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such and stand-alone
* Burroughs also manufactured an extensive range of accounting machines including both stand-alone systems such as the Sensimatic, L500 and B80, and dedicated terminals including the TC500 and specialised check processing equipment.
Young filmmakers had the opportunity to test their mettle in such programmes as the stand-alone drama and documentary series Das kleine Fernsehspiel ( The Little TV Play ) or the television films of the crime series Tatort.
CAD is one part of the whole Digital Product Development ( DPD ) activity within the Product Lifecycle Management ( PLM ) processes, and as such is used together with other tools, which are either integrated modules or stand-alone products, such as:
The IPL device is usually a disk drive, but exactly the same procedure is also used to IPL from other input-type devices, such as tape drives, or even card readers, in a device-independent manner, allowing, for example, the installation of an operating system on a brand-new computer from an OS initial distribution magnetic tape ( for disk controllers, the </ tt > 02h </ tt > command also causes the selected device to seek to cylinder < tt > 0000h </ tt >, head < tt > 0000h </ tt >, and to search for record </ tt > 01h </ tt >, thereby also simulating a stand-alone seek command, </ tt > 07h </ tt >, and a search ID equal command, </ tt > 31h </ tt >; seeks and searches are not simulated by tape and card controllers ).
Either stand-alone ( such as MediaWiki ), part of a suite ( such as TikiWiki ) or web-based such as Wetpaint.
Version control systems ( VCS ) most commonly run as stand-alone applications, but revision control is also embedded in various types of software such as word processors, spreadsheets, and in various content management systems.
That is, programs are not stand-alone entities as they are in languages such as C, but need their entire memory environment in order to run.
Initially, the title was reflected in the concept, with each week presenting a separate stand-alone story such as ' If ... Dinosaurs roamed Fleet Street ,' or ' If the Bash Street Kids ran the country '.
Additionally, many characters which might need to be balanced in other languages ( such as or < code ><></ code >) are treated by J as stand-alone words or, when inflected, as single-character roots of multi-character words.
Nowadays, the MinGW and Cygwin projects also provide such an environment based on the GNU Compiler Collection, using a stand-alone header file collection to make linking against Microsoft DLLs possible.
These can be stand-alone vehicles, or may be modular, such as with the use of a hook-lift system.
This obsessive revising and his stand-alone fragments were once considered evidence of his mental disorder, but they were to prove very influential on later poets such as Paul Celan.
These editors may be stand-alone programs, such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage, or come in the form of browser extensions and allow editing directly within the web browser.
Home theater designs and layouts are a personal choice, and the minimum set of requirements for a home theater are: a television set or video projector CRT ( no new models sold in U. S .), LCD, DLP, plasma display, organic light-emitting diode ( OLED ), SXRD, Laser TV, rear-projection TV, video projector, SDTV, HDTV, or 3DTV at least 27 " inches measured diagonally, an AV receiver or preamp ( surround processor ) and amplifier combination capable of at least stereo sound but preferably 5. 1 Channel Dolby Digital and DTS audio, and something that plays or broadcasts movies in at least stereo sound such as a VHS HI-FI VCR or LaserDisc player ( no new stand-alone models of either are available ; VHS VCRs are usually bundled in combo decks with DVD players ), a DVD player and / or a Blu-ray Disc player, cable or satellite receiver, video game console, etc.
For his longer stories, he also began creating stand-alone graphic novels, such as Sloth ( 2006 ), about a teenager from a small town who wills himself into a coma.
Smaller or stand-alone systems can use other compressed gases which are an asphyxiation hazard, such as nitrogen-often referred to as OFN ( oxygen-free nitrogen ), when supplied in cylinders.
Young film-makers had the opportunity to test their mettle in such programmes as the stand-alone drama and documentary series Das kleine Fernsehspiel ( The Little TV Play ) or the television films of the crime series Tatort.
Those files are usually stand-alone entities like fonts, codecs, and plugins ( and as such, supposedly do not require package management ).
By hobbyists, though, it is often done to create stand-alone artwork, or as part of a larger piece of art, such as a web comic.
Luxury vehicle makers may either be stand-alone companies in their own right, such as BMW and Mercedes, or a division / subsidiary of a mass market automaker ( e. g., Lexus belongs to Toyota ).
