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1960s and views
During the 1960s the political atmosphere began to gradually change, and attention was once again directed to Chaplin's films instead of his political views.
The contemporary meaning of the term transhumanism was foreshadowed by one of the first professors of futurology, FM-2030, who taught " new concepts of the Human " at The New School of New York City in the 1960s, when he began to identify people who adopt technologies, lifestyles and world views transitional to " posthumanity " as " transhuman ".
Gilliam later spoke to Salman Rushdie about defining experiences in the 1960s that would set the foundations for his views on the world, later influencing his art and career:
Dawkins coined the term " selfish gene " as a way of expressing the gene-centred view of evolution as opposed to the views focused on the organism and the group, popularizing ideas developed during the 1960s by W. D. Hamilton and others.
He is a professed Marxist and like Visconti, who similarly employed many foreign artists during the late 1960s, Bertolucci uses his films to express his political views ; hence they are often autobiographical as well as highly controversial.
When Randolph formulated his views, the term allergy was not connected with immunology, as it has been since the late 1960s.
Nevertheless the most incisive critique of the vanguardism against the views of mainstream society was offered by the New York critic Harold Rosenberg in the late 1960s.
It focuses largely on their time struggling to make a living prior to their break into television in the 1960s and is illustrated with many personal family photographs and previous unseen views of the act.
His views on Nazism and Jews were not well known in the 1960s and 1970s as he published his opinions under the pseudonym Christof Friedrich.
As Deputy Secretary of Defense under President Lyndon Johnson, he first supported the Vietnam War but by the late 1960s changed his views and resigned from office advising the president to pull out of South Vietnam.
Venezuela and Iran were the first countries to move towards the establishment of OPEC in the 1960s by approaching Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in 1949, suggesting that they exchange views and explore avenues for regular and closer communication among petroleum-producing nations.
Fearful of Communist gains in Vietnam, Spellman had urged American intervention since late 1954, but by the 1960s his views were strongly criticized by antiwar activists and even his fellow religious leaders.
Even in the 1960s, his views were in the minority of the party.
However the term has its origin in the descriptions of Eusebius of Caesarea and John of Damascus of mortalist views among Arab Christians, In the 1960s also this phrase was applied also to the views of Tyndale, Luther and others engaged in mortal introspection, from awareness that Calvin's term Psychopannychia originally described his own belief, not the belief he was calling error as well as in view of the Anabaptists, since their own writings held that the soul dies and the dead sleep.
Muhammad's pro-segregation views were compatible with some white supremacist organizations in the 1960s.
His left-wing views saw an outlet in third world development and in influencing policy in the Labour Government of the 1960s.
In 2006, Lara Knudsen wrote that Ehrlich's views were accepted by many population control advocates in the United States and Europe during the 1960s and 1970s.
Various other uses are found during the 1960s, when it is usually contrasted with large-scale structural views and its contents are designated negatively.
His views were generally conservative, pessimistic and sceptical, and he was particularly critical of the left-wing views that dominated German intellectual life from the late 1960s until the collapse of communism in 1991.
In the late 1960s and early 1970s, it began to infiltrate Social Credit in order to have a wider platform for their views.
Most of the earliest faculty held to theologically and socially conservative views, though professors with differing perspectives arrived in the 1960s and 1970s.
It was additionally a critique of Malthusian views of the 1960s and 1970s.

1960s and fell
Other areas damaged during World War II bombing included: in September 1940 two unexploded bombs hit the Edward VII galleries, the King's Library received a direct hit from a high explosive bomb, incendiaries fell on the dome of the Round Reading Room but did little damage ; on the night of 10 to 11 May 1941 several incendiaries fell on the south west corner of the Museum, destroying the book stack and 150, 000 books in the courtyard and the galleries around the top of the Great Staircase – this damage was not fully repaired until the early 1960s.
As both the British invasion and the 1960s came to an end, Rickenbacker guitars fell somewhat out of fashion ; however Rickenbacker basses remained highly in favor through the 1970s and on.
As the study of the universal nature of human language and cognition came into focus in the 1960s the idea of linguistic relativity fell out of favour among linguists.
This theory became the dominant paradigm in American linguistics from the 1960s through the 1980s and the notion of linguistic relativity fell out of favor and became even the object of ridicule.
Interest in the scoring of silent films fell somewhat out of fashion during the 1960s and 1970s.
But by then, the Chargers fell on hard times ; Gillman, who had returned as general manager, stepped down in 1971, and many of the Charger players from the 1960s had already either retired or had been traded.
Though admired during his lifetime for his draftsmanship and depictions of Classical antiquity, his work fell into disrepute after his death, and only since the 1960s has it been reevaluated for its importance within nineteenth-century English art.
Prices held well until the general collapse of Victorian prices in the early 1920s, when they fell to the hundreds, where they remained until the 1960s ; by 1969 £ 4, 600 had been reached again ( the huge effect of inflation must of course be remembered for all these figures ).
In the early 1960s, historical epics fell out of favor with audiences, but Leone had shifted his attention to a sub-genre which came to be known as the " Spaghetti Western ", owing its origin to the American Western.
Votes for the RFS ( Ring Freiheitlicher Studenten ), the Freedom Party's academic student organization, in student elections fell from 30 % in the 1960s to 2 % in 1987.
After the new wave of social realist theatre in the 1950s and 1960s, the play fell out of fashion, and was dismissed as an example of outdated bourgeois " drawing room " dramas, and became a staple of regional repertory theatre.
At 4: 00 PM, the show trailed Feud, Price, and NBC's Wheel of Fortune, and fell out of the top three game shows in 1979 for the first time in the CBS run ( as opposed to a solid and twice top-3 hit in the 1960s ).
He fell out of favour in the later 1960s during the Cultural Revolution because of his perceived ' right-wing ' viewpoints and because Mao viewed Liu as a threat to his power.
Despite its former prosperity, in the 1950s and 1960s Newburyport's center fell into disrepair because of several factors, most notably strip malls taking away from local business and increased use of the automobile.
River Front WalkA longtime industrial town, Allegan's downtown waterfront fell into disrepair and environmental pollution by the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Knoxville's textile and manufacturing industries largely fell victim to foreign competition in the 1950s and 1960s, and after the establishment of the Interstate Highway system in the 1960s, the railroad — which had been largely responsible for Knoxville's industrial growth — began to decline.
Population estimates for Lott fluctuated between 750 and 950 residents from the 1960s through the 1980s, and the number of businesses fell steadily, from forty-five in the 1940s to twelve in the 1980s.
Probably the most controversial kauri logging decision in the last century was that of the National Government to initiate clear fell logging of the Warawara state forest ( North of the Hokianga ) in the late 1960s.
The word ' photonics ' is derived from the Greek word " photos " meaning light ; it appeared in the late 1960s to describe a research field whose goal was to use light to perform functions, that traditionally fell within the typical domain of electronics, such as telecommunications, information processing, etc.
In the UK, Corridor coaches fell into disfavor in the 1960s and 1970s partially because open coaches are considered more secure by women traveling alone.
The Black Bear Canal remained in use for the transport of South American hides to tanneries, until the 1960s, when it fell into disuse.
By the 1960s, however, many studios and broadcasters had moved onto more upscale areas, and the area fell into disrepair and disrepute, with many abandoned stores and offices, and the streets themselves, claimed by squatters and panhandlers.

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