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from Brown Corpus
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sixteen and states
Germany comprises sixteen states that are collectively referred to as Länder.
Therefore, he stands third in the line of succession to the thrones of sixteen independent sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms, and to the governorship of the Church of England, preceded by his father and elder brother, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.
The Saarland ( German: das Saarland – ) is one of Germany's sixteen federal states ( Bundesländer ).
It is the tenth-largest German state in area, with an area of, and the sixth most populous of Germany's sixteen states, with a population of 4. 3 million.
Only nineteen states have banned private ownership of tigers, fifteen require only a license, and sixteen states have no regulations at all.
Implementation of these new rights was slow to come ; in the 1868 election, the black vote counted in only sixteen of the thirty-seven states.
There were sixteen states, and an absolute majority — in this case, nine — was required for victory.
* Rocky Mountain: based in Golden, Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Region ( R2 ) covers five states ( Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and most of Wyoming and South Dakota ), sixteen National Forests and seven National Grasslands.
By 1968, Osco grew to 168 stores in sixteen states.
Additionally, the title page of the 1631 quarto states that the play had been acted by the King's Men both at the Globe and Blackfriars, and as the King's Men had only been performing at Blackfriars since 1610, it suggests that the play was still popular enough to be performed at least sixteen years after its debut.
In five Canadian provinces, sixteen US states and the District of Columbia, naturopathic doctors who are trained at an accredited school of naturopathic medicine in North America, are entitled to use the designation ND or NMD.
The duty of State to ( equally ) fund is limited to free compulsory education ( presently until the age of sixteen ); Subarticle 7 however states that law will specify the conditions under which non-compulsory education will be funded ; unsurprisingly there is in fact in this field also strict equality.
Following the Battle of Austerlitz in December 1805, The Holy Roman Empire was dissolved on 6 August 1806 when the last Holy Roman Emperor Francis II abdicated, following a crushing defeat at the Battle of Austerlitz by the French under Napoleon resulting in the Treaty of Pressburg, and sixteen of France's allies among the German states ( including Bavaria and Württemberg ) established the Confederation of the Rhine in July 1806.
The federal government, however, handed over the authority to regulate shopping hours to the sixteen states on 7 July 2006.
However, when Duke Wen of Jin ( r. 636 – 628 BC ) came to power, he capitalized on the reforms of his father, Duke Xian ( r. 676 – 651 BC ), who had centralized the state, killed off relatives who might threaten his authority, conquered sixteen smaller states, and even absorbed some Rong and Di peoples to make Jin much more powerful than it had been previously.
, there are sixteen Commonwealth realms, with a combined land area ( excluding Antarctic claims ) of 18. 8 million km² ( 7. 3 million mi² ) and a population of 137 million, of which all but about two million live in the six most populous states: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and Jamaica.
The History in one place states that Gruffudd was imprisoned for twelve years, in another that he was imprisoned for sixteen years.
Germany is made up of sixteen ( singular, colloquially called, for " federated state ") which are partly sovereign constituent states of the Federal Republic of Germany.
The German Bundesrat ( literally " Federal Council "; ) is a legislative body that represents the sixteen Länder ( federal states ) of Germany at the federal level.
Brandenburg is one of Germany's sixteen Bundesländer ( federal states ).
Interpretation of the sixteen words of the Commerce Clause has helped define the balance of power between the federal government and the states and the balance of power between the two elected branches of the Federal government and the Judiciary.
The Domesday Book states that the manor of Hallam (" Hallun ") included sixteen hamlets or settlements and had existed before the 1066 Norman conquest of England as part of the lands owned by Waltheof, the Earl of Huntingdon, who had an aula or hall located in this district.
As noted above, Night Watch states that Vimes was sixteen years old when he joined the City Watch.

sixteen and year
His results indicated the existence of eight, sixteen, or perhaps even thirty-two approximately equal divisions of the year.
International competitions are split between Juniors, under sixteen by their year of birth ; and Seniors, for women sixteen and over again by their year of birth.
China has sixteen " major " shipping ports with a capacity of over 50 million tons per year.
Education is rudimentary ; children leave school at sixteen, and although it is possible to take GCSEs a year later, not many children enroll for this.
* From this year until 1650, sixteen million kilograms of silver and 185, 000 kilograms of gold will enter the port of Seville.
In the audience was a sixteen year old Liam Gallagher, for whom it was the inspiration to form a band himself.
In 1990, the sixteen year old Williams was the youngest member to join Take That.
The rule consisted of sixteen articles, which enjoined strict obedience to their prior, residence in individual cells, constancy in prayer, the hearing of Mass every morning in the oratory of the community, vows of poverty and toil, daily silence from vespers until terce the next morning, abstinence from all forms of meat except in cases of severe illness, and fasting from Holy Cross Day ( September 14 ) until the Easter of the following year.
Dias returned to Lisbon in December of that year, after an absence of sixteen months.
The percentage of students staying on at school after the age of sixteen increased similarly, and the student population increased by over 10 % each year.
Learning that he could both graduate from high school a year early and pass up the first two years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by passing a series of examinations, Sullivan entered MIT at the age of sixteen.
Any amount of the donation remaining after the first year could be carried forward for fifteen additional years ( allowing a maximum of sixteen years within which the deduction may be utilized ), or until the amount of the deduction has been used up, whichever comes first.
After a year there he moved to Wilson's Grammar School in Camberwell ( now Wilson's School in Wallington, South London ), which he left at sixteen after gaining a School Certificate in six subjects.
Fianna Fáil were expected to have a short tenure in government, however, this turned out to be a sixteen year period of rule by the new party.
Unfortunately, his plans were thwarted when, at the age of sixteen, he was struck down by typhoid fever and forced to miss his final year of school.
In the second year of his reign Jotham became king of Judah, and reigned for sixteen years.
The history is composed of sixteen books and extends from the time of the founders of the Danish people, Dan I of Denmark and Angul into about the year 1187.
He was made High Sheriff of Berkshire at the age of only eight, was styled Count of Poitou from 1225 and in the same year, at the age of sixteen, his brother King Henry III gave him Cornwall as a birthday present, making him High Sheriff of Cornwall.
We the Representatives of the people of the Territory of Indiana, in Convention met, at Corydon, on Monday the tenth day of June in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and sixteen
Moriarty also serves as a fireworks Mecca for the Albuquerque metropolitan area with two year around stores as well as at least two other large tents which set up for the sixteen day selling period allowed by New Mexico State Law from June 20 to July 6.
... he told me about when he was a sixteen year old boy during the Civil War and would hide under a big cliff on Turkey Nest Ridge and watch the Blue Coats ride their horses around the graveyard hill, shooting their cannon toward Burg Hill where the Grey Coats had a fort and would ride their horses around the Burg Hill ...

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