Multimedia development software such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Director, Macromedia Authorware, and MatchWare Mediator may be used to create stand-alone hypermedia applications, with emphasis on entertainment content.

such and episodes
Severe manic episodes can sometimes lead to such psychotic symptoms as delusions and hallucinations.
They may show subtle early traits such as mood abnormalities, full major depressive episodes, and ADHD.
During the 1970s, he made guest-appearances on TV series such as Ironside, Insight, Barbary Coast, The Love Boat, Medical Center, four episodes of Love, American Style, Fantasy Island, and two episodes each of The Streets of San Francisco, and Rod Serling's Night Gallery.
Charles has acted in episodes of popular dramas such as The Bill ( 1995 ), EastEnders ( 2002 ) and Holby City ( 2003 ) and in the comedy The 10 Percenters ( 1996 ).
Since the episodes with regard to The Monitor Channel and the Bliss Knapp book, the church has at times been accused of attempting to silence dissenters by methods such as delisting them as practitioners in the Christian Science Journal, or excommunicating them.
Rosenthal, noted for such television plays as Bar Mitzvah Boy, began his career on the show, writing over 150 episodes between 1961 and 1969.
Paul Abbott was a story editor on the programme in the 1980s and began writing episodes in 1989, but left in 1993 to produce Cracker, for which he later wrote, before creating his own highly acclaimed dramas such as Touching Evil and Shameless.
Themes such as drug dealing and homosexuality were key elements of some episodes.
Epilepsy classification includes more information about the person and the episodes than seizure type alone, such as clinical features ( e. g., behavior during the seizure ) and expected causes.
These patients have recurrent absence seizures, brief episodes of unresponsive staring, sometimes with minor motor features such as eye blinking or subtle chewing.
Lee has also been interviewed for such documentary films as " Metal: A Headbangers Journey " and " Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage " as well as various episodes of the new VH1 Classic series " Metal Evolution ".
The Hee Haw Silver episodes spotlighted many of the classic comedy skits and moments from the show, with a series of retrospective looks at performers who had since died, such as David " Stringbean " Akeman, Archie Campbell, Junior Samples, and Kenny Price.
Treatment of some forms of hypoglycemia, such as in diabetes, involves immediately raising the blood sugar to normal through the ingestion of carbohydrates, determining the cause, and taking measures to hopefully prevent future episodes.
There is a strong aristocratic bias in the poems demonstrated by the lack of any major protagonists of non-aristocratic stock, and by episodes such as the beating down of the commoner Thersites by the king Odysseus for daring to criticize his superiors.
Major never succeeded in reconciling the " Euro-rebels " among his MPs to his European policy, who although relatively few in number-in spite of the fact that their views were much more widely supported amongst Conservative activists and voters-wielded great influence because of his small majority, and episodes such as the Maastricht Rebellion inflicted serious political damage on him and his government.
However, such climate changes were nothing new ; numerous very similar warming episodes had occurred previously within the ice age of the last several million years without producing comparable megafaunal extinctions, so climate alone is unlikely to have played a decisive role.
Later episodes, such as " Hearts of Darkness ", were filmed entirely on location.
Local rituals such as those connected to the Marjing, the Winged-Pony God of Polo and the creation-ritual episodes of the Lai Haraoba festival enacting the life of his son, Khori-Phaba, the polo-playing god of sports.
Released three years to the day after QdQr, this pared down the time taken to complete all four episodes, on Nightmare ( hardest ) difficulty, to 12 minutes, 23 seconds ( a further reduction of 4 minutes, 12 seconds ), partly by using techniques that had formerly been shunned in such films as being less aesthetically pleasing.
Real, legendary, and fictional episodes from the Reconquista are the subject of much of medieval Galician-Portuguese literature, Spanish literature, and Catalan literature, such as the cantar de gesta.
Although consumer reviews indicate that some of the episodes on iTunes are the newly " remastered " editions, iTunes editors had not indicated such, and if so, which are which.
Several other episodes and licensed materials such as the Next Generation episode Face of the Enemy and the video game Star Trek: Starfleet Command III support this, and give the indication that the force multipliers of cloaking technology and other such secrecy is the only way they can maintain an even footing with the numerically superior Federation.
At one time, prominent science fiction authors were frequently recruited to write episodes of various series, such as William Gibson's and Stephen King's work on The X-Files.

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