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case and loose
In a detailed letter published in the Scientific American in 1912, he remarked that `` loose statements '' about the case showed scant understanding of the facts.
A notorious murder scandal, the Overbury case, threw up two imperfect anagrams that were aided by typically loose spelling and were recorded by Simonds D ' Ewes: ' Francis Howard ' ( for Frances Carr, Countess of Somerset, her maiden name spelled in a variant ) became Car findes a whore, with the letters E hardly counted, and the victim Thomas Overbury, as ' Thomas Overburie ', was written as O!
Following the rapid change from a loose formation to a rigid line of battle both fleets raised their colours ; each British ship added additional Union Flags in its rigging in case its main flag was shot away.
In one 1960s comic, when Kent finds himself at a loose end when staff at the Daily Planet go on strike, he seriously considers it a chance to try out a new identity in case he has " to abandon Clark Kent role permanently.
It was Irving's failure as an " objective historian " not his right wing views that caused him to loose his libel case, as a " conscientious historian " would not have " deliberately misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence " to support his political views.
* Seat a new primer ( primer pockets often become loose after multiple loadings ; a lack of effort being required to seat new primers indicates a loose primer pocket ; cases with loose primer pockets are usually discarded, after crushing the case to prevent its reuse )
However, most riders prefer to leave it loose for cross-country in case they need to grab it for security.
In this case however, the fossils were found exposed in loose sand ; co-discoverer Beauvilain cautions that such sediment can be easily moved by the wind, unlike packed earth.
As might be expected, all this cannibalizing — especially in a time when cutting and pasting was done by literally cutting and pasting paper — sometimes resulted in a plot that had a few loose ends ; in the case of the Big Sleep there is the famous story of who killed the chauffer.
The rite, resembling, on one hand, the sending off of the basket with the woman embodying wickedness to the land of Shinar in the vision of Zechariah (), and, on the other, the letting loose of the living bird into the open field in the case of the leper healed from the plague (), was, indeed, viewed by the people of Jerusalem as a means of ridding themselves of the sins of the year.
These characters are referred to as pi characters or sorts (" pi " in this case refers to an obscure printer's term relating to loose or spilled type ).
Tea may be either in a tea bag or loose, in which case a tea strainer will be needed, either to hold the leaves as they steep or to catch the leaves inside the teapot when the tea is poured.
In its general form, the LoD is a specific case of loose coupling.
Snapback is analogous to stretching a rubber band to its breaking point between the hands, and then suffering a stinging blow from the retracting loose ends of the band-in the case of a heavy mooring line this blow carries much more force and can inflict severe injuries or sever limbs.
Moth pupae are usually dark in color and either formed in underground cells, loose in the soil, or their pupa is contained in a protective silk case called a cocoon.
However, the upper bound proved in the paper was rather loose ; indeed, a widely held conjecture about the distribution of the Sophie Germain primes would, if true, immediately cut the worst case down to Õ.
Once a small occurrence or show was found, it was then necessary to intensively work the area with pick and shovel, and often via the addition of some simple machinery such as a sluice box, races and winnows, to work the loose soil and rock looking for the appropriate materials ( in this case, gold ).
Flimsier cases often cause the CD to become loose and " peep out " of the side of the case, even fall out.
It is left to Chan to solve the case and tie up all loose ends.
Note: TPWS equipped depot protection systems would only be suitable for locations where vehicles are driven in and out of the maintenance building by a leading driving cab-they would not be suitable for use at a maintenance building that undertakes largely loose coaching stock or wagon maintenance, where vehicle movements are undertaken by a propelling shunting loco ( in this case the lead vehicles would not be equipped with the relevant TPWS safety equipment ).
Gondophares called himself " King of Kings ", a Parthian title that in his case correctly reflects that the Indo-Parthian empire was only a loose framework: a number of smaller dynasts certainly maintained their positions during the Indo-Parthian period, likely in exchange for their recognition of Gondophares and his successors.
Bruun finds this passage not sufficient, suggesting instead “ it seems baffling that the use of water, should have been connected to Clodia ’ s allegedly loose morals .” Again dispelling Cicero ’ s connection of Clodia to water and sexual immorality, Bruun proclaims this to be antithetical to Clodia ’ s case by stating,the evidence from the Roman world for ritual cleansing with water after sexual “ pollution ” is very meager and different in character .” Bruun argues within his next sub-point that more compelling evidence exists on Clodia ’ s immorality in connection with water in the late Roman Republican period, ultimately by providing an analysis on Marcus Caleius Rufus ’ speech on illegal water conduits.

