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LDS and Church's
Under the LDS Church's doctrine of continuing revelation, Latter-day Saints believe literally in the principle of revelation from God to his children.
The LDS Church's version of the Doctrine and Covenants is officially described by the church as " containing revelations given to Joseph Smith, the Prophet, with some additions by his successors in the Presidency of the Church.
The 138 Sections in LDS Church's Doctrine and Covenants break down as follows:
Probably due to the LDS Church's change in attitude to polygamy in 1890, these sections were not included in future English editions of the Doctrine and Covenants.
Sections 137 and 138 were added to the LDS Church's 1981 edition of the Doctrine and Covenants, which is the edition currently in use by the church.
The LDS Church's 1981 edition also contains two " Official Declarations " at the book's conclusion, the first renouncing polygamy in 1890, and the second in 1978 announcing the opening of priesthood ordination to all worthy male members including previously restricted members of African descent.
The word Eucharist may refer not only to the rite but also to the consecrated bread ( leavened or unleavened ) and wine ( or unfermented grape juice in some Protestant denominations, water in the LDS Church's sacrament ), used in the rite.
" Despite the LDS Church's position, the term Mormon is widely used by journalists and non-journalists to refer to adherents of Mormon fundamentalism.
While the term " Mormon Church " has long been attached to the church as a nickname, it is an unauthorized title, and the Church's style guide says, " Please avoid the use of ' Mormon Church ', ' LDS Church ' or the ' Church of the Latter-day Saints.
In some countries, Mormon and some phrases including the term are registered trademarks owned by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. ( a holding company for the LDS Church's intellectual property ).
The church also may excommunicate or discipline those within the church who openly oppose the LDS Church's top leadership, which is viewed as a sign of apostasy.
Some felt that the dismissals were a result of the LDS Church's influence on the university, while others felt that they reflected a more general pattern of repressing religious and political expression that might be deemed offensive.
# Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, is about 200 miles northwest of Nauvoo, Illinois and sixty mies south of the Black River, which led to the LDS Church's 1840s lumber mills on the Mississippi river.
Over time, many of those who rejected the LDS Church's relinquishment of plural marriage formed small, close-knit communities in areas of the Rocky Mountains.
On the other hand, some believers in the Book of Mormon, such as Marvin Perkins, see these changes as better conforming the chapter headers and footnotes to the meaning of the text in light of the LDS Church's 1978 Revelation on Priesthood.
It was not published in the LDS Church's 1902 History of the Church because of then-Church President Joseph F. Smith's discomfort with some ideas in the sermon popularized by the editor of the project, B. H. Roberts of the First Council of the Seventy.
Although the discourse is considered by Mormons to be one of the most important given by Smith on the nature of God and exaltation, it is not part of the LDS Church's canonized scriptures.
The central component of the scheme was the LDS Church's purchase of the Eagle Emporium, a conglomerate of mercantile companies owned by William Jennings.
Bronze statue on the LDS Church | LDS Church's Temple Square ( Salt Lake City, Utah, USA ) depicting Peter, James, son of Zebedee | James, and John the Apostle | John conferring the Melchizedek priesthood ( Latter Day Saints ) | Melchizedek priesthood in A. D. 1829 to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery
In the 21st century, the vision features prominently in the LDS Church's program of proselytism.
He also worked with Gordon B. Hinckley, the LDS Church's representative on publications, with whom he later served in the First Presidency.
It is also asserted that the LDS leaders don't claim infallibility and that the Church's efforts to obtain and archive historically significant material extends to works even by anti-Mormon authors.
The next day a New York Times headline read, " Mormon Document Raises Doubts on Succession of Church's Leaders ," and the LDS Church was forced to confirm the discovery and publicly present the document to the RLDS Church.

LDS and Sunday
In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( LDS church ), the " Holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper ", more simply referred to as the Sacrament, is administered every Sunday ( except General Conference or other special Sunday meeting ) in each LDS Ward or branch worldwide at the beginning of Sacrament meeting.
* Primary ( LDS Church ), children's Sunday School organization
" Two LDS scholars, researching weather reports and maple sugar production records, argue that the most likely exact date for the First Vision was Sunday, March 26, 1820.
" By 1939, even George D. Pyper, an LDS Sunday School superintendent and manager of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, found it " surprising that none of the first song writers wrote intimately of the first vision.
Normally in LDS congregations, the sacrament is provided every Sunday as part of the sacrament meeting.
Book of Mormon linguistic and textual issues are not discussed in missionary lessons or in Sunday School, but are typically addressed in LDS institute classes and religion classes at BYU, as well as in books and magazine articles published by the Church.
The interior of the Salt Lake Tabernacle as decorated for the Sunday School ( LDS Church ) | Deseret Sunday School Union's July 1875 Pioneer Day celebration.
Category: General Presidents of the Sunday School ( LDS Church )
As General Superintendent of the church's Sunday School organization from 1918 to 1934, McKay built LDS seminary buildings near public high schools throughout the state of Utah.
McKay's oldest son was David Lawrence McKay, who was the eighth general superintendent of the LDS Church's Sunday School organization.
Category: Counselors in the General Presidency of the Sunday School ( LDS Church )
Category: General Presidents of the Sunday School ( LDS Church )
* Sunday School ( LDS Church ): an auxiliary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Among the positions that Noorda held in the LDS Church were counselor in a branch presidency and counselor in a stake Sunday school presidency.
Category: Counselors in the General Presidency of the Sunday School ( LDS Church )
Category: Counselors in the General Presidency of the Sunday School ( LDS Church )
Cannon owned and published this magazine until his death ; in 1901 the Cannon family sold the magazine to the LDS Church's Sunday School organization.
Category: General Presidents of the Sunday School ( LDS Church )
Sacrament meeting is the weekly worship service held on Sunday in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( LDS Church ).
Category: Sunday School ( LDS Church ) people

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