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end and whether
Much as he abhorred slavery, Lincoln was always willing to concede to each `` slave state '' the right to decide independently whether to continue or end it.
The concept being measured over the circuit, whether sound, light, pressure, temperature, or an exceeded limit, remains from end to end.
Norman, who once notably sang it at the end of a large outdoor rock concert for Nelson Mandela's 70th birthday, stated, " I don't know whether it's the text — I don't know whether we're talking about the lyrics when we say that it touches so many people — or whether it's that tune that everybody knows.
Rendering aion to indicate eternality in this verse would result in the contradictory phrase “ end of eternity ”, so the question arises whether it should ever be so.
When the audience applauded — testimonies differ over whether at the end of the scherzo or the whole symphony — Beethoven was several measures off and still conducting.
Alternatively, a coin may be tossed, with the winners choosing whether to serve or receive first, or choosing which end of the court to occupy, and their opponents making the leftover the remaining choice.
The players collect points that determine whether they can play in Super Series Final held at the year end.
On their turn, players must choose whether to " hit " ( take a card ), " stand " ( end their turn ), " double " ( double wager, take a single card and finish ), " split " ( if the two cards have the same value, separate them to make two hands ) or " surrender " ( give up a half-bet and retire from the game ).
Teleological ethics ( Greek telos,end ”; logos, “ science ”) is an ethical theory that holds that the ends or consequences of an act determine whether an act is good or evil.
discourse ), is the study of the end of things, whether the end of an individual life, the end of the age, or the end of the world.
There have also been several popular ideas about whether or not this particular piece of mythology has a connection to the climate change that occurred in the Nordic countries at the end of the Nordic Bronze Age dating from about 650 BC.
At the novel's end, the question of whether or not the Time Lords will be restored remains unanswered, although if the events of the novel are to tie in with later events in the TV series it must be assumed that Gallifrey was at some point restored, only to be destroyed again during the events of the Time War.
") Regardless of whether the joke teller was female or male, a portion of the fence would swing up and hit them on the rear end after the punch line was delivered.
There is some controversy as to whether this is distributed on a “ normal ” bell-shaped curve or whether it is bi-modal with a small “ blip ” of people at the high end.
Irenaeus says nothing of the seventy weeks ; we do not know whether he placed the “ one week ” at the end of the seventy or whether he had a gap
Several proposals in late 1852 and early 1853 had strong support, but in the end they failed because of disputes over whether the railroad would follow a northern or a southern route.

end and Arnold
At the end of May 1942, Eisenhower accompanied Lt. Gen. Henry H. Arnold, commanding general of the Army Air Forces, to London to assess the effectiveness of the theater commander in England, Maj. Gen. James E. Chaney.
In the end, Groves asked Arnold to remove Kyoto not just from the list of nuclear targets, but from targets for conventional bombing as well.
At one point in August, Arnold sailed part of the fleet to the northern-most end of the lake, within of Saint-Jean, and formed a battle line.
Moreover, the intellectual ferment that Barbauld was an important part of — particularly at the Dissenting academies — had, by the end of the 19th century, come to be associated with the " philistine " middle class, as Matthew Arnold put it.
Long-running characters Dorrie and Herb Evans, Flo Patterson, Don Finlayson, Arnold Feather, and Reg and Edie MacDonald, all continued in the series to the end.
On May 3, the Massachusetts Provincial Congress authorized Benedict Arnold to raise forces for taking Fort Ticonderoga near the southern end of Lake Champlain in the Province of New York, which was known to have heavy weapons, and to be only lightly defended.
By the end of the year, he had won four additional PGA tournaments including the Tournament of Champions by eight shots and the National Team Championship with Arnold Palmer by six shots.
The square was created by Johann Arnold Nering at the end of the seventeenth century as the Linden-Markt and reconstructed by Georg Christian Unger in 1773.
Arnold would lead one attack to smash through the defenses at the north end of the lower town, and Montgomery would follow along the Saint Lawrence south of the town.
While Montgomery was making his advance, Arnold advanced with his main body towards the barricades of the Sault-au-Matelot at the northern end of the lower town.
At the end of 1965 he successfully challenged Arnold Nordmeyer for the parliamentary leadership.
The tower is located at the upper end of the plot behind the now-demolished mansion built by Benedict Arnold, the first colonial governor of Rhode Island, who moved from Pawtuxet to Newport in 1651 ( not to be confused with his great-grandson, General Benedict Arnold of the American Revolutionary War.
After being " termed out " of the mayor's office, Brown officially retired from politics, although he had often been associated with former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who served for seven years after the end of Brown's Mayoral tenure.
The Stonehenge residence hall complex is located on the southern end of campus, and consists of six residence halls: Whitelaw / Crevecoeur ( first-year students ), Arnold / Bayley, and Poland / Rogers.
Valdas Adamkus and his Estonian counterpart Arnold Rüütel rejected an invitation to participate in a commemorative celebration of the end of World War II in Europe in 2005.
Captain Arnold J. Isbell, USN ( September 22, 1899 – March 19, 1945 ) was a United States Navy officer and Naval Aviator who was killed near the end of World War II.
They traveled together to London at the end of 1781, where she set up a home while Arnold rebuilt a trading business.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child scandal ; Standard & Poor lowering the United States score for the first time ; the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal ; the United States debt-ceiling crisis ; Rupert Murdoch and the News of the World investigation ; the Greek debt contagion ; the Arab Spring ( including the 2011 Egyptian revolution and the 2011 Libyan civil war ); the removal of Don't ask, don't tell ; the claims of homosexuality in Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie ; the death of Osama bin Laden ; the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan ; the 2011 England riots ; the 2011 end times prediction by Harold Camping ; the widespread 2012 phenomenon ; the short-lived marriage by Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries ; the de facto bankruptcy of Borders Group and Netflix ; Justin Bieber's new hairstyle ; " Friday " by Rebecca Black ; the Royal Wedding ; the Occupy Wall Street movement ; the deaths of Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Taylor, Betty Ford, Randy Savage, and Amy Winehouse.
In 2008, Hebden collaborated with composer David Arnold to write " Crawl, End Crawl ", the song used for the end credits of the film Quantum of Solace.
The opening credits of each episode end with a shot of Arnold, the family dog ( billed as " Arnold the Semi-Wonder Dog ").
Toward the end of the run, a baby brother to Arnold, named Sid, was born.
* La vie de St. Edmund le Rei, by Denis Pyramus, end of 12th century ( Memorials of St. Edmund's Abbey, edited by T. Arnold, ii.

