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1920s and Adams
The song was composed by Sam Williams and U. S. Virgin Island native Alton Adams in the 1920s.
The best known cowboys are President Theodore Roosevelt ( 1858 – 1919 ) who made " cowboy " internationally synonymous with the brash aggressive American ; Will Rogers ( 1879 – 1935 ), the leading humorist of the 1920s ; Charlie Siringo ( 1855 – 1928 ); and Andy Adams ( 1859 – 1935 ).
* George Adams ( footballer ), Scottish professional footballer during the early 1920s
Leisure and recreational locations include a rose garden which dates back to the Kellogg horse ranch years ; the Kellogg House designed by Los Angeles-based architects Charles Gibbs Adams, Myron Hunt and Harold Coulson Chambers in the 1920s ; and a Japanese garden built in 2003 and designed by Takeo Uesugi.
In the 1920s, Roslindale Village assumed the configuration it has today, with tree-lined Adams Park at its center.
Carter ( Jesse ) joined forces in the 1920s with designers Harold Stabler and Phoebie Stabler, and potters John Adams and Truda Adams ( Truda Carter ) to form " Carter Stabler Adams ", who produced Art Deco pottery.
* Bob Adams ( 1920s pitcher ) ( 1901 – 1996 ), American League baseball pitcher
It was launched from the top floor of a 1920s warehouse ( India House, Carliol Square ) in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne by Richard Adams with six members of staff.
Nick Adams is a fictional character, the protagonist of two dozen short stories written in the 1920s and 30s by American author Ernest Hemingway.

1920s and wrote
Best known for his play Ubu Roi ( 1896 ), which is often cited as a forerunner to the surrealist theatre of the 1920s and 1930s, Jarry wrote in a variety of genres and styles.
Mountbatten introduced the sport to the Royal Navy in the 1920s, and wrote a book on the subject.
The white photographer and writer, Carl Van Vechten, a supporter of the Harlem Renaissance ( 1920s – 30s ), provoked controversy in the black community with the title of his novel Nigger Heaven ( 1926 ), wherein the usage increased sales ; of the controversy, Langston Hughes wrote:
Bertolucci wrote two screenplays, the first draft was written almost entirely as a political film, from which emerged a story inspired by socialist syndicalism of the late 1920s in America.
The specific term ' sociology of knowledge ' first came into widespread use in the 1920s, when a number of German-speaking sociologists, most notably Max Scheler, and Karl Mannheim, wrote extensively on it.
Trotsky wrote that the Left Opposition grew in influence throughout the 1920s, attempting to reform the Communist Party.
In the mid 1920s he worked with Erté to design sets and costumes for the Folies Bergère and in 1929 he wrote the introduction for Erté's acclaimed exhibition and achieved mainstream popularity through his regular appearances in L ' Illustration magazine.
Nielsen wrote three concertos: the Violin Concerto is a middle-period work, from 1911, which lies within the tradition of European classicism, whereas the Flute Concerto of 1926 and the Clarinet Concerto which followed in 1928 are late works, influenced by the modernism of the 1920s and the product of " an extremely experienced composer who knows how to avoid inessentials.
Grey wrote numerous books about the area and also filmed some movies, such as To the Last Man, in the Payson area in the 1920s.
After meeting and marrying in Paris in the late 1920s, Ernest and Pauline made frequent and lengthy visits to her parent's home in Piggott, where Ernest wrote portions of A Farewell to Arms, and other works.
Tsuji wrote during the 1920s, a dangerous period in Japanese history for controversial writers, during which he experienced the wages of censorship through police harassment.
Tailleferre wrote many of her most important works during the 1920s, including her 1st Piano Concerto, the Harp Concertino, the ballets Le marchand d ' oiseaux ( the most frequently performed ballet in the repertoire of the Ballets suédois during the 1920s ) and La nouvelle Cythère which was commissioned by Sergei Diaghilev for the ill-fated 1929 season of the famous Ballets Russes, and Sous les ramparts d ' Athènes in collaboration with Paul Claudel, as well as several pioneering film scores, including B ' anda, in which she used African themes.
He did not really pick up his rate of output until the 1920s, when he wrote Das Himmelskleid ( 1925 ) and Sly ( 1927 ), the latter based on William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.
During the 1920s and very early 1930s, Henderson actually wrote few, if any, arrangements ; most of his recordings were arranged by Redman ( c. 1923 – 1927 ) or Benny Carter ( after 1927 – c. 1931 ).
Esperanto has seen a solid production of material in Braille since the work of the blind Russian Esperantist Vasilij Eroŝenko, who wrote and taught in Japan and China in the 1910s and 1920s.
In the late 1920s, Antheil moved to Germany, where he worked as assistant musical director of the Stadttheater in Berlin, and wrote music for the ballet and theatre.
Derby Mutes or hat mutes ( also known as Bowler Hats, and also confusingly and incorrectly called Wah-wah mutes ) were common in jazz from the 1920s when King Oliver played and others wrote for them.
The psychoanalyst Richard Sterba ( 1898 – 1989 ) wrote that Reich was a brilliant clinician during the 1920s.
Similarly, M. Costa wrote that M. Gudemann and other researchers in the 1920s claimed that Isaac Luria was influential in turning the Star of David into a national Jewish emblem by teaching that the elements of the plate for the Seder evening have to be placed in the order of the hexagram
He worked as an arranger in New York and wrote lyrics for many Broadway shows in the late 1910s and early 1920s.
19 ), and in the 1920s, Karol Szymanowski wrote a set of twenty for piano and finished his composing career with a final pair in 1934.
Daisy, the Countess of Fingall, in her regularly republished memoirs Seventy Years Young, wrote in the 1920s of the disappearance of that world and of her change from a big townhouse in Dublin, full of servants to a small flat with one maid.
The Duke of Kent is said to have been addicted to drugs ( notably morphine and cocaine ) – a weakness which his brother the Prince of Wales was deputed to cure him of during the latter part of the 1920sand reportedly was blackmailed by a male prostitute to whom he wrote intimate letters.
She wrote a ballad in the 1920s lamenting the death of a 22-year-old vagrant who was beaten to death in a labor camp, titled " Martin Tabert of North Dakota is Walking Florida Now ".

1920s and two
This theory of Homer's influence on Beowulf remained very prevalent in the 1920s, but started to die out in the following decade when a handful of critics stated that the two works were merely “ comparative literature ” although Greek was known in contemporary England.
He was elected general secretary of the Congress party for two terms in the 1920s.
But the two national governments submitted St. Lawrence plans, and the Wooten-Bowden Report and the International Joint Commission both recommended the project in the early 1920s.
After losing the 1917 Series to the Chicago White Sox ( the White Sox's last World Series win until 2005 ), the Giants played in four straight World Series in the early 1920s, winning the first two over their tenants, the Yankees, then losing to the Yankees in 1923 when Yankee Stadium opened.
Since the 1920s, the two largest political parties have been the Conservative Party and the Labour Party.
The Liberal Party was one of the two dominant parties ( along with the Conservatives ) from its founding until the 1920s, when it rapidly declined and was supplanted on the left by the Labour Party, which was founded in 1900 and formed its first government in 1924.
Keynes was a lifelong member of the Liberal party, which until the 1920s had been one of the two main political parties in the United Kingdom, and as late as 1916 had often been the dominant power in government.
Raeder and Wegener were once friends, having began their careers as ensigns in 1894 abroad the cruiser Deutschland, but their differing concepts of future strategy turned them into the most bitter of enemies, and the two officers were to spent much of the 1920s waging a war in print over what the Navy should or should not had done in the First World War and what were the correct lessons of the recent conflict for the future.
In the 1920s, the cars used in endurance racing and Grand Prix were still basically identical, with fenders and two seats, to carry a mechanic if necessary or permitted.
Designed in a Spanish-Mediterranean revival style, the two buildings became the stylistic basis for the later expansion of the university in the 1920s and 1930s and helped popularize the style throughout the state.
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is a 1927 novel by the mysterious German-English bilingual author B. Traven, in which two penurious Americans of the 1920s join with an old-timer, in Mexico, to prospect for gold.
During the 1920s, she became friends with writer Mina Loy, and the two would remain lifelong friends.
From the organization of the first true radio networks in the late 1920s, broadcasting in the United States was dominated by two companies, CBS and RCA's NBC.
The two most famous bubbles of the twentieth century, the bubble in American stocks in the 1920s just before the Great Depression and the Dot-com bubble of the late 1990s were based on speculative activity surrounding the development of new technologies.
William John Cooper Lawrence, who hybridized hundreds of families of dahlias in the 1920s, stated: " I have not yet seen any two plants in the families I have raised which were not to be distinguished one from the other.
In Italy, whose once vibrant film industry had become moribund by the late 1920s, the first talkie, La Canzone dell ' amore ( The Song of Love ), also came out in October ; within two years, Italian cinema would be enjoying a revival.
During the 1920s and 1930s, Japan was one of the world's two largest producers of motion pictures, along with the United States.
By the late 1920s the first two points had become central to Fundamentalism.
The Manual Crimsons football team, which had also been consolidated with Male's from 1915 to 1918, had great success in the 1920s, beating Male two years in a row for the first time in its history.
The film has been restored and released on two DVD collections Unseen Cinema: Early American Avant Garde Film 1894-1941 and Avant-Garde: Experimental Cinema of the 1920s and 1930s.
Lavishly staged on a Hollywood studio set, at a reputed cost of two million dollars, The Thief of Bagdad was one of the most expensive films of the 1920s.
Until the 1920s, all that survived of Ibycus ' work were two large-ish fragments ( one seven, the other thirteen lines long ) and about fifty other lines scraped together from a variety of ancient commentaries.
By the 1920s, the notion that the Hyades shared a common origin with the Praesepe Cluster was widespread, with Rudolf Klein-Wassink noting in 1927 that the two clusters are " probably cosmically related.
* 1980 Charleston — inspired by Art-Deco two colour styles 1920s Citroën model colour schemes

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