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end and original
For by now the original cause of the quarrel, Philip's seizure of Gascony, was only one strand in the spider web of French interests that overlay all western Europe and that had been so well and closely spun that the lightest movement could set it trembling from one end to the other.
In the period since the end of World War 2, -- a period coinciding with merchandising demands for the colorful, the unusual, and the original in signs and displays -- plastics have come on so strong that today they are the acknowledged leaders in the field.
A second reported that the dilapidated houses in Virginia `` look like the latter end of original sin and hard times ''.
The text also marked the end of his original scientific work.
: The Original Version, Restored and Revised ( Second Printing 2007 ), which restored the book to its original content, with slight revisions, and added comprehensive end notes, an index, and an appendix.
It was toward the end of this extended period of study that Gassmann was called away on a new opera commission and a gap in the theater's program allowed for Salieri to make his debut as a composer of a completely original opera buffa.
A remix of the original Bubble Bobble music is played in the game's end credits.
Proto-Isaiah is divided between verse and prose passages: a currently popular theory is that the verse passages represent the prophecies of the original Isaiah, while the prose sections are " sermons " on his texts composed at the court of Josiah, at the end of the 7th century BCE.
At the end of this article, loss of fine distinctions in the translations as compared to the original Latin text is discussed.
From the time of his original formulation until the end of the 1980s cladistics remained a minority approach to both phylogenetics and taxonomy.
Dante Lavelli and Frank Gatski retired at the end of the season, leaving Groza as the only original Cleveland player still on the team.
A cardboard replica is left in its place, which is left standing after the original Dartmoor Prison sinks with all hands at the end of the episode.
The unnamed college attended by the main characters was later given the name " Walden College ", revealed to be in Connecticut ( the same state as Yale ), and depicted as devolving into a third-rate institution under the weight of grade inflation, slipping academic standards, and the end of tenure — issues that Trudeau has consistently revisited since the original characters graduated.
" By the end of the following year he had taken up the ukelele and tea-chest bass and begun to participate in skiffle sessions with friends, and had started to play the piano ; meanwhile his stage presentation of numbers by both Presley and Chuck Berry — complete with gyrations in tribute to the original artists — to his local Wolf Cub group was described as " mesmerizing ... like someone from another planet.
There were also painted schemes in Basel ( the earliest dating from c. 1440 ); a series of paintings on canvas by Bernt Notke, in Lübeck ( 1463 ); the initial fragment of the original Bernt Notke painting ( accomplished at the end of the 15th century ) in the St Nicholas ' Church, Tallinn, Estonia ; the painting at the back wall of the chapel of Sv.
After the end of the original series, Don sometimes produced additional " missing " chapters.
Dancers end in their original places.
Dancers end in their original places.
Lyly installed Henry Evans, a Welsh scrivener and theatrical affectionado, as the manager of the new company of Oxford's Boys, composed of the Children of the Chapel and the Children of Paul's, and turned his talents to play writing until the end of June, 1584, when the original playhouse lease was voided by its owner.
* Deleted: Opening credits ; Moved to the end of the film and changed to white credits against a black background with the original Ifukube cue.
The house featured in the image of Kings Head St to the left, is unique in the town and is an example of a sailmaker's house, thought to have been built circa 1600. Notable public buildings, all later, include the parish church of St. Nicholas ( 1821 ) in a restrained Gothic style, with many original furnishings including a ( somewhat altered ) organ of the same date in the west end gallery, and the Guildhall of 1769, the only Grade I listed building in Harwich.
The original 1984 XJ model was updated and called the " Jeep 2500 " toward the end of its production that ended after 2005.
One of Louis ' original plans had been to leave the kingdom of Poland to Mary, whose marriage with Sigismund was more relevant to this end as Sigismund was an heir in his own right to Poland and was intended to inherit Brandenburg, which was nearer to Poland than to Hungary.
Only 7 employees now remain employed at the company's original site and the outlet shop will close at the end of August 2009.
In a modern translation from the original Hebrew, the passage in which the phrase " Lucifer " or " morning star " occurs begins with the statement: " On the day the Lord gives you relief from your suffering and turmoil and from the harsh labour forced on you, you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon: How the oppressor has come to an end!

end and design
At the end of its letter was the information that applicants for this position `` must also be prepared to teach costume design and advertising art ''.
In 1976 his design relationship with Hawkwind came to an end.
The design sported on the field included the bolded word " Chicago " in both end zones.
In 1983, the end zone design returned, with the addition of a large wishbone " C " Bears logo painted at midfield.
In 1996 the midfield wishbone " C " was changed to a large blue Bears head, and the end zone design were painted with " Bears " in cursive.
A popular detachable design consists of a main arm that is attached to the weapon, a plate on one end that secures four or more individual bolts at a point on their shafts and at the other end a cover that secures their heads.
A 1998 case study showed that software engineering majors who successfully completed a technical writing course created capstone experience projects that were more mindful of end user design than the projects completed by their peers.
However, many of his ideas were discarded during development in favor of simpler design primarily advocated by John Carmack, resulting in Hall in the end being forced to resign due to not contributing effectively in the direction the rest of the team was going.
* Use-centered design, which focuses on the goals and tasks associated with the use of the artifact, rather than focusing on the end user.
* User-centered design, which focuses on the needs, wants, and limitations of the end user of the designed artifact.
One notable design, Henry Smolinski's Mizar, made by mating the rear end of a Cessna Skymaster with a Ford Pinto, disintegrated during test flights, killing Smolinski and the pilot.
The period of improving the same biplane design over and over was now coming to an end, and the Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire finally started to supplant the Gloster Gladiator and Hawker Fury biplanes but many of the former remained in front-line service well past the start of World War II.
This has included web design and software design, when end user interactivity is a design consideration of the layout or interface.
The initial Gatling gun design used self-contained, reloadable steel cylinders with a chamber holding a ball and black-powder charge, and a percussion cap on one end.
In the end, the design was based on a previously rejected post-war Chevrolet proposal.
At this time, the company was producing all of its passenger cars in Australia, and every model was of Australian design ; however, by the end of the decade, Holden was producing cars based on overseas designs.
In 1988 the government withdrew further funding, the project was approaching the end of its design phase but the plans were still speculative and dogged with aerodynamic problems and operational disadvantages.
Multiple crankshaft configurations do not necessarily need a cylinder head at all because they can instead have a piston at each end of the cylinder called an opposed piston design.
This design was used in the Junkers Jumo 205 diesel aircraft engine, using two crankshafts at either end of a single bank of cylinders, and most remarkably in the Napier Deltic diesel engines.
To this end, a professional sound technician was hired to design the interior.
Pei's design placed the rigid shoebox at an angle to the surrounding street grid, connected at the north end to a long rectangular office building, and cut through the middle with an assortment of circles and cones.
The network's design included the recognition it should provide only the functions of efficiently transmitting and routing traffic between end nodes and that all other intelligence should be located at the edge of the network, in the end nodes.

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