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US and physician
In the United States, a pediatrician ( US spelling ) is often a primary care physician who specializes in children, whereas in the Commonwealth a paediatrician ( British spelling ) generally is a medical specialist not in primary general practice.
Very often a woman has not been informed in any way about this stage of life ; at least in the US, it may often be the case that she has received no information from her physician, or from her older female family members, or from her social group.
In two US states, specifically New Mexico and Louisiana, some psychologists with post-doctoral pharmacology training have been granted prescriptive authority for certain mental health disorders upon agreement with the patient's physician.
They include those dedicated to Beau Nash, Admiral Arthur Phillip ( first Governor of the colony of New South Wales, which became part of Australia after federation in 1901 ), James Montague ( Bishop of Bath and Wells ), Lady Waller ( wife of William Waller, a Roundhead military leader in the English Civil War ), Elizabeth Grieve ( wife of James Grieve, physician to Elizabeth, Empress of Russia ), Sir William Baker, John Sibthorp, Richard Hussey Bickerton, William Hoare, Richard Bickerton and US Senator William Bingham.
* Moses Mason, Jr., physician and US congressman
* Josiah Bartlett, Jr., physician and US congressman
A physician, Brady held the rank of captain in the US Navy, flight surgeon for the Blue Angels Navy flight squadron, an avid amateur radio operator ( N4BQW ) and BSA Eagle Scout.
Many US states do not recognize living wills or health care proxies in the prehospital setting and prehospital personnel in those areas may be required to initiate resuscitation measures unless a specific state sponsored form is appropriately filled out and cosigned by a physician.
Note that a USPHS physician who took part in the Tuskegee program, John Charles Cutler, was in charge of the US government's syphilis experiments in Guatemala, in which Guatemalan prisoners, soldiers, orphaned children, and others were deliberately infected with syphilis and other sexually-transmitted diseases from 1946-1948 in order to study the disease, in a project funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health.
* William Bradford ( 1729-1808 ), physician, lawyer, and President pro tempore of the US Senate ; lived and died in Bristol
The earliest known allegation that links the Whitechapel murders with a prominent London physician was in two articles published by a number of US newspapers between 1895 and 1897.
* Henry Dearborn, physician, general and 5th US Secretary of War
An anesthesiologist ( US English ) or anaesthetist ( British English ) is a physician trained in anesthesia and perioperative medicine, although in some countries, such as the U. S., other providers of anesthesia care are present, such as " nurse anesthetists " or " anesthesiology assistants ".
A sentence of death by hanging is pronounced by a US War Crimes Tribunal upon Adolf Hitler's personal physician, 43-year old Karl Brandt.
" Doc " is a common slang term for a physician ; dentist ; or, in the US Military, a Hospital Corpsman.
Each year, around the first weekend in December, the university has a fundraising dinner featuring well-known speakers, such as Baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr., former Presidents Gerald R. Ford and George H. W. Bush, TV personality Regis Philbin, retired General Norman Schwarzkopf, Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton, Senator Elizabeth Dole, former US Senate Majority Leader and physician, Dr. Bill Frist, popular radio commentator Paul Harvey, NBC Today Show weatherman Willard Scott, NFL football player, commentator & actor Merlin Olsen, country comedian Jerry Clower, former Alabama head coach Gene Stallings, historic CBS-TV News anchor and reporter Walter Cronkite, former First Lady Barbara Bush, former NBC News Anchor and former Meet the Press moderator Tom Brokaw and most recently Emmy Award winning comedian Tim Conway.
* John Moore ( physician ) ( 1826 – 1907 ), US Army surgeon-general
This technique has progressed clinically ( often now called BioZ, i. e. biologic impedance, as promoted by the leading manufacturer in the US ) and allows low cost, non-invasive estimations of cardiac output and total peripheral resistance, using only 4 skin electrodes, oscillometric blood pressure measurement and lung water volumes with minimal removal of clothing in physician offices having the needed equipment.
" He later became US President Warren Harding's personal physician and was present at Harding's deathbed.
It was named after Dr. Seth Porter Ford ( 1818 – 1866 ), a Boston physician who practiced medicine at the Hawaiian Insane Asylum and the US Seamen's Hospital from 1861 – 1866 after Charles Guillou.
