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area and would
if it had never printed a word of literature its contribution to the politico-sociological area would still be historic.
Top scientists have warned that an area hit by an atomic missile of massive power would be engulfed in a suffocating fire storm which would persist for a long time.
How foolish it was to try to fathom the truth in an area where only faith would suffice.
Letting the administration take details off their hands would give them more time to inform themselves about education as a whole, an area that would benefit by more faculty attention.
An important operational procedure in BW for an enemy would be to create an areosol or cloud of agent over the target area.
Though little democracy had ever been practised in this region, and much of it was still ruled by feudalistic means, it was taken for granted that at least the forms of Western democracy would be established in this area and Western capitalism preserved within it.
However, if Federal funds are used, it would be entirely appropriate to train workers for jobs which could be obtained elsewhere as well as for jobs in the area of chronic unemployment.
Such training would increase the tendency of workers to leave the area and find jobs in other localities.
If you are not well acquainted with the area in which you wish to locate, or if you are not sure that you and your family will like and make a success of farming, usually you would do better to rent a place for a year or two before you buy.
He would assign one of the rescue trucks to the Riverside section of the city and the other to the Rumford area.
The division said it would be impossible to work on the line until then because of the large amount of acid sewage from jewelry plants in the area flowing through the line, heavy vehicle traffic on Eddy Street and tide conditions.
and I asked myself a question: Suppose I had the same number of peas as there are atoms in my body, how large an area would they cover??
For new galaxies to be created, Professor Bondi declares, it would only be necessary for a single hydrogen atom to be created in an area the size of your living room once every few million years.
It had grown hot early that day, and I hoped that the boy, my brother's son, would soon come across the broad black area of plowed ground, carrying the jar of cool water.
The colonial power, Portugal, becoming ever richer and more powerful, would not tolerate the growth of these neighbouring states and subjugated them one by one, so that by the beginning of this century the Portuguese had complete control over the entire area.
A shape with an area of three square metres would have the same area as three such squares.
However, at the base of this crack is a round void called an ampulla which would have functioned to distribute force over a larger surface area, hindering the ability of the " crack " formed by the serration to propagate through the tooth.
Alcott and Russell were initially concerned that the area would not be conducive to their progressive approach to education and considered establishing the school in nearby Philadelphia instead.
These subunits would typically then again be divided into quarters, with each side being mile long, and being of a square mile in area, or 40 acres.
Whereas a biotic stress would include such living disturbances as fungi or harmful insects, abiotic stress factors, or stressors, are naturally occurring, often intangible, factors such as intense sunlight or wind that may cause harm to the plants and animals in the area affected.
The two may be living in the same environment, but an increase in temperature of the area would prove stressful only for one of the organisms.
It would take an hour and a half to light an area leaving the filmmakers only six hours left to shoot a scene.

area and become
This covered, wooden bridge is so closely identified with the first action in the early morning of June 3, 1861, and with subsequent troop movements of both armies in the Philippi area that it has become a part and parcel of the war story.
These things both express and, at the same time, continue contributing to, their identity diffusion in an area that could have become a source of developing dignity and self-certainty.
Economic integration ceases when the social and economic statuses in an area become too mixed or conflict with the status of the congregation.
In mentioning this under `` salvation reconsidered '' I do not mean to imply that Roman Catholic doctrine has changed in this area but rather that it has become clearer to the world community what that doctrine is.
It has no permanently dry land area, although large parts of the reef become exposed during low tide.
On the death of Louis II in 1417 it reverted to Savoy, and, although Count René again retook the area for Provence in 1471, it had returned to Savoyard dominance by the start of the 16th century, by which point the County of Provence had become united with the Kingdom of France due to the death of Count Charles V in 1481.
Today, the British Museum has grown to become one of the largest museums in the world, covering an area of over 92, 000 m < sup > 2 </ sup > ( 990, 000 sq.
The agreement proposed that an " international administration " would be established in an area shaded brown on the agreement's map, which was later to become Palestine, and that the form of the administration would be " decided upon after consultation with Russia, and subsequently in consultation with the other allies, and the representatives of the sheriff of Mecca ".
Similarly when the ectocervix enters the less harsh uterine area it undergoes metaplasia to become columnar epithelium.
The area that would become Concord was originally settled thousands of years ago by Abenaki Native Americans called the Pennacook.
Or will it become another focus for the arms race – and thus an area of dangerous and sterile competition?
The area has become popular among tourists, including stag and hen parties from Britain.
The Dead Sea area has become a major center for health research and treatment for several reasons.
Over the past 30 years, the population of the Docklands has more than doubled and the area has become both a major business centre and an increasingly desirable area to live.
The area was once heavily forested, but overexploitation led to extensive erosion, and it has become semibarren.
By the first century BC Germanic languages had become prevalent, and the inhabitants were called Belgæ while the area was the coastal district of Gallia Belgica, the most northeastern province of the Roman Empire at its height.
Rail fins evolved into being and surged into popularity as riders ( Simon Anderson, most famously ) sought a solution to two major performance issues of a central " single " fin-both related to engagement of the foil: For one, a centrally-mounted fin is tilted up out of the water as the board is leaned over, and thus it loses more and more of its lift as the lean angle increases-if the lean angle is acute enough, the fin's tip can be the only area left in the water ; the tip may then rapidly stall and, having lost its lift, become disengaged from the water, leaving the board's bottom as the only control surface still operating.
Some theories in this field have now become widely accepted, but it is still an active area in astrophysics.
On occasion, neck tenderness or a sore throat may become apparent after a few days, if moderate inflammation in the thyroid develops and produces discomfort in the neck or throat area.
Ore, Silverhill and Hollington were once villages that have since become part of the Hastings conurbation area during rapid growth.
In summer in particular this road can become very congested rendering the journey between the bridge and South Hayling ( the most populated area ) anything from 30 minutes to an hour.
The docklands area had become largely derelict by the 1980s, but was redeveloped into flats and offices from the mid-1980s onwards.
During these first few years Hellas was one of three or four area teams playing mainly at a municipal level while fighting against city rivals Bentegodi to become the city's premier football outfit.
Simon's contributions to research in the area of decision-making have become increasingly mainstream in the business community thanks to the growth of management consulting.

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