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thanks and Fleming
As thanks for the story, Fleming bought Blackwell a Cartier watch.
The game got off to a slow start, with Edmonton holding a 10-1 lead going into half-time, thanks to a Sean Fleming field goal and a Ricky Ray touchdown pass to Ed Hervey.

thanks and gave
Both parliaments gave unanimous votes of thanks, each captain who served in the battle was presented with a specially minted gold medal and the first lieutenant of every ship engaged in the battle was promoted to commander.
The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men ... For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.
As in Daniel: "[...] his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he had done before " ().
Many interesting customs were observed, for example the extravagant feast of Inti Raymi which gave thanks to the God Sun, and the young women who were the Virgins of the Sun, sacrificial virgins devoted to the Inti.
After nine months the network gave up, thanks to high production costs and a too little audience.
Justin Martyr wrote, in Dialogue with Trypho, ch 70: " Now it is evident, that in this prophecy to the bread which our Christ gave us to eat, in remembrance of His being made flesh for the sake of His believers, for whom also He suffered ; and to the cup which He gave us to drink, in remembrance of His own blood, with giving of thanks.
Whitehead's Philosophy of Organism gave rise to process theology, thanks to Charles Hartshorne, John B. Cobb, Jr, and David Ray Griffin.
According to the commentary of the same scholar this does not refer to Jewish converts to Islam, rather the main corpus of the Jews, arguing that it refers to the traditions mentioned in the Bible: " His window being open in his chambers towards Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God as he gave aforetime.
He gained initial fame thanks to orchestral concerts he gave under the conductor Arthur Nikisch as well as playing in chamber music and accompanying his future wife, the contralto Therese Behr, in Lieder.
Japan released the Chinese coolies from a western ship in 1872, after which the Qing imperial government of China gave thanks to Japan.
In the dark time of autumn people gave food for their dead relatives due to the " dying of nature " or as a thanks gesture for a good harvest during the summer.
Barnett also gives the text of a document from 1769 in the records of the Gilead Lutheran Church " When it had pleased the Almighty and Merciful God in His goodness to plant the Evangelical Lutheran Church in this American part of the world also, and especially in the State of New York, during the reign of Queen Anna, and also in this neighborhood and district called Hosek Road, in Rensselaerwyck, Albany County, then more than twenty years ago, a small body of adherents of the above said Lutheran church, disposed to that end did build and erect a prayer and church House to the Honor of God, and for their convenience, upon that lot of ground which our most worthy Patroon generously gave to promote and perpetuate the service of God and for the better maintenance of our preacher, for which purpose he presented us with a Deed of Gift which We acknowledge with heartfelt thanks towards our Good Lord in Heaven, and that in addition He grants us all hereabouts by His grace that we through the permission of the Government are allowed to carry on our pure Lutheran Church service free and without hindrance.
The Lackawanna Steel Company moved to Lackawanna, New York, where iron ore was more readily available, thanks to a Great Lakes port that gave it easy access to ore from Minnesota.
Wood gave another similar speech of thanks at the 1942 Last Night, and a pre-recorded version was aired to the audience at the 1943 Last Night.
The gallery on 30 Cork Street, next to Roland Penrose's and E. L. T. Mesens ' show-case for the Surrealist movement, the London Gallery, proved to be successful, thanks to many friends who gave advice and who helped run the gallery.
General Washington gave her a shawl in thanks, which is displayed at Shako: wi, the museum of the Oneida Nation near Syracuse, New York.
The coalition led by Romano Prodi, thanks to the electoral law which gave the winner a sixty seat majority, can count on a good majority in the Chamber of Deputies but only on a very narrow majority in the Senate.
Allmusic gave the album four out of five start, stating " thanks to LA Reid and Babyface's production and Pink's engaging talents, it's a promising first effort all the same.
He gave instructions to the Khalqi military officers thanks to his family who gave the instructions to the officers.
The ex-prisoners then gave thanks to God for their safe return, not on their knees as had hitherto been the custom but by raising their hand at the end of their prayers, from which comes their name Ringa Tu.
Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone finally gave grace to the Abbé more than 24 hours after his death, by lauding his " action in favor of poor ": " Informed of the death of Abbe Pierre, the Holy Father gives thanks for his activity in favor of the poorest, by which he bore witness to the charity that comes from Christ.

thanks and MI6
He accused MI6 of forcing Special Branch to drop its early investigations into his allegations ; according to him, the investigation was only reopened thanks to the intervention of former MI5 chief Eliza Manningham-Buller.

