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year and was
He was silent a moment, thinking he could use a man this time of year, and if the girl could cook, it would give him more time in the meadows, but he knew nothing about the couple.
School began in August, the hottest part of the year, and for the first few days Miss Langford was very lenient with the children, letting them play a lot and the new ones sort of get acquainted with one another.
he became Otto Klemperer's personal assistant at the Cologne Opera, and a year later was promoted to the position of regular conductor.
He was not enthusiastic over the newly acquired Claude Lorrain, but reminisced with pleasure over a Poussin exhibit he had been able to see in Paris a year ago.
After a year in a studio on Sheridan Square, having married an American girl who was a native of Virginia, Helion moved to a village in the Blue Ridge mountains, where he produced some of the most imposing of his abstract canvases.
A year ago, when I met with you, the nation was emerging from an economic downturn, even though the signs of resurgent prosperity were not then sufficiently convincing to the doubtful.
`` Don't forget, here was a man who had been accusing his colleagues for almost a year of willfully attempting to present an incorrect report.
It was a merry if somewhat soggy Christmas for me that year.
Meynell once again paid his debts and it was Katie, rather than Thompson, whose life was soon ended, for she died in childbirth in April, 1901, in the first year of her marriage.
Alexander Vasilievitch Suvorov, now in his fifty-ninth year ( ten years Potemkin's senior ), was a thin, worn-faced person of less than medium height who looked like a professor of botany.
He rose at 4:00 A.M. the year round and was apt to stride through camp crowing like a cock to wake his men.
So persistent were these attacks that in March of the following year, Woodruff was finally moved to action, and Pike was to learn his first lesson in frontier politics, the subtle art of diversion.
But because the governor was determined that friendship should not influence him one way or the other, he looked for a printer with a knowledge of the law ( which Woodruff did not have ), and awarded the contract to a lawyer named John Steele who had started a newspaper in Helena the year before.
Very soon after his arrival in Little Rock, Pike had joined one of the most influential organizations in town, the Little Rock Debating Society, and it was with this group that he made his debut as an orator, being invited to deliver the annual Fourth of July address the club sponsored every year.
But he was happy to tell her that his finances were now in such condition that he could go back to Harvard for a third year with Professor Baker.
It was in the spring of the year when he took to his bed and Tessie and Alfred found out that they didn't know each other.
In spite of this catastrophe the final mortality figure from disease in the American Army during World War 1, was 15 per 1,000 per year, contrasted with 110 per 1,000 per year in the Mexican War, and 65 in the American Civil War.
As the total number of incepting bachelors in 1629 was, according to Masson ( Life, 1:218 ) and n, two hundred fifty-nine, the twenty-four names listed in the ordo senioritatis for that year constitute slightly less than one tenth of the total number of bachelors who then incepted.
Christ's College was well represented that year in the ordo, and the name highest on the list from that college was Milton's, fourth in the entire university.
Nothing was going to be done this year to celebrate Garibaldi's bold and unsuccessful defense of Rome.
Until the last year or so the profession of friendship with the United States had been an article of faith with Trujillo, and altogether too often this profession was accepted here as evidence of his good character.

year and senior
Bobby Joe would be a senior this year, and he planned to graduate.
Many of the men on our campus have a pretty set curriculum, especially in the various engineering fields, with few electives till the senior year.
Students of the college who are candidates for the A.B. degree and can satisfy the academic requirements of the medical and business schools, may enter either of these associated schools at the beginning of senior year, thus completing the two-year postgraduate course in one year.
A year after he was catapulted over nine officers senior to him and made commandant of the Marine Corps, General David M. Shoup delivered a peppery annual report in the form of a `` happy, warless New Year '' greeting to his Pentagon staff.
The senior club folded a year later.
He spent the summer of 1967, the summer before his senior year, interning for Arkansas Senator J. William Fulbright.
Divers older than 18, or advanced divers of younger ages, can qualify for the senior national championships, which are held twice each year, once roughly in March and once in June or July.
All undergraduates are required to be in residence for the fall, winter, and spring terms of their freshman and senior years, as well as the summer term of their sophomore year.
In 1884 he became senior physician in the Prussian provincial town of Leubus and the following year he was appointed director of the Treatment and Nursing Institute in Dresden.
During the school year, the pregnant woman and senior citizens need to manage to find a place because these buses are always full, especially on market days.
During his senior year, he worked as a supernumerary with the Metropolitan Opera, earning 50 ¢ per appearance, and $ 1 if he was required to perform in blackface.
That same year, Hitler promoted Himmler to the rank of SS-Obergruppenführer, equal in rank to the senior SA commanders.
However, his health was evidently far from perfect at the time of his death — he had collapsed in Parliament earlier in the year, apparently suffering from a " vitamin deficiency ", and this raised fears among some senior Liberals that he might have a heart condition.
By 1936, although he was not nearly as corrupt as some other senior Nazis, such as Göring and Robert Ley, Goebbels was earning 300, 000 Reichsmarks a year in " fees " for writing in his own newspaper, Der Angriff ( The Attack ), as well as his ministerial salary and many other sources of income.
In his senior year, he attended a class taught by Franz Boas on American Indian languages.
He attended Boston University but left the summer before his senior year, after getting work in New York City.
In April 1939, when Ribbentrop announced at a secret meeting of the Foreign Office's senior staff that Germany was ending talks with the Poles and was instead going to destroy Poland in an operation late that year, the news was greeted joyfully by those present.
The senior Ventris's physical condition was visibly worsening year by year.
She then attended Beverly Hills High School, but for her senior year transferred to, and graduated from, Bel Air Prep ( later known as Pacific Hills School ) in 1991.
As one of the highest-scoring students, Atta was admitted into the very selective architecture program during his senior year.
He enrolled at Yale just shy of his 16th birthday, studying during his senior year with the learned Ezra Stiles, Yale's president.

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