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Page "adventure" ¶ 169
from Brown Corpus
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brief and moment
He will not curb his instinctual desires but release the energy within him that makes him feel truly and fully alive, even if it is only for this brief moment before the apocalypse of annihilation explodes on earth.
There also came a brief contretemps with the sound mixers who made the mistake of being overheard during a quiet moment near the conclusion of `` Do It Again '', and she made the tart observation that `` I never saw so much moving about in an audience ''.
Camelot was a hit nonetheless, with a poignant coda ; immediately following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, his widow told Life magazine that JFK's administration reminded her of the " one brief shining moment " of Lerner and Loewe's Camelot.
* The Doctor Who serial State of Decay features a vampire named Camilla who in a brief but explicit moment finds much to ' admire ' in the Doctor's female travelling companion Romana who finds she has to turn away from the vampire's intense gaze.
The lines " Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as Camelot ," from the musical Camelot, were quoted by his widow Jacqueline as being from his favorite song in the score.
He then ravages on Tokyo as payback for the Japanese attempting to erase him from existence, and Shindo is killed ; though not before he and Godzilla share a brief moment of the two remembering each other from when they first met on Lagos Island in 1944, and Godzilla is seemingly sad for once.
Also, in order to change a string from one tone to another during a performance, a harp player must take one entire hand off the harp for a moment and switch the lever — this may cause an acoustic gap in a performance, as for a brief moment only one hand will be in use.
For a brief moment in August 1939, Ribbentrop convinced Hitler that the Non-Aggression Pact with the Soviet Union would cause the fall of the Chamberlain government, and lead to a new British government that would abandon the Poles to their fate.
With Superboy's aid, Luthor manages to cure Lena, allowing her to walk and think logically again for a brief moment, before he then quickly reverses the process, leaving Lena completely catatonic, and informs Superboy that so long as Superman is alive, he will never reveal how he did it.
In 1939, Hans Bethe proposed that one of the protons could beta decay into a neutron via the weak interaction during the brief moment of fusion, making deuterium the initial product in the chain.
During a brief moment of contact, Janeway helps them destroy the Borg cube, with all hands on board.
For instance, there is a brief moment where the connection is opened on the server side before the signature itself comes through.
Depending on the design, changing the autotransformer tap can cause a very brief output power disruption, which may cause UPSs equipped with a power-loss alarm to " chirp " for a moment.
The 790s BC witnessed the surging power of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, albeit a brief moment of weakness following in subsequent decades, the further decadence of Egypt, and the beginnings of civilization with the rise of the city-states in Ancient Greece.
The tattoo can be seen for a brief moment in the movie Her Jungle Love ( 1938 ).
Jacques then descends to 400ft and floats there for a brief moment staring into the darkness.
However, if the yo-yo is jerked slightly, it will enter free fall for a brief moment, and the string's friction becomes the most significant force on the yo-yo.
Edna has set up a bathtub in the kitchen and is enjoying a brief moment alone in a hot bath.
It transfers sudden energy to the key pins which communicate this to the driver pins causing those pins only to jump, allowing the cylinder to turn freely for a brief moment, until the pin springs return the pins to their locking position.
The two share a brief moment of understanding.
The heliacal rising (, ) of a star ( or other body such as the moon, a planet or a constellation ) occurs when it first becomes visible above the eastern horizon for a brief moment just before sunrise, after a period of time when it had not been visible.
The exhaustion of the French troops was such that, towards 16: 00 a brief moment of panic occurred at Wagram.
" And the individual then concludes with a brief statement that " I cancel from this time onward all vows and all oaths ... that I will accept upon myself, whether while awake or in a dream .... from this moment I preemptively regret them and declare of all of them they shall be utterly null and void ...."

brief and I
Such a list must naturally be selective, and the treatment of each man is brief, for I am interested only in their general ideas on the moral measure of literature.
I was ready, like Portia, to present my own brief.
This brief resume hardly does the book justice, but I heartily recommend it to all those who are engages with the major problems of our time.
Franz Boas publicly objected to US participation in World War I, and after the war he published a brief expose and condemnation of the participation of several American archaeologists in espionage in Mexico under their cover as scientists.
" The Rose replied, " I indeed, dear Amaranth, flourish but for a brief season!
When the German motorized forces were met with a counterattack at Arras, British tanks with heavy armour ( Matilda I & IIs ) created a brief panic in the German High Command.
The song " Boadicea ", also from this album, would later be sampled by The Fugees on their single " Ready or Not " ( 1996 ), causing a brief stir because the group neither sought permission from Enya nor gave her credit initially, and by Mario Winans, who did give her credit ( the Winans track, " I Don't Wanna Know " which features a rap by P. Diddy and is officially credited to all three artists, became Enya's highest charting single in the US, when it peaked at # 2 on the Hot 100 in 2004 ).
Arden had a very brief guest role in a 1955 I Love Lucy episode entitled " L. A. at Last " in which she played herself.
Thus, it is possible that I Corinthians was written during Paul's first ( brief ) stay in Ephesus, at the end of his Second Journey, usually dated to early 54 AD.
Fleming took the name for his character from that of the American ornithologist James Bond, a Caribbean bird expert and author of the definitive field guide Birds of the West Indies ; Fleming, a keen birdwatcher himself, had a copy of Bond's guide and he later explained to the ornithologist's wife that " It struck me that this brief, unromantic, Anglo-Saxon and yet very masculine name was just what I needed, and so a second James Bond was born ".
Its brief charting in the UK was probably due to the success of a remixed version of " I Feel Good " featuring Dakeyne.
In the year 1623, the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, sent his Tahwildar, Khan Alam to Safavid Persia, accompanied by 800 Sepoys, scribes and scholars along with 10 Howdahs well decorated in gold and silver, in order to negotiate peace with Abbas I of Persia after a brief conflict in the region around Kandahar.
But the amazing modus operandi of his genius, in the fresh light which I hope I have to offer, becomes the very abstract and brief chronicle of the procedure of the creative faculty itself.
" To make clear my exposition in writing this brief commentary on painting ," Alberti began his treatise, Della Pittura ( On Painting ), " I will take first from the mathematicians those things with which my subject is concerned.
During his brief deposition of 830, the emperor Louis the Pious was sent to Nijmegen by his son Lothar I.
After his return from a brief move to New York, he wrote " I could have loved New York had I not loved Balti-more.
His brief pontificate came in the political context of the founding of the Holy Roman Empire, during the transition between the reigns of German emperors Otto I and Otto II and the struggle for power of aristocratic families such as the Crescentii and Tusculani in the region of Rome.
Development of Space Quest VII was underway in 1996 when Sierra released The Space Quest Collection, which consisted of Space Quest I through 6 and included a brief trailer of Space Quest VII ( consisting of Roger strapping a giant rocket to his back and using it to push himself forward on roller skates in a scene reminiscent of Wile E. Coyote ).

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