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command and centers
I asked the same questions inside the launch-control rooms of an Atlas missile base in Wyoming, where officers who wear sidearms are manning the `` commit buttons '' that could start a war -- accidentally or by design -- and in the command centers where other pistol-packing men could give orders to push such buttons.
There is little time for the men in the command centers to reflect about the implications of these clocks.
Alternate locations exist for all key command centers.
They could attack area targets like cities, but could not reliably and accurately attack precision strike targets like enemy bomber bases, hardened command and control centers, naval bases, or weapons storage areas.
For instance, the bombers could stand off from the targets and wait for instructions from secure command centers to attack targets that were missed in an initial strike.
" However, such an assassination seemed too difficult, and he decided that since federal agents had become soldiers, it was necessary to strike against them at their command centers.
In service the V-Force would have been capable of destroying both area and high value point targets ( air bases, command centers, ground forces staging areas ) hours before they could be attacked by NATO or SAC ’ s, long range bomber forces.
It would expend itself against air defense radar installallations, command & control centers ; and air defense missile and aircraft bases.
Two regional command centers were merged to create the Central Office for South Vietnam ( Trung ương Cục miền Nam ), a unified communist party headquarters for the South.
Like most Castilian textile centers, Segovia joined the Revolt of the Comuneros under the command of Juan Bravo.
The Unimogs are used as troop carriers, ambulances, and mobile command centers equipped with radios ( radio boxes ).
They were used extensively in World War I, World War II, and the Cold War for weapons facilities, command and control centers, and storage facilities ( for example, in the event of nuclear war ).
The idea was to bring the AWACS data to the ground command and control centers in selected locations throughout Europe to show how AWACS could augment their existing air defense capability.
Offutt AFB's legacy includes the construction of the first two bombers to drop atomic bombs and over 40 years as the headquarters for the former Strategic Air Command ( SAC ) and home for its associated ground and aerial command centers for the U. S. in case of nuclear war during the Cold War.
Communicator was to develop " dialogue interaction " technology that enables warfighters to talk with computers, such that information will be accessible on the battlefield or in command centers without ever having to touch a keyboard.
* Military infrastructure, including military bases, arms depots, training facilities, command centers, communication facilities, major weapons systems, fortifications, specialised arms manufacturing, strategic reserves
It was designed, manufactured, and deployed in less than three weeks due to an urgent need during Operation Desert Storm to penetrate hardened Iraqi command centers located deep underground.
The C2V is based on the M993 MLRS carrier chassis ( see below ) and is designed to provide an automated tactical command post and operations centers.
The purpose of the offensive was to utilize the element of surprise and strike military and civilian command and control centers throughout South Vietnam, during a period when no attacks were supposed to take place.
Even these fixed assets are of questionable value, as it appears that the most survivable command and control of mobile defensive forces ( such as modern tactical and strategic aircraft, mechanized cavalry and mechanized infantry ) are through decentralized command and the use of mobile command centers.
In 1968, U. S. General Robert W. Porter stated that " In order to facilitate the coordinated employment of internal security forces within and among Latin American countries, we are ... endeavoring to foster inter-service and regional cooperation by assisting in the organization of integrated command and control centers ; the establishment of common operating procedures ; and the conduct of joint and combined training exercises.
Many firefighters arrived at the World Trade Center without meeting at the command centers.

command and there
The same command is repeated as many times as there are levels in rank from general to corporal.
there are other wild bees that command our attention.
But when I come there, to write to the Dutch States that I think it absolutely necessary for the saving of the Empire to march with the troops under my command and to join with those that are in Germany ... in order to make measures with Prince Lewis of Baden for the speedy reduction of the Elector of Bavaria.
* The center under the command of Otto and of Thiebaud, Duke of Lorraine, and Henry, Duke of Brabant and Count Philip Courtenay-Namur: there are also many of the Saxon soldiers, knights and infantry of Brabant and Germany.
A 2003 change of command usshered in the 16th commander of the unit, and there are also reports from 2009 and 2011.
The shift from a command economy to a market economy has proven to be difficult ; in particular, there were no theoretical guides for doing so before the 1990s.
Altogether, Diocletian effected a large increase in the number of bureaucrats at the government's command ; Lactantius was to claim that there were now more men using tax money than there were paying it.
A detachment of the boys under Seth Warner's command went to nearby Fort Crown Point and captured the small garrison there.
The Joint Communications Unit Falkland Islands ( JCUFI ) provides the electronic warfare and command and control systems for the Royal Navy, Army and RAF stationed there.
Eucherius sought refuge in Rome but was arrested there by Arsacius and Tarentius, two eunuchs following imperial command.
In neo-classical economic theory, hyperinflation is rooted in a deterioration of the monetary base, that is the confidence that there is a store of value which the currency will be able to command later.
After the Attack on Mers-el-Kébir in 1940, where the British fleet destroyed a large part of the French navy, still under command of Vichy France, that killed about 1, 100 sailors, there was nationwide indignation and a feeling of distrust in the French forces, leading to the events of the Battle of Dakar.
The Arab army under the general command of Ahnaf ibn Qais in its conquest of Khorāsān in 652 seems to have avoided Herāt, but it can be assumed that the city submitted to the Arabs, since shortly afterwards an Arab governor is mentioned there.
In the example above the goal is to read the entire file ; the read command continues to succeed while there is more information to be read, and fails when there isn't.
One or more of these elder chiefs might accompany a big force on an important mission, but there was no single " field marshal " in supreme command of all Zulu forces.
On Tiberius ' request, Germanicus was granted proconsular power and assumed command in the prime military zone of Germania, where he suppressed the mutiny there and led the formerly restless legions on campaigns against Germanic tribes from 14 to 16 AD.
While Shi ' a and Druze parties command fierce loyalty to their leaderships, there is more factional infighting among many of the Christian parties.
The model followed by the corporation WL Gore and Associates, inventor of Gore-Tex fabrics, is also similar to mutualism as there is no chain of command and salaries are determined collectively by the workers.
Prescriptivism is also supported by Imperative logic, in which there are no truth values for imperatives, and by the idea of the Naturalistic fallacy: even if someone could prove the existence of an ethical property and express it in a factual statement, he could never derive any command from this statement, so the search for ethical properties is pointless.
State-owned TVR and the private stations Pro TV and Antena 1 command the lion's share of viewing, however there is a large number of smaller, private stations, some of them part of local networks.
However, several legions from the Roman province of Macedonia of Crassus ' army may already have been stationed in there around 29-28 BC, before the official imperial command was instituted.
Often — especially with older text editors — there is only one level of edit history remembered and successively issuing the undo command will only " toggle " the last change.

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