They attempted to pass bills granting blanket amnesties to native Hawaiian prisoners, tried to grant physician licenses to kahuna and tried to lower the US $ 3 tax on female dogs — a delicacy for some.
These murders took place in 1970 while MacDonald was a Green Beret captain and physician in the US Army, stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
* Charles V. Chapin ( 1856 – 1941 ), US physician and activist in public health
Luke Pryor Blackburn ( June 16, 1816September 14, 1887 ) was a physician, philanthropist, and politician from the US state of Kentucky.

US and specializing
Formalized in 2010, the History and Culture Ph. D. at Drew University is one of a few graduate programs in the US currently specializing in intellectual history, both in its American and European contexts.
Physicians specializing in emergency medicine in the US and Canada can enter fellowships to receive credentials in subspecialties.
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory ( Fermilab ), located just outside Batavia, Illinois, near Chicago, is a US Department of Energy national laboratory specializing in high-energy particle physics.
Doctors specializing in perioperative care, development of an anesthetic plan, and the administration of anesthetics are known in the US as anesthesiologists and in the UK, Canada, Australia, and NZ as anaesthetists or anaesthesiologists.
* Gammon Technical Products, A US Company specializing in aviation fuel quality control and handling equipment
He later was in short order, manager for both Frank Sinatra and Harry Belafonte ( who summarily fired him ), a part owner of the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, full owner of a prominent Wall Street brokerage that bore his name, a sitting member of the New York Stock Exchange, owner of an electronics firm in Canada specializing in radio proximity artillery fuses for the US military in Vietnam, and from the late 1960s, concurrently, head of the American Psychological Association.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University ( generally referred to as Embry-Riddle or ERAU ) is a private university in the US specializing in aviation and aerospace engineering.
An independent auditor specializing in non-profits reported for 2010 the church had an annual income of over $ 14. 3 million ( US ).
* A 2010 survey of political theory professors published in the journal Political Science & Politics ranked the doctoral concentration in politics 28th out of 106-surveyed programs in the US specializing in political theory.
Foreign Policy's contributors include: former US diplomat Peter Galbraith, Pulitzer Prize-winning military reporter Tom Ricks, international bestseller Stephen Walt, blogger Daniel W. Drezner, Former Los Angeles Times columnist Rosa Brooks, Christian Brose ( Condoleezza Rice's longtime chief speechwriter ), 9 / 11 Commission director Philip Zelikow, ex-senior White House aide Peter Feaver, top Pentagon official Dov Zakheim, John McCain's foreign policy adviser Steve Biegun, and Josh Rogin ( a Washington journalist specializing in investigative reports on national security and foreign affairs ).
* Audio Engineering Associates, a US company specializing in ribbon microphones
A Different Drum is an independent record label and online store based in the US state of Utah, specializing in synthpop and related genres.
Some firms specializing on foreign exchange market had put the average daily turnover in excess of US $ 4 trillion.
A US intelligence operative, specializing in the al-Shabaab group, confirmed the information to a website specialized in reporting on the war on terror.
Fangoria is an internationally-distributed US film fan magazine specializing in the genres of horror, slasher, splatter and exploitation films, in regular publication since 1979.
In 2011, the new method of using your own fatty cells and extracting and treating the stem cells found in your fatty cells and introducing them back into the body with intravenous and as well there clinics in the US specializing in this type of stem cell.
This example has been assigned a condition grade by an organization specializing in grading US paper currency.
* Haynes International, a US corporation specializing in corrosion-resistant metal alloys
US is a Citrus County, Florida-based music showband, with over 40 members, specializing in large production music shows.
* Software Creations ( US ), an Internet development consulting firm specializing in electronic publishing, web-based database and applications development
He worked in the US Department of Justice, specializing in Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act ( RICO ) enforcement, and helped supervise the ABSCAM investigation of the early 1980s.
Terry DeFrancis was a colonel in the US Army in 1943, specializing in aircraft.
Ian Bremmer ( born November 12, 1969 ) is an American political scientist specializing in US foreign policy, states in transition, and global political risk.

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