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Page "government" ¶ 586
from Brown Corpus
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event and agreement
There is no general agreement on whether to consider more recent extinctions as a distinct event, merely part of the Quaternary extinction event, or just a result of natural evolution on a non-geologic scale of time.
Economic historians are in agreement that the onset of the Industrial Revolution is the most important event in the history of humanity since the domestication of animals and plants.
The territorial claim by the Republic of the Marshall Islands on Wake Atoll leaves a certain amount of ambiguity regarding the actual or hypothetical role of the US military, responsible under agreement for the defense of Marshallese territory, in the event of any strategic crisis or hostilities involving Wake.
As a result of the dispute, IBM signed the license agreement 15 minutes before Microsoft's Windows 95 launch event, which was later than their competitors and this badly hurt sales of IBM PCs.
But oil history was made in 1943 when Standard Oil of New Jersey accepted a new agreement in Venezuela based on the 50-50 principle, " a landmark event.
It was this action that technically caused the British to enter the war, as they were still bound by the 1839 agreement to protect Belgium in the event of a war.
In 1990, Perot reached agreement with Vietnam's Foreign Ministry to become its business agent in the event that diplomatic relations were normalized.
# This agreement shall remain in force so long as the League continues to be the world's leading professional hockey league as determined by its playing caliber, and in the event of dissolution or other termination of the National Hockey League, the Stanley Cup shall revert to the custody of the trustees.
Furthermore, when another NHL lockout commenced in 2012 the Trustees stated that the 2006 agreement did not oblige them to award the Cup in the event of a lost season, and that they were likely to reject any non-NHL challenges for the Cup in the event the 2012-13 season were cancelled.
In 1963, the two countries settled their boundaries largely on the basis of the Macartney-MacDonald Line, which left the Trans Karakoram Tract in China, although the agreement provided for renegotiation in the event of a settlement of the Kashmir dispute.
No agreement would be subscribed until that event.
Von Hatzfeldt intervened to insist on German participation in the negotiations, which resulted in the 30 August Anglo-German Convention, which agreed to the partition of the Portuguese Empire in event of its bankruptcy, encouraging Chamberlain to hope for a more general Anglo-German agreement.
With 980 BCE as the starting date for Hiram, his twelfth year would be 969 or 968 BCE, in excellent agreement with the Biblical date for this event.
Wulfred is recorded to have agreed to these terms, but in the event the conflict continued well past Coenwulf's death, with an apparently final agreement between Wulfred and Coenwulf's daughter Cwoenthryth reached in 826 or 827.
In the run-up to the London Radiotelegraph Convention in 1912 ( essentially an international gentlemen's agreement on use of the radio band, non-binding and, on the high seas, completely null ), and amid concerns about the safety of marine radio following the sinking of the on April 15 of that year ( although there were never allegations of radio interference in that event ), the New York Herald of April 17, 1912, headlined President William Howard Taft's initiative to regulate the public airwaves in an article titled " President Moves to Stop Mob Rule of