mercury News columnist Pat Dillon, in response to the then-ongoing California budgetary crisis.
A columnist wrote in the Plain Dealer on July 8: " Cleveland's man in the street is the right sort of American, as was evidenced right solidly once more by the response to the question: ' How does the signing of Larry Doby by the Indians strike you?
In response to Khodorkovsky's speech, New York Times columnist Joe Nocera wrote, " I have never been so moved by the words of a businessman.
In response to an inquiry from a reader, sex columnist Dan Savage wrote: " Facials are degrading — and that's why they're so hot.
In response to an inquiry from a reader, sex columnist Dan Savage wrote: " Facials are degrading — and that's why they're so hot.
Reconnecting with his past as a columnist, he published Le Cheval couché ( the lounging horse ), a scathing response to Pierre-Jakez Hélias's popular autobiographical novel Cheval d ' orgueil ( Horse of Pride ), which he called " fossilized folkism ".
When Sunday Mail columnist Peter Goers stated that Hood was an anti-evolution Creationist, Hood did not deny this in his response, while he did attempt to set the record straight on issues of policy.
These developments, following Hillary Clinton's prior disputed statements about her cattle futures dealings and Whitewater, led to a famous exchange in which high-profile New York Times columnist William Safire, who had endorsed Bill Clinton in the previous election, wrote that many Americans were coming to the " sad realization that our First Lady — a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation — is a congenital liar ," followed by White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry saying that " the President, if he were not the President, would have delivered a more forceful response to that — on the bridge of Mr. Safire's nose.
On November 12, 2008, it was announced that further changes were to take place in response to economic hardships with the selling of popular site Consumerist ( blog ) and the folding of Valleywag with Managing Editor Owen Thomas being demoted to a columnist on Gawker and the rest of the staff being laid off.
In his online column, " Chatological Humor ", Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten published a response by Mallett to the speculation that Frazz was a grown-up Calvin.
On the same day, Sydney Morning Herald columnist, Miranda Devine, had also written a scathing article in response to viewing the email invitation, which precipitated heated talk-back and media discussion throughout the day.

response and Marc
In 2007, Marc Bragg, an attorney, was banned from Second Life ; in response he sued the developers for thereby depriving him of his land, which he – based on the developers ' own statements – " owned ".
In response, eight creators announced the founding of Image Comics: illustrators Todd McFarlane ( known for his work on Spider-Man ), Jim Lee ( X-Men ), Rob Liefeld ( X-Force ), Marc Silvestri ( Wolverine ), Erik Larsen ( The Amazing Spider-Man ), Jim Valentino ( Guardians of the Galaxy ), and Whilce Portacio ( Uncanny X-Men ); and long-time Uncanny X-Men writer Chris Claremont.
* A long response to Marc Tessier's history of the Montreal comics since that appeared in The Comics Journals 2005 Special Edition
Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, August Macke, Alexej von Jawlensky, Marianne von Werefkin, Gabriele Münter, Lyonel Feininger, Albert Bloch and others formed the group in response to the rejection of Kandinsky's painting Last Judgement from an exhibition.
THERMCON was the code name of a FBI operation which was launched in response to the sabotage of the Arizona Snowbowl ski lift near Flagstaff, Arizona in October 1987 by three people from Prescott, Arizona, Mark Davis, Margaret Millet, and Marc Baker.
In response to Lancia's rallying success with the mid-engined Stratos, Renault's Jean Terramorsi, vice-president of production, asked Bertone ’ s Marc Deschamps to design a new sports version of the Renault 5 Alpine supermini.
His American agent Marc Cornstein issued a clarification in response to a misleading Eurobasket. com biography mixing Aleksandar Pavlović with an Aleksander Pavlović who played college basketball at La Salle University and Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.
* Marc Rerceretnam, International response to " Marxist conspiracy " arrests ( PDF )

response and La
In response, as an author she defended the possibility of living a good life in the absence of religion, notably in 1659's La coquette vengée (" The Flirt Avenged ").
In response, the Italian government finally offered investigators the backing they needed, and Pio La Torre's law was passed 10 days later.
In the periodicals L ' Amic de les Arts and La gaseta de les Arts, he and Dalí carried on a series of " call and response " essays on cinema and theater, debating such technical issues as segmentation, découpage, " photogenia " ( founded on the insert shot ) and rhythmic editing.
It is thought the act was in response to Ruiz Gamboa ’ s work in land redistribution in the state ’ s La Frailesca region.
To emphasise the point, people often quote two or more lines from " Dane Geld " by Rudyard Kipling as did Tony Parsons in The Daily Mirror, when criticising the Rome daily La Repubblica for writing " Ransom was paid and that is nothing to be ashamed of ," in response to the announcement that the Italian government paid $ 1 million for the release of two hostages in Iraq in October 2004.
In response, La Follette took every chance to demand consumers ' rights.
La Follette asked for the Senate to schedule time to allow him to make an address in response to the charges of disloyalty and sedition.
In 1983, Blanchot published La Communauté inavouable ( The Unavowable Community ) in response to, and as a critical engagement with, The Inoperative Community, Jean-Luc Nancy's attempt to approach community in a non-religious, non-utilitarian and un-political exegesis.
In his later work, Agamben intervenes in the theoretical debates following the publication of Nancy's essay La communauté désoeuvrée ( 1983 ), and Maurice Blanchot's response, La communauté inavouable ( 1983 ).
Critical response to the rebuilt La Fenice was mixed.
In response to the attack, d ' Aulnay sailed out of Port Royal to establish a five-month blockade of La Tour's fort at Saint John, which La Tour eventually defeated in 1643.
La cagaste … Burt Lancaster was published later, but received a similar response.
Mena wrote La Coronaçión ( or Calamicleos, The Coronation, 1438 ) and dedicated it to Íñigo López de Mendoza, marqués de Santillana ( marquis of Santillana ), in response to the latter ’ s 1438 victory on the frontier between Muslim and Christian Spain, which resulted in the taking of Huelma.
In 1908 ' Astra Clément-Bayard ' began manufacturing airships at a new factory in La Motte-Breuil in response to a French Army decision to commence airship operations.
If the early 1990s popularity of NG La Banda and Charanga Habanera was unprecedented, the response to the arrival of the next superstar group bordered on the unbelievable: the Cuban equivalent of Beatlemania.
The recent period had seen great improvements in gunnery ( with RML and RBL designs ); the widespread introduction of steam propulsion in ships ( the French La Gloire and British response HMS Warrior are examples ); and the growth of the French battle fleet ( between 1854-1858 it had achieved numerical equality to the British ).
Three weeks later, on 30 January, the Irish Guards were ordered to prepare for an attack on German positions near Cuinchy on the La Bassée Canal, a response to a successful German operation in the area five days before.
In response to a commission by Božena Neběská and to a scenario by Jarmila Kröschlová, wrote a witty curtain-raiser called Pokušení svatoušká hrnec ( Temptation of the Saintly Pot ) and with it scored his first popular success under the revised title La Revue de cuisine.
In response, 60, 000 Ottoman troops led by Yussuf Pasha disembarked on Venetian Crete and occupied La Canea ( modern Chania ) and Rettimo ( modern Rethimno ).
This was in spite of operations such as that of 13 February 1987, when 4000 police officers conducted night-time raids at the dormitories of three state universities ( including La Cantuta ); 20 April 1989, when a joint force of police and army descended on La Cantuta University and San Marcos National University, arresting over 500 students on charges of subversion ; or 22 May 1991, when, in response to a hostage-taking and rumours of an explosive device squirrelled away on campus, Fujimori sent the army in to restore order at La Cantuta.

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