thanks and name
The ending credits of the show start with thanks to the colorfully nicknamed actual staffers: producer Doug " the subway fugitive, not a slave to fashion, bongo boy frogman " Berman ; " John ' Bugsy ' Lawlor, just back from the ..." every week a different eating event with rhyming foodstuff names ; David " Calves of Belleville " Greene ; Catherine " Frau Blücher " Fenollosa, whose name causes a horse to neigh and gallop ( an allusion to a running gag in the movie Young Frankenstein ); and Carly " High Voltage " Nix, among others.
RCA antique radios and RCA Merrill / CT-100s and other early color television receivers are among the more sought-after collectible radios and televisions, thanks to their popularity during the golden age of radio, their manufacturing quality, their engineering innovations, their styling and their name, RCA.
A seaman's ticket with Pepys's name on it was produced as incontrovertible evidence of his corrupt dealings, but thanks to the intervention of the king Pepys emerged from the sustained investigation relatively unscathed.
In name of my “ God ”, the most gracious, the most merciful, all praise and thanks to my “ God ”, the Lord of universe, the most gracious, the most merciful, Master ( of the ) day, the judgement, You alone we worships and you alone we ask for help, Guide us, the path, the straight.
Toward the end of the decade, the company also began making a name for itself as an emerging rock label, thanks to the success of Whitesnake ( US only ), The Stone Roses, Guns N ' Roses, Tesla, and the mainstream comeback of ' 70s era rockers Aerosmith.
Another legacy is that the Cook Islands in the South Pacific bear that name thanks to von Krusenstern.
All town documents ( and the town seal ) now use the name " Manchester-by-the-Sea ", as have ( thanks to some minor resident activism ) the majority of public and private lists of Massachusetts cities and towns, including that of the state government.
O Lord God, in whose name are gathered here the memorials of many generations, we give thanks for all former members of this College, who have served thee with faithful labour in thy Church and Kingdom ; as thou didst enable them to add their portion to thy work, so teach and strengthen us, we pray thee, to do the tasks awaiting us in this our generation ; through him who offered himself to do thy will and finish thy work, Jesus Christ our Lord.
The name Lomma can be traced to 1085, and in the ensuing centuries it established some wealth thanks to merchancy with the episcopal see in Lund.
The name of Mauldin was given to the town almost accidentally in 1820 thanks to South Carolina's Lieutenant Governor, W. L. Mauldin.
The trumpet player, a man wearing a tuxedo, thanks Joey by name and tells him he plays a mean trumpet too.
Today, the name Anderlecht rings a bell in every Belgian ear thanks to its very successful football club.
The letter also said, in part, " I am pleased to send to Your Excellency in my name most solemn assurances of thanks and appreciation for the efforts you exert in the service of Islam, Muslims and all mankind through your initiative to teach Islam, spread the culture of Islam, and solve disputes, for which you are known internationally.
The liner notes for their first album include thanks to Carthy for the name suggestion.
Far from being surprised, she thanks Liggett for the respect he showed her, finally calling her by name instead of " honey " or " dollface.
And all the living will give thanks unto Thee and praise Thy great name in truth, God, our salvation and help.
Blessed be Thou, O Lord, Thy name is good, and to Thee it is meet to give thanks.
We shall render thanks to His name on every day constantly in the manner of the benedictions.
In France today Brossolette's name is better known than the man himself or his life achievements, thanks to the great number of streets ( over 400, including more than 100 in Greater Paris ), schools and public facilities bearing it.
After further work on terrestrial channels she became a household name thanks to Big Brother, while also continuing to work with other hosting vehicles on various channels, from game shows to talent shows.
In the Dick King-Smith novel Dragon Boy, looking at the adventures of a boy called John as he is raised by dragons after the death of his parents, it is implied that John-whose full name is John Little-will become the Little John of the Robin Hood mythos, the novel noting at one point that ' Little John ' will become a giant of a man in future thanks to his healthy meals at the dragons ' table.
Some Muslim communities had the name " kamsia ," which, in Hokkien Chinese, means " thank you "; many Hui Muslims claim it is because that they played an important role in overthrowing the Mongols and it was named in thanks by the Han Chinese for assisting them.
The name New Providence Island is derived from a 16th ‐ century governor who gave thanks to ‘ Divine Providence ’ for his survival after a shipwreck.

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