end and intentionally
Many of these buildings seem to have been planned in relation to each other: the baths at the northern end of the hippodrome are on the same alignment as it is, and the stoa, the xenon, the lower fountain, and the rows of seats all appear to have been built in an intentionally similar alignment.
* Graveyard orbit – a supersynchronous orbit where spacecraft are intentionally placed at the end of their operational life.
Towards the end of his life, and again shortly after his death, his claims were conclusively demonstrated to be both false and intentionally deceptive.
Wanting to finally end Serbian interference in Bosnia, Austria-Hungary delivered the July Ultimatum to Serbia, a series of ten demands intentionally made unacceptable, intending to provoke a war with Serbia.
To this end, Butler intentionally avoided filming Ferrigno's training sequences with bright lighting and emphasized the open-air atmosphere of Gold's Gym and the sunlight at Muscle Beach for Schwarzenegger's training sequences.
The show intentionally includes a number of science fiction anime clichés, including time travel and alien invaders, but turns these concepts on their heads by the end of the series through a number of plot twists.
As the name suggests, backcombing involves combing the hair backwards from end to root to intentionally tangle the strands to create volume.
( 2001 ) found that when using Melilotus officinalis ( yellow sweetclover ) as a cover crop in an improved fallow system ( where a fallow period is intentionally improved by any number of different management practices, including the planting of cover crops ), weed biomass only constituted between 1-12 % of total standing biomass at the end of the cover crop growing season.
The film, released in 1987 and which by the end is intentionally full of anachronisms such as helicopters, Zippo lighters, automatic rifles, and a car passing a horse carriage, was made in Nicaragua during the Contra War.
" A dog in Group 2 would be intentionally subjected to pain by being given electric shocks, which the dog could end by pressing a lever.
In Game 1 he started the scoring with a solo home run in the second inning, had an RBI single and was walked twice ( once intentionally ), and turned a double play with the tying run on first base to end a 3-2 win.
The adverts received some criticism, as they were intentionally played at random moments during the titles and end credits, interrupting the show.
As opposed to reformist strikes, many of these strikers made no clear demands ( or intentionally absurd demands ; for example, the demand to be given seven and a half rest hours in an eight hour day ); in some cases workers demanded no less than the end of capitalism.
To this end, Rieley all but ordered Al Jardine to stop work on " Loop de Loop ", an intentionally juvenile and childlike collaboration with Brian Wilson that Jardine thought would revive the band's commercial prospects.
Though none of the brothers has children, Alexander, now a social worker, has said that he knows of no sort of pact to intentionally end the Hitler bloodline.
* The United States military when trying to avoid divulging information gives reporters briefings with 25 minutes of intentionally dull PowerPoint presentations and 5 minutes left at the end for questions from anyone who is still awake.
This refers back to her conversation with Oz near the end of " What's My Line, Part Two ," in which, intentionally absurd, he wonders if the hippo animal cracker is jealous because the monkey is the only animal cracker with pants, and asserts, " All monkeys are French.
In the end, Anne, pursued by an entire society bent on femicide, discovers the source and motivation behind the plague: an alien species is intentionally causing the human race to destroy itself so that the aliens can have Earth for themselves.
A graveyard orbit, also called a supersynchronous orbit, junk orbit or disposal orbit, is an orbit significantly above synchronous orbit, where spacecraft are intentionally placed at the end of their operational life.
Toward the end of the series, during the WSOP tournament, Everest's horses also help him advance in the tournament by accumulating chips during their own play, then " dumping " them to Everest by intentionally losing to him and passing them during breaks.
The two intentionally kept Emilio Aguinaldo in the dark about the plans for the attack since neither wanted Aguinaldo's insurgents to end up in control of the city.
At the end of the show the band, while kicking around an amp, intentionally destroyed a camera.
To " blank an end " means to intentionally leave no stones in the house so as to retain the hammer.
While it has been a subject of conjecture and debate as to whether or not Salazar was intentionally wounded, the Los Angeles Times described, in its front page article the next day, how several protesters faced police officers with drawn rifles at the end of an alley, shouting, and kept their ground, even when ordered to disperse.

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