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celebrations and marking
The tradition of marking the day with the ringing of church bells and bonfires started soon after the Plot's discovery, and fireworks were included in some of the earliest celebrations.
* 1919 – Following Peace Day celebrations marking the end of World War I, ex-servicemen riot and burn down Luton Town Hall.
In March and July 2005, the members of the 1954 – 55 group, now billed as simply The Comets after decades of controversy over the use of the name, made several high-profile concert appearances in New York City and Los Angeles organized by Martin Lewis as part of celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of rock and roll, the release of Blackboard Jungle, the 50th anniversary of " Rock Around the Clock " hitting Number 1, and the 80th birthday of Bill Haley.
In 1560, the first ever fireworks display seen in France took place during the celebrations marking the ascension to the throne of Catherine's son Francis II.
In addition to the basic four-week cycle of praying nearly the entire set of Psalms with each of the canonical hours, the Church also provides an alternate collection of hymns, readings, psalms, canticles and antiphons, for use in marking specific dates on the Roman Calendar, which sets out the order of celebrations for the liturgical year.
There is no traditionally set program marking this event, and celebrations differ from family to family.
In 1992, the author directed a revised text for the Citizen's, Glasgow-a production which afterwards was seen in Shrewsbury as part of the celebrations marking the centenary of Owen's birth.
The highlight of his career may have been when in 1892 he presided over the great celebrations marking the tercentenary of the College, which had been founded by Queen Elizabeth I.
The original opening was scheduled for 11 February 2004, the onset of the auspicious " Ten-Day Dawn " ( 1 – 11 February ) celebrations, marking the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
On 12 November 1924 Tractate Berachot was completed, with small siyums ( celebrations marking the completion of study of a Talmudic tractate ) in local communities.
In summer 1989, in connection with celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of Dutch railways, British Rail was invited to send an example of its latest rolling stock to be exhibited at Utrecht for two weeks.
** Galway City begins celebrations marking its mayoral status granted by King Richard III in 1484.
* September 5 – Taoiseach Seán Lemass attends celebrations marking the silver jubilee of the first commercial transatlantic flight.
His home in Cromarty is open as a geological museum, with specimens collected in the immediate area ; a week-end event at the site in 2008 was part of celebrations marking the bicentenary of the Geological Society of London.
Irnerius was largely forgotten ; his name was revived by German historians of the later 19th century and came to prominence with the celebrations marking the octocentennial of the University of Bologna.
In 1977, Prince Charles, as a member of the Canadian Royal Family, visited Alberta to attend celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of the treaty signing.
The scope of celebrations marking the 11th Siyum HaShas was described in one newspaper account as follows:
In 2010 it was painted bright colours with images of circus performers affixed to the exterior, and in 2011 was painted to appear as if it had been bombed in order to coincide with celebrations marking 70 years since the end of The Blitz.
The celebrations in 1999 marking the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Khalsa were the largest Vaisakhi celebrations outside of the Punjab.
Chand Raat occurs the night before Eid day celebrations commence, marking the end of the month of Ramadan.
GYC played a significant role in the April 2011 celebrations marking the centenary of SVC, now situated in nearby Patrick Street ( Years 3-6 ) and Austins Ferry ( Year 7-10 ).
Plans for the Golden Jubilee in the United Kingdom went ahead as planned, and, after a dinner hosted by Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street for her and all her living former British Prime Ministers ( Sir John Major, The Lady Thatcher, Sir Edward Heath, and The Lord Callaghan of Cardiff ), the Queen officially launched the celebrations in the UK with a speech to both houses of the British parliament at Westminster Hall on 30 April, marking the fifth time in five decades that Elizabeth II addressed her British parliament on her own account.
Indira Gandhi during the celebrations marking the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Thiruvalluvar, the great Tamil poet and author of Thirukural.

celebrations and return
Jason, celebrating his return with the Golden Fleece, noted that his father was too aged and infirm to participate in the celebrations.
Widespread rumors of Napoleon's return from St. Helena and Napoleon as an inspiration for patriotism, individual and collective liberties, and political mobilization manifested themselves in seditious materials, notably displaying the tricolor and rosettes, and subversive activities celebrating anniversaries of Napoleon's life and reign and disrupting royal celebrations, and demonstrated the prevailing and successful goal of the varied supporters of Napoleon to constantly destabilize the Bourbon regime.
After attending the celebrations and a 23 July ceremony to mark the closing of a military officer training school he had attended decades earlier, Bokassa decided to return to the CAR.
Other notable incidents on the return of the Legion included an assembly for a personal address by Hitler on 6 June 1939, and a parade as part of the celebrations organized for Hitler's 50th birthday 20 April 1939.
The year 2000 saw Schama return to the UK, having been commissioned by the BBC to produce a series of television documentary programmes on British history as part of their Millennium celebrations, under the title A History of Britain.
The ribbon primarily symbolized the resolve of the American people to win the hostages ' safe release, and it featured prominently in the celebrations of their return home in January 1981.
Thus it was inevitable that the very earliest Christians also expected the imminent return of Christ to also occur during their Passover celebrations.
It is particularly popular during " Semana Santa " ( Holy Week ), when campers stay for seven days and then return to Navojoa for Easter celebrations.
The celebrations on his return were so raucous as to wake the dead.
Buller was also popular as a military leader amongst the public in England, and he had a triumphal return from South Africa with many public celebrations, including those on 10 November 1900 when he went to Aldershot to resume his role as GOC Aldershot District, later to be remembered as a Buller day.
It was used during the pagan celebrations of the return of the Spring time.
On 14 July 2009 Martone made a brief return to the house during the tenth series as part of Big Brother's anniversary celebrations, where a housemate from each series would come back and take part in a task from their series with a housemate from the current series, he recreated the gymkhana task with Noirin Kelly.
Chambers made a brief return to the show in 2005, after line producer Linda Walker emailed her asking if she would return for the 20th anniversary celebrations.
" Alexander reportedly declined to return as Hilda as part of Coronation Street's 50th anniversary celebrations in December 2010.
During the last weekend of July, former residents return for celebrations and parades.
This is the most popular and familiar form of dabke danced for happy family celebrations, such as weddings, circumcisions, the return of travelers, release of prisoners, and also for national holidays, in which dabke becomes a demonstration of national personality .< ref name =" layla "> هشام عارف الموعد ومأمون احمد الموعد.

