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Swedish and general
* 1668 – Magnus Julius De la Gardie, Swedish general ( d. 1741 )
The first European general to introduce rapid movement, concentrated power and integrated military effort was Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus during the 30 year war.
However, Per Thulberg, director general of the Swedish National Agency for Education, has said that the system " has not led to better results " and in the 2000s Sweden's ranking in the PISA league tables worsened.
Early archaeological evidence in the traditional Swedish province of Östergötland suggests a general depopulation during this period.
* 1904 – Erik Wickberg, Swedish 9th general of the Salvation Army ( d. 1996 )
In general, Swedish pizzerias are private enterprises and not franchise.
Edström's right-hand man Bo Ekelund, secretary general of the IAAF and head of the Swedish Athletics Federation, approached the Finnish officials and stated that he might be able to arrange for Nurmi to participate in the marathon outside the competition.
* Election results 2006: Fredrik Reinfeldt ( Moderate Party ) elected Prime Minister on 5 October 2006 after the victory for Alliance for Sweden in the Swedish general election, 2006.
Many aspects of Swedish academic culture in general, such as the white student cap, originated in Uppsala.
* September 15 – In the Swedish general election, the Social Democrats suffer their worst election results in 60 years, leading to the resignation of Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson.
* April 29 – Georg Carl von Döbeln, Swedish officer, general and war hero ( d. 1820 )
However, all modern Germanic languages save English and Scots retain the more general sense: for example, German Tier, Alemannic Diere or Tiere, Pennsylvania Dutch Gedier, Dutch dier, Afrikaans dier, Limburgish diere, Norwegian dyr, Swedish djur, Danish dyr, Icelandic dýr, Faroese dýr, West Frisian dier, and North Frisian diarten, all of which mean " animal.
After the defeats at Lützen ( 2 May 1813 ) and Bautzen ( 21 May 1813 ), it was the Swedish Crown Prince who put fresh fighting spirit into the Allies ; and at the conference of Trachenberg he drew up the general plan for the campaign which began after the expiration of the Truce of Plaswitz.
" Beginning in 1947 Swedish psychiatrist Snorre Wohlfahrt evaluated early trials, reporting that it is " distinctly hazardous to leucotomize schizophrenics " and lobotomy to be " still too imperfect to enable us, with its aid, to venture on a general offensive against chronic cases of mental disorder " and stating that " Psychosurgery has as yet failed to discover its precise indications and contraindications and the methods must unfortunately still be regarded as rather crude and hazardous in many respects.
However, due to the cost of maintaining a circulation of low value coins, by business and the mints, Finland and the Netherlands round prices to the nearest five cents ( Swedish rounding ) if paying with cash, while producing only a handful of those coins for collectors, rather than general circulation.
In the Swedish 1973 general election the Socialist-Communist and the Liberal-Conservative blocs got 175 places each in the parliament.
For the 2010 general election, SD for the first time won representation in the Swedish parliament, with 5. 7 % of the vote and 20 MPs.
Bernadotte represented Sweden in 1933 at the Chicago Century of Progress Exposition, and later served as Swedish commissioner general at the New York World's Fair in 1939 – 40.
Patriotic sentiment is notably absent from the text of the original two verses, due to them being written in the spirit of Scandinavism popular at the time ( Norden in general refers to the Nordic countries in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish ).
Bellman is a central figure in the Swedish song tradition and remains a very important influence in Swedish music, as well as in Scandinavian literature in general, to this day.
He was a candidate for the Pirate Party in the Swedish general election 2006 and was also on its board as treasurer.
The political parties are represented by the following number of MPs from Skåne County after the Swedish general election, 2010:
Results of the Swedish general election, 2010 in Gagnef:
Results of the Swedish general election, 2010 in Nykvarn:

