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autumn and 1949
The affair lasted from summer 1948 until his death in autumn 1949.
He played with Bill Coleman in early 1949 ; touring that autumn with Buck Clayton.
In the past, the Suns of Longmen were divided into ten sub-lineages and held joint grand ceremonies honouring their ancestors every spring and autumn, but this practice stopped after 1949.
After pondering a number of career possibilities, he returned to academia in the autumn of 1949, when he joined Bernard Lovell's radio astronomy group at the University of Manchester.
In autumn 1949 King and his family moved from Dallas to the South Side of Chicago.
Past glories for Torpedo include 3 USSR titles ( 1960, 1965, and autumn 1976 ), 6 USSR Cups ( 1949, 1952, 1960, 1968, 1972, 1986 ), 1 Russian Cup ( 1993 ), and 3 appearances in the quarterfinals of European / UEFA Cup competition, and one Ciutat de Lleida Trophy in 1991.
The future capitals of North and South Vietnam would witness the presence of Armée de l Air fighter units during the summer and autumn of 1949, as the situation began to deteriorate.
In 1949 the club reached Allsvenskan for the first time after defeating Halmstads BK in the decisive game of the season ; during this time Swedish leagues were played autumn – spring, on 31 July they played their first game in Allsvenskan against Degerfors IF and lost 2-0, afterward, the later world famous Gunnar Nordahl claimed that he had seen much worse newcomers, also this year, on 4 September Kalmar faced Malmö FF in front of 15 093 people in the audience ; this is still the audience record on Fredriksskans.
Where Weisband had sketched the outlines of U. S. cryptanalytic success, British liaison officer Kim Philby received actual translations and analyses on a regular basis after he arrived for duty in Washington, D. C., in autumn 1949.
The building was returned to the MRC in autumn 1949 but Sir Henry Dale had retired in 1942 and so was never director on the new site, that job falling to his successor Sir Charles Harington.
Wishing to take co-edition book packaging further and recognizing the need to amortize the high production costs of illustrated books, Neurath established his own publishing house, incorporating offices in London ( at 244 High Holborn ) and New York in the autumn of 1949.

autumn and Martin
However, a 1988 article by Brian Martin in Science and Public Policy states that although their paper concluded the effects would be less severe than originally thought, with the authors describing these effects as a " nuclear autumn ", other statements by Thompson and Schneider show that they " resisted the interpretation that this means a rejection of the basic points made about nuclear winter ".
In addition, the authors of the 2007 study above state that " because of the use of the term ' nuclear autumn ' by Thompson and Schneider, even though the authors made clear that the climatic consequences would be large, in policy circles the theory of nuclear winter is considered by some to have been exaggerated and disproved Martin, 1988.
They are supposed to hunt on specific nights ( the eves of St. John, St. Martin, Saint Michael the Archangel, All Saints, Christmas, New Year, Saint Agnes, Saint David, and Good Friday ), or just in the autumn and winter.
In autumn of 1984, the priests sought out a bishop to ordain clergy for CMRI and found Bishop George Musey of Galveston, Texas, whose episcopal lineage can be traced to Archbishop Pierre Martin Ngô Ðình Thục.
In recent years, his engagements have included a Gala solo performance at the Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, a Kosovo Aid concert at St. John's Smith Square, London, with the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields recitals at the Snape Proms, Aldeburgh, and at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival and a tour of UK National Trust properties in summer and autumn 2000.
In autumn 1404, a bull issued by Benedict XIII, the Avignon Pope, marked the actual birth of a centre of higher learning, formally ratified in 1412 by the Emperor Sigmund's certification and subsequently, in 1413, by a bull issued by antipope John XXIII, the Pisan Pope, and probably by another issued in 1419 by Martin V, Pope of Rome, and by a series of papal privileges.
Due to a period of ill health, his deputy controller Martin J. O ' Connor stood in as controller of BBC One from the autumn of 1979 to the spring of 1980.
While preparing to co-star as Vladimir to John Alderton's Estragon in Michael Rudman's acclaimed production of Waiting for Godot at the National Theatre in November 1987, McCowen also spent a busy autumn staging Martin Crimp's trilogy of short plays Definitely the Bahamas at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond upon Thames, having previously enjoyed Crimp's style of writing in a BBC radio version of Three Attempted Acts.
He finished runner-up in the U18 national championships in 2001 to Richard Bloomfield and also finished runner-up in the senior national championships that autumn beating top 100 player Martin Lee and British no 4 Arvind Parmar before losing in the final to Lee Childs in straight sets.
That autumn he won the senior national championships, beating Martin Lee again and defeating Jamie Delgado 7 – 5, 6 – 2 in the final.
They are supposed to hunt on specific nights ( the eves of St. John, St. Martin, Saint Michael the Archangel, All Saints, Christmas, New Year, Saint Agnes, Saint David, and Good Friday ), or just in the autumn and winter.
Following on from Martin Kemp's decision to quit EastEnders, Outhwaite announced she was quitting the soap in the autumn of 2001, stating, " I'm not sure what was left for Mel to do after she had been kidnapped, been married twice, burnt down a club and slept with her best friend's husband [...] To be honest with you, Mel's role in EastEnders has come to a kind of natural end.
In autumn 2003 Martin Lawrance s Grey Allegro was introduced into the repertoire – the first time another choreographer s work has been performed by the company.
In autumn 1977 Riviera left and moved on to a deal with new label Radar Records, set up by former UA Records executives Martin Davies and Andrew Lauder.