case and trailing
In that case, if n is 10000 or so, the division formula ( z × n ) ÷ N, which depends mainly on the leading digits, will generate a lot of collisions ; whereas the remainder formula z mod n, which is quite sensitive to the trailing digits, may still yield a fairly even distribution.
But this assertion is false ; it is typically the case that the air parcels traveling over the upper surface will reach the trailing edge before those traveling over the bottom.
In an example, they cited one case study of a small calf " with a severe dorsal mutilation trailing a decomposing piece of dermis and muscle as it continued to accompany and nurse from its mother ... by age 2 its dorsum was grossly deformed and included a large protruding rib fragment visible.
However, many alternate scoring rules drop the unnecessary trailing zero ; in that case, bids of 10 and 25, respectively, have the same value.
In the case of Wemyss, the ghost is that of a young woman wearing a trailing dress of green silk which rustles as she floats along the corridors within the castle.
Languages that are written in the Latin alphabet may indicate nasal vowels by a trailing silent n or m, as is the case in French, Portuguese, Bamana, or Yoruba.
The leaves are likewise heart-shaped, but in this case the stoles or trailing stems with buds are absent or very short, and the bracts are below the middle of the flower-stalk.
The contestant who spun second got one final turn to tie the game in that case, or win the game if trailing by less than 200 points.
Each contestant, starting with the person trailing ( or whoever won a pre-show coin toss in the case of a tie ), picks one of the " savants " to work with for the entire round.
This typically wins the match but is not always the case ( example, if the player's team is trailing by 160 points, catching the snitch would end the match but the player would still lose ).
In Novelty's case both the driving wheels and trailing wheels were the same size.
The Southern Railway number adapted the UIC classification system where " 2 " and " 1 " refer to the number of un-powered leading and trailing axles respectively, and " C " refers to the number of driving axles – in this case three.

case and line
In the first case the fixed elements within each pencil are the multiple secant and the line joining the vertex, P, to the intersection of **zg and the plane of the pencil which does not lie on the multiple secant.
Later he lies freely in order to gain the confidences of other characters, either inventing his own reason for being interested in the case or a family excuse for pursuing a line of questioning.
It is an example of the widespread motif of Greek ( or Indo-European more generally ) names expressing " battle-prowess ", in this case the ability to withstand or push back an enemy battle line.
A case can be made that discriminatory lines came to be drawn more sharply under Athenian democracy than before or elsewhere, in particular in relation to woman and slaves, as well as in the line between citizens and non-citizens.
For the simple case where the direction of the light beam along the line SE is perpendicular to the motion of the observer then only light emitted at an angle equal to the arc cosine of the ratio of the observer's speed to the speed of light will reach the telescope.
In the first case the line is an oblique asymptote of ƒ ( x ) when x tends to +∞, and in the second case the line is an oblique asymptote of ƒ ( x ) when x tends to −∞
ASCII included the distinction of upper and lower case alphabets and a set of control characters to facilitate the transmission of written language as well as printing device functions, such as page advance and line feed, and the physical or logical control of data flow over the transmission media.
In case the line is busy, prospective recruits are asked to meditate on the five magic words for a few minutes, and then try calling again.
In either case, to print a line, precisely timed hammers strike against the back of the paper at the exact moment that the correct character to be printed is passing in front of the paper.
There have been repeated case studies regarding the installation of a high speed line between the cities of Valparaíso and Santiago, some even considering maglev trains, but no serious action has ever been taken on the matter.
Proof sheets were the means by which syndicates provided newspapers with black-and-white line art for the reproduction of strips ( which they arranged to have colored in the case of Sunday strips ).
Odds can also be placed on a don't come-bet just like a pass line bet ; in this case the dealer ( not the player ) places the odds bet on top of the bet in the box, because of limited space, slightly offset to signify that it is an odds bet and not part of the original don't come bet.
* Following a single or rouge, play resumes with the non-scoring team scrimmaging from its own 35-yard line, unless the single is awarded on a missed field goal, in which case the non-scoring team scrimmages from either the 35-yard line or the yard line from which the field goal was attempted, whichever is greater.
As in the two-dimensional case, each axis becomes a number line.
The simplest case is when y is a linear function of x, meaning that the graph of y divided by x is a straight line.
Polling ( often called scanning in this case ) is done by activating each x line in sequence and detecting which y lines then have a signal, thus which keys are pressed.
For a set of points on the same line there is no Delaunay triangulation ( the notion of triangulation is degenerate for this case ).
The case b ≠ 0 with A = 0 is just a straight line in the direction of b:
A radial elliptic trajectory is a non-trivial special case of an elliptic orbit, where the ellipse is a line segment.

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