Swedish and election
* September 15 – The Swedish parliamentary election, 2002 leaves Prime Minister Göran Persson and the Social Democrats in power.
The Swedish Green party was a long term supporter of the social-democratic minority government until the election 2006 when the social-democratic party lost.
The election of Gustav Eriksson as a regent made many Swedish nobles, who had so far stayed loyal to King Christian, switch sides.
In 1983, in remembrance of the election of Gustav as Swedish king on 6 June, that date was declared National Day of Sweden.
In the days before the Swedish election on September 17, 2006, Fonda went to Sweden to support the new political party Feministiskt initiativ in their election campaign.
Two weeks after the election, one of the most sweeping cabinet reshuffles in Swedish history took place, with eight ministers leaving their posts.
Torvalds was a candidate for European Parliament election in 2009 on the Swedish People's Party list.
Results of the Swedish general election, 2010 in Grästorp:
Results of the Swedish general election, 2010 in Lysekil:
Results of the Swedish general election, 2010 in Norrbotten:
Results of the Swedish general election, 2010 in Eda:
Results of the Swedish general election, 2010 in Säffle:
Results of the Swedish general election, 2010 in Torsby:
In July 1919, after he had confirmed a new republican constitution, Mannerheim stood as a candidate in the first presidential election, supported by the National Coalition Party and the Swedish People's Party.
The last Swedish general election was held on 19 September 2010.

Swedish and 1991
* 1991 – Magnus Paajarvi, Swedish hockey player
He was married to Swedish actress Pernilla August from 1991 to 1997.
* 1991 – Alice Svensson, Swedish singer
* 1969 – Per " Dead " Ohlin, Swedish black metal vocalist ( Mayhem and Morbid ) ( d. 1991 )
Kult was originally published by the company Target Games in 1991 as a Swedish role-playing game, and has later been translated into several other languages.
* 1991 – Tom Ljungman, Swedish actor
On September 7, 1991, the German research vessel Polarstern and the Swedish icebreaker Oden reached the North Pole as the first conventional powered vessels.
In 1991, at the age of twelve, Robyn recorded the theme song for the Swedish television show Lilla Sportspegeln, named Du kan alltid bli nummer ett (" You can always be number one ").
Nils Daniel Carl Bildt KCMG ( born 15 July 1949 ) is a Swedish politician and diplomat who was Prime Minister of Sweden from 1991 to 1994 and leader of the liberal conservative Moderate Party from 1986 to 1999.
Aho was the prime minister of the centre-right coalition government ( Centre Party, National Coalition Party, Christian Democrats and Swedish People's Party ) from 1991 to 1995.
* Famed Swedish director Ingmar Bergman directed the Bacchae three times: as an opera ( 1991 ) for the Royal Swedish Opera, as a TV-film ( 1993 ) for Sveriges Television and as a staged play ( 1996 ) for the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm.
Gösta Ingvar Carlsson ( born 9 November 1934 ) is a Swedish politician who twice served as Prime Minister of Sweden, first from 1986 to 1991 and again from 1994 to 1996.
For the 1991 Swedish TV series, see Rosenholm ( TV series ).
The next year, Swedish corporation Incentive AB bought 58. 1 % of Hasselblad, and in 1991, they acquired the remainder of the shares, taking VHAB back to being a private corporation.
Tad Morose is a Swedish progressive / power metal band formed in 1991 and led by guitarist Christer ' Krunt ' Andersson.
The genre rapidly lost mainstream interest from 1991 to 1993 with the rise of grunge and the release of albums such as Nirvana's Nevermind, but it has enjoyed revivals since the beginning of the new millennium with the Swedish sleaze metal movement and the retro styling of bands including The Darkness and Steel Panther.
Like an Ever Flowing Stream is the debut album by Swedish death metal band Dismember, released in May 1991.
Teddybears ( formerly Teddybears STHLM ) is a Swedish band formed in 1991, known for mixing pop, rock, hip-hop, electronica, reggae, punk and many other genres.
* Sweden: Swedish state-owned telephone company Televerket tried to introduce a similar service in 1991.
The release of Il Capitano: A Swedish Requiem ( Il Capitano, 1991 ) became controversial since the film is based upon a true story ; the brutal murder of a Swedish family just a few years earlier ( see Juha Valjakkala ).
Triplex Iron Foundry then took the site over, but their ownership was short lived and it was then sold to Swedish home products company IKEA in 1988, being demolished almost immediately to make way for the superstore which opened in January 1991.
Was replaced by the Swedish National Agency for Education in 1991 when the responsibility for schools was transferred from the state to the municipalities.
She was Environment Commissioner from 1999 – 2004 and in the Swedish government she was Minister for Consumer Affairs, Women and Youth in 1988 – 1991, Minister for Culture in 1994 – 1996 and Minister for Social Affairs in 1996 – 1998.

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