autumn and Grand
The Isle Royale Queen out of Copper Harbor, Michigan, arrives at the park in 3-3 1 / 2 hours and the Sea Hunter, out of Grand Portage, Minnesota, arrives in just 1 1 / 2 hours and operate round-trips and offer day trips through much of the season, less frequently in early summer and autumn.
In the autumn of 1907, Tatiana's aunt Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia was escorted to the nursery by the Tsar to meet Rasputin.
In the autumn of 1907, Anastasia's aunt Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia was escorted to the nursery by the Tsar to meet Rasputin.
The courthouse is also the location of the Mountain Foliage Festival, held in the autumn and featuring a parade, crafts, arts and music, as well as a race in which contestants use outhouses, the Grand Privy Race.
During a meeting assembled on the island in the autumn of 1291, de Molay spoke of reforming the Order, and put himself forward as an alternative to the current Grand Master.
To accommodate larger gatherings, this congregation moved initially to the Bull and Mouth-Street, St. Martin's Le Grand, and then to Paul's Alley in the Barbican in the autumn of 1778.
In the autumn of 1864, Yi Myeong-bok was crowned the new king of the Kingdom of Joseon, with his father entitled as the Heungseon Daewongun ( 大院君 ; 대원군 ; Daewongun ; Grand Internal Prince ).
In autumn 1754, Mylne set off for mainland Europe on the " Grand Tour ", to join his brother William, who had been studying in Paris for a year.
The 1983 – 84 season brought a draw with the All Blacks 25 – 25 in the late autumn and their second Grand Slam captained by Jim Aitken.
Aintree is also home of the Grand National, It was part of the autumn meeting and was run over a distance of just under three miles.
Originally, the Grand Sefton was one of the most important events of the autumn, but after the Second World War its popularity waned as Aintree's fortunes foundered.
Also that autumn, Grand Crown Hetman Stanisław Koniecpolski defeated an Ottoman incursion in the south of the Commonwealth, freeing his force to lay siege to the Russian town of Sevsk ; although Koniecpolski failed to take the fortress, he tied down large Russian forces, preventing them from moving north towards Smolensk.
In the autumn of 1887, Hassam painted two versions of Grand Prix Day, employing a breakthrough change of palette.
Heading north on M-77 midway between Seney and Grand Marais in autumn
Three works were premiered in 2011: Night Rides ” for the London Sinfonietta ; No Man s Land ”, to a text by Christopher Reid, for the City of London Sinfonia with soloists Ian Bostridge and Roderick Williams ; and Grand Barcarolle ” for the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra and Riccardo Chailly as part of their Beethoven cycle presented in Leipzig, Vienna, Paris and London in autumn 2011.
In the autumn of 1996, Andy was struggling within himself that he wasn't able to win the K-1 World Grand Prix.
He was latter also decorated with the Grand Cross of the Légion d ' honneur, in 1887, and received the Military Medal for his able conduct of the autumn manoeuvres in 1891.
In the autumn of 180 BC, Grand Empress Dowager Lü died of an illness.
Through him she met Jackie Curtis, who cast Woodlawn in her play Heaven Grand in Amber Orbit in the autumn of 1969.

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