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summary and Gene
The album provides a summary of The Byrds ' history during Gene Clark and David Crosby's tenure with the band and also functions as a survey of the group's hit singles from 1965 to 1967, a period when the band had its greatest amount of success on the singles chart.

summary and exactly
In summary, we have shown that partitions into an even number of distinct parts and an odd number of distinct parts exactly cancel each other, except if n is a generalized pentagonal number, in which case there is exactly one Ferrers graph left over.
PURISM wants to conceive clearly, execute loyally, exactly without deceits ; it abandons troubled conceptions, summary or bristling executions.
" Consequently ," wrote William L. Rowe in his summary of the polemic, " if we follow Anselm's reasoning exactly, it does not appear that we can derive an absurdity from the supposition that the island than which none greater is possible does not exist.

summary and reverses
: Tenth Circuit appeals court partially reverses summary judgment in SCO v. Novell, deciding that an issue of fact was present that should have been reserved for a trial.

summary and real
Machiavelli describes the contents as being an un-embellished summary of his knowledge about the nature of princes and " the actions of great men ", based not only on reading but also, unusually, on real experience.
The partners realized that the time was right to transform their two-page news summary into a real newspaper.
Jastrow wrote the following summary: " Mr. Peirce ’ s courses in logic gave me my first real experience of intellectual muscle.
The introduction to the book contains the following summary, " Nothing real can be threatened.
The following is a summary of Blackstone's real estate funds raised from inception through November 2009:
Historian David J. Eicher discounts both the Battle of Fairfax Court House and the Battle of Philippi as " mere skirmishes " ( despite his characterization of the former engagement as " ostensibly the first land battle of the war ") and says the first " real land battle of the conflict " was the Battle of Big Bethel, although after a brief summary of the Battle of Big Bethel he characterizes the early Civil War engagements without apparent distinction as " these first minor skirmishes.
In summary, the concept of tax base management is really one of asset management and is particularly important in States where municipalities derive much of their revenue from their real estate assessments.
Chapter 36, " The real meaning of ' nature '," is either a summary of 35 or a much briefer text from which 35 was developed.
In 2003, the owner of the house — the Communist Party of Austria — sold the EKH to a real estate company, and the residents were threatened with eviction ( see the summary of protests and actions at Indymedia ).
The earliest recorded mention of WIITWD is in the Usenet group alt. sex. bondage by Steven Davis, January 9, 1995, in a summary / critique of writer Jon Jacobs ' theories about what was and wasn't " real " kink.
According to him, Henry had forged this document as a sort of summary for the public, because the " real proofs " could not be revealed without danger.

summary and situation
In summary, depending on the situation a 50 % tax rate can cause the division of labor to fail even where productivity gains of up to 300 % would have resulted.
Spencer argues that " the play does not assume a political situation known to Roman history ; it is, rather a summary of Roman politics.
* Context ( language use ), the relevant constraints of the communicative situation that influence language use, language variation, and discourse summary
Wheeler responded by challenging Westmoreland's assessment of the situation, pointing out dangers that his on-the-spot commander did not consider palpable, concluding: " In summary, if you need more troops, ask for them.
" The whole is a masterly and comprehensive summary of the actual political situation and its exigencies ; while, when he treats such themes as liberty, or discusses the balance to be maintained between freedom and government in the constitution, he rises to the political idealism of Bolingbroke and Burke.
Hitler took the opportunity afforded by the conference to provide a summary of his assessment of the foreign policy situation.
On November 20, the UN voted unanimously to send 3, 085 more peacekeepers, citing " extreme concern at the deteriorating humanitarian situation and in particular the targeted attacks against civilian population, sexual violence, recruitment of child soldiers and summary executions.
If a personal tax summary is requested in a situation where tax would be owing, a debt is created, so correct calculations prior to this request are important, and these core services are offered by third party Tax Agents.
To better understand Einstein's step, a summary of the situation before 1905, as it was described above, shall be given ( it must be remarked that Einstein was familiar with the 1895 theory of Lorentz, and " Science and Hypothesis " by Poincaré, but not their papers of 1904-1905 ):
In a summary of the strategy the situation called for, Polybius makes Demetrius say:

summary and through
Group litigation survived in the United States only thanks to the influence of Supreme Court Associate Justice Joseph Story, who imported it in a rather mangled form into U. S. law through summary discussions in his two equity treatises as well as his famous opinion in West v. Randall ( 1820 ).
Fasces (, a plurale tantum, from the Latin word fascis, meaning " bundle ") are a bundle of wooden sticks with an axe blade emerging from the center, which is an image that traditionally symbolizes summary power and jurisdiction, and / or " strength through unity ".
This uplift has steepened the stream gradient of the Colorado River and its tributaries, which in turn has increased their speed and thus their ability to cut through rock ( see the elevation summary of the Colorado River for present conditions ).
The remaining cases were tried through summary proceedings that left insufficient time to thoroughly investigate the accused, so that many of the judgments of this period have questionable judicial value.
A faxed summary reprinted before the text mentions travelling " through the nasal membranes of a rhinoceros, to a distant future dominated by estate agents and heavily armed kangaroos.
Note that of the above list of strategic terms, even this elementary summary indicates that the Mongols strategy was directed towards an objective ( that schwerpunkt ( main focus ) being nothing less than the psychology of the opposing population ) achieved through the offensive ; the offensive was characterized by concentration of forces, manoeuvre, surprise and simplicity.
Because the case, Baker v. Nelson, came to the Court through mandatory appellate review ( not certiorari ), the summary dismissal established Baker v. Nelson as a binding precedent.
In a summary position paper, the Practice Committee of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine has said it considers ICSI safe and effective therapy for male factor infertility, but may carry an increased risk for the transmission of selected genetic abnormalities to offspring, either through the procedure itself or through the increased inherent risk of such abnormalities in parents undergoing the procedure.
Commenting on the poem, Maurice Bowra observed that "... after the challenging, flaunting opening we are led through a swift account of youth, and then as we approach the horrors of old age, the verse becomes slower, the sentences shorter, the stops more emphatic, until the poet closes with a short, damning line of summary.
Insurgente lost 29 dead and 41 wounded ; the only American loss was a seaman run through by Sterett's saber in a summary execution, the seaman, Neal Harvey, having abandoned his post in a panic.
In summary, the Priest reminds the penitent what he or she has received is a second baptism, through the Mystery of Confession, and that they should be careful not to defile this restored purity but to do good and to hear the voice of the psalmist: “ Turn from evil and do good ” ().
In summary, ( 1 ) what meets the objective eye may not be what is present in the subjective, internal world of the patient ; ( 2 ) one should not mistake introversion for indifference ; and ( 3 ) one should not miss identifying the schizoid patient because one cannot see the forest of the patient's withdrawnness through the trees of the patient's defensive, compensatory, engaging interaction with external reality.
The committee, disapproving of Johnson's " summary manner " of terminating the carrier and failure to consult congressional committees before acting, stated that " national defense is not strictly an executive department undertaking ; it involves not only the Congress but the American people as a whole speaking through their Congress.
Herbert Blumer, a student and interpreter of Mead, coined the term and put forward an influential summary of the perspective: people act toward things based on the meaning those things have for them ; and these meanings are derived from social interaction and modified through interpretation.
The material through 1969 was published in summary form in The Seth Material, written by Roberts from the material of the channeling sessions.
A party may also move for summary judgement in order to eliminate the risk of losing at trial, and possibly avoid having to go through discovery ( i. e., by moving at the outset of discovery ), by demonstrating to the judge, via sworn statements and documentary evidence, that there are no material factual issues remaining to be tried.
In summary, both derivatives and logarithms have a product rule, a reciprocal rule, a quotient rule, and a power rule ( compare the list of logarithmic identities ); each pair of rules is related through the logarithmic derivative.
… And so I grasped my brush, and aided by the light of a candle, I wrote down a draft summary, which eventually was perfected through wide consultation and penetrating research.
* Free Comic Book Day 2009 comic ( an illustrated summary of the story through # 199, released for Free Comic Book Day 2009 )
The old order was restored through the use of extreme force, including summary executions.
After a summary trial was rejected, the judge ruled that the SFSS had the option of holding another vote or continuing to resolve the legality of the disputed decertification through a trial.
The committee, disapproving of Johnson's " summary manner " of terminating the carrier and his failure to consult congressional committees before acting, stated that " national defense is not strictly an executive department undertaking ; it involves not only the Congress but the American people as a whole speaking through their Congress.
( 1 ) Chapters two, three and four deal with suffering and the enjoyment of suffering ; ( 2 ) chapters five and six with intellectual and moral vacillation and with conscious " inertia "- inaction ; ( 3 ) chapters seven through nine with theories of reason and logic ; ( c ) the last two chapters are a summary and a transition into Part 2.

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