celebrations and March
In March 2012, Prince Harry led an official visit to Belize as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
He also decreed that the Nowruz celebrations for the Iranian year 1342 ( which fell on 21 March 1963 ) be canceled as a sign of protest against government policies.
Jenkins underwent heart surgery in November 2000, and postponed his 80th birthday celebrations, by having a celebratory party on 7 March 2001.
* Air views of the opening celebrations, 19 March 1932 / photographed by W. E. Searle
Although the official feast day of St. Joseph, the town's patron saint, is March 19, it's celebrated in Bagheria the first Sunday of August ; religious celebrations are held throughout the week leading up to Sunday, when more solemn ceremonies are initiated ; the following Monday evening festivities conclude with a fireworks display.
In tribute to the influence of the song and the movie that launched its popularity, the March 29, 2005 50th anniversary of the opening of Blackboard Jungle was marked by several large celebrations in the United States organized by promoter Martin Lewis under the blanket title " Rock Is Fifty ".
On 4 March 2012, celebrations of Mercator's life were held at his birthplace, Rupelmonde.
On 18 March 1922 the section from Eastern View to Lorne was officially opened with celebrations.
As part of Royal Jordanian's commitment to its airline alliance Oneworld, an announcement was made at the alliance's 10th birthday celebrations on 3 February 2009 that RJ would paint its new A319 ( due for delivery in late March ) in a scheme that would be based around the Oneworld name and logo.
In some Sicilian American communities, primarily Buffalo and New Orleans, Saint Joseph's Day ( March 19 ) is marked by parades and celebrations, including traditional " St. Joseph's tables ", where meatless dishes are served for the benefit of the communities ' poor.
Worldwide celebrations and re-enactments are scheduled to begin on March 8, 2017.
In March 1957 when Ghana — then a British colony — gained independence from Britain, the Duchess of Kent was appointed to represent the Queen at the celebrations.
A close friend of Elizabeth Hurley, Woodall agreed to perform a sangeet dance at the Hindu wedding celebrations of Hurley and Arun Nayar in March 2007, dancing with Hurley and six others, including Janet Street-Porter.
In March 2007 they performed on Lithuanian TV as part of the Saint Patrick ’ s Day celebrations in Vilnius, and in April they appeared on ( RTE2 with Brian McFadden.
In March 2002, as part of Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee celebrations, Newry was granted city status alongside Lisburn.
In March 2006, Mukerji interacted with the physically challenged children of the Helen Keller Institute, during her birthday celebrations.
In the early morning hours of March 18, 1990as the city was preoccupied with Saint Patrick's Day celebrations – a pair of thieves disguised themselves as Boston police officers, gained entry to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and stole thirteen works of art.
In the early morning hours of March 18, 2012, following St. Patrick's Day celebrations, over 1, 000 people, including hundreds of Fanshawe students, rioted on London's Fleming Drive.
Badal had Tohra removed as SGPC chief on March 16, 1999, a few days before the commencement of tercentenary celebrations of the birth of the Khalsa at Anandpur Sahib.
In 1992, as part of celebrations of the fortieth anniversary of the accession of Elizabeth II, the mayor's title was raised to Lord Mayor by letters patent dated 10 March 1992.
The airport was renamed Snowman International on 19 March 2011 by a Norwegian Minister after a commercial flight landed from Manchester, UK to join the celebrations.
Queen Elizabeth also toured New Zealand on a number of other occasions: between 6 and 18 February 1963, she attended celebrations at Waitangi and the Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council was founded as the nation's gift to the monarch ; from 12 to 30 March 1970, the Queen, accompanied by Prince Charles and Princess Anne, participated in the James Cook bicentenary celebrations ; between 30 January and 8 February 1974, and she attended and closed that year's Commonwealth Games in Christchurch and participated in New Zealand Day events at Waitangi.

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