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terms and cooked
While the origin of Easter eggs can be explained in the symbolic terms described above, a sacred tradition among followers of Eastern Christianity says that Mary Magdalene was bringing cooked eggs to share with the other women at the tomb of Jesus, and the eggs in her basket miraculously turned brilliant red when she saw the risen Christ. The egg represents the boulder of the tomb of Jesus.
The following terms are in order from least cooked to most cooked:
Men who have completed this Samanera ordination and have returned to lay life are considered primed for adult married life and are described in the Thai language and the Khmer language by terms which roughly translate as " cooked ," " finished ," or " cooled off " in English, as in meal preparation / consumption.
In terms of shape, injera compares to the French crêpe and the South Indian dosa as a flatbread cooked in a circle and used as a base for other foods.
In British English, the terms cold meats, cooked meats, or sliced meats are used instead.
Originally, these originated with bakers terms for different forms of bread roll depending on how the dough was made and how the roll was cooked.

terms and fruit
Many common terms for seeds and fruit do not correspond to the botanical classifications.
The terms false fruit, spurious fruit, and pseudocarp are older terms for accessory fruit that have been criticized as " inapt ", and are not used by botanists today.
Like the tomato, persimmons are not popularly considered to be berries, but in terms of botanical morphology the fruit is in fact a berry.
Because of their familiarity with the genus Juglans, these early explorers referred to the nuts as nogales and nueces, the Spanish terms for " walnut trees " and " fruit of the walnut.
Though it is commonly called the Brazil nut, in botanical terms it is the seed from the fruit of this tree ; a nut is a hard-shelled indehiscent fruit.
When the justified live in Christ and act in the grace they receive, they bring forth, in biblical terms, good fruit.
Considering that the fruit wall and the seed are intimately fused into a single unit, and the caryopsis or grain is a dry fruit, little concern is given to technically separating the terms " fruit " and " seed " in these plant structures.
Citrus fruits are the highest value fruit crop in terms of international trade.
The terms are derived through analogy with the birds of the same name: hawks are predators which attack and feed on other animals, whereas doves mostly eat seeds and fruit, and are historically a symbol of peace.
In terms of the parts of the grain ( the grass fruit ) used in flour — the endosperm or protein / starchy part, the germ or protein / fat / vitamin-rich part, and the bran or fibre part — there are three general types of flour.
Flowering is however rare in temperate regions, and poorly successful in terms of fruit and seed development.
Although Nicolls claimed he rallied large numbers of Indians, his efforts bore little fruit in terms of actual fighting, and the completion of the war ended his mission a few months after his arrival.
Basic categories are relatively homogeneous in terms of sensory-motor affordances — a chair is associated with bending of one's knees, a fruit with picking it up and putting it in your mouth, etc.
That work is now bearing fruit in terms of jobs, investment and increased profile for the West Offaly town.
Similar terms may be local translations or may specify the fruit used to produce it.
According to mycologist Michael Beug, dried fruit bodies can contain up to 1 % psilocybin and psilocin ; in terms of psychoactive potency, Stamets considers the mushroom " moderately to highly active ".

terms and dishes
In terms of catering at the customers ’ sites, foodservice establishments of this category often only provided dishes strictly according to their menu, and would not provide any dishes that were not on the menu, because they were generally incapable of providing dishes outside their menu according to the specific occasion.
Many non-Japanese use the terms sashimi and sushi interchangeably, but the two dishes are actually distinct and separate.
In culinary terms, both summer and winter squashes are generally considered as vegetables, even though pumpkin may be used for sweet dishes.
In culinary terms, as some cities in Turkey became renowned for their kebap culture or other types of traditional local dishes, Van has distinguished itself with its breakfast culture.
Thanks to Hungary's Balkan influences, often Burgenlandish dishes are spicier than elsewhere in Austria, often indicated with the terms " Zigeuner ..." (" Gypsy ") or " Serbisch ..."
The " weight " of a food can also be described in terms of the intensity of its flavors-such as delicate and more subtle flavors versus dishes that have more robust and hearty flavors.
Despite its scale and expense, Claiborne gave the meal a mixed review, noting that several dishes fell short in terms of conception, presentation or quality.
Busser, busboy S. A. and busgirl are terms used in the United States for someone who works in the restaurant and catering industry clearing tables, taking dirty dishes to the dishwasher, setting tables and otherwise assisting the waiting staff.
During the winter of 1603-1604, Galileo visited the Mantuan court in an effort to obtain a position there, and was offered a salary, but could not agree on the terms with Vincenzo, who instead presented Galileo with a gold chain and two silver dishes.

terms and fruits
In Tamil Nadu, the mango is considered, along with banana and jackfruit, as one of the three royal fruits ( Mukkani-ம ு க ் கன ி) occupying first place in terms of sweetness and flavor.
The terms " bell pepper ", " pepper " or in Australia and New Zealand " capsicum ", are often used for any of the large bell shaped fruits, regardless of their color.
In the broadest terms, the wine tends to be of light to medium body with an aroma reminiscent of black and / or red cherry, raspberry and to a lesser extent currant and many other fine small red and black berry fruits.
The challenge for the psychology of religion is essentially threefold: ( 1 ) to provide a thoroughgoing description of the objects of investigation, whether they be shared religious content ( e. g., a tradition's ritual observances ) or individual experiences, attitudes, or conduct ; ( 2 ) to account in psychological terms for the rise of such phenomena ; and ( 3 ) to clarify the outcomes — the fruits, as William James put it — of these phenomena, for individuals and for the larger society.
For terms related to types of fruits, see: Category: Fruit morphology
These include many terms from the basic vocabulary, such as words for fruits, garments, foodstuffs, car parts, etc., as well as local slang.
It is a very economically important pathogen in terms of postharvest losses, and a common cause of decay in stored fruits and vegetables.
In terms of arrangement, most of the ingredients ( fruits, beans, and other sweets ) are first placed inside the tall glass, followed by the shaved ice.

terms and are
These responses are explicable in terms of characteristics inherent in the crisis.
When the reactionary response is thus bolstered by an intellectual defense, the characteristics of that defense are explicable only in terms of the basic attitudes of unanalyzed reaction.
But these terms are treacherous.
SBA loans, which may be made to small manufacturers, small business pools, wholesalers, retailers, service establishments and other small businesses ( when financing is not otherwise available to them on reasonable terms ), are to finance business construction, conversion, or expansion ; ;
This help is offered to applicants who ordinarily would not undertake the exploration under present conditions or circumstances at their sole expense and who are unable to obtain funds from commercial sources on reasonable terms.
Present pool quarters at two locations in Providence are crowded, antiquated and, in general, make for inefficient operation in terms of dispersement of personnel and duplication of such operational needs as stock and repair equipment.
That means that, if we are to achieve a new standard of leadership, we must think in terms of the total context of our situation.
Their friends and ours are welcome to share the pool, but on our terms and at our times.
Cooling requirements are best expressed in terms of Aj.
The terms are fairly safe to use on this side of the ocean, but before you start spouting them to your date, it might be best to find out if he was a member of Major Pockmanster's Delhi Regiment, since resentment toward the natives was reportedly very high in that outfit.
The information provided by the electron paramagnetic effects is then discussed, and finally the nuclear effects are interpreted in terms of various motional-modified models of the Af bond in Af.
their classes of animal and plant terms are restricted to generalizations or recurrent parts ( fish, bird, tree, grass, horn, tail, bark, root ).
What we have left as reasonably comparable are four classes: ( 1 ) body parts and products, which with a proportionally nearly even representation ( 51 terms out of 253, 25 out of 100 ) come out with nearly even ratios ; ;
Here again laboratory approaches are being evolved, for it is recognized how `` elastic '' these readings can be, how they can apply to many people, and are often stated in general terms all too easily applied to any individual's own case.
Slavery was prohibited in Massachusetts by the terms of the constitution of 1780, which declared `` all men are born free and equal ''.
The terms are generally taken for granted as though they referred to direct and axiomatic elements in the common experience of all.
Mythological concepts may by all means still be used, but they can be used responsibly only as `` symbols '' or `` ciphers '', that is, only if they are also constantly interpreted in nonmythological ( or existential ) terms.
To do this, it is sufficient to point out that if the principle in terms of which alternatives are to be conceived is such as to exclude more than two, then the question of a `` third '' possibility is a meaningless question.
Against such a termination of human life on earth by human action, he then proposes as an alternative that we `` negotiate at once with the Russians and get the best terms which are available '', that we deliberately `` negotiate from comparative weakness ''.
If we have not thought and made a decision entirely in these terms, then we need to submit ourselves to the following `` simple test '': `` Have we decided how we are to kill the other members of our household in the event of our being less injured than they are ''??
Even Professor Arnold Toynbee, agreeing with his son, does so in these terms: `` Compared to continuing to incur a constant risk of the destruction of the human race, all other evils are lesser evils.
`` I think we're agreed that he and Evans are equal in ability, so we have to look at the thing in terms of incentive.
The majority of the clocks are caesium clocks ; the definition of the SI second is written in terms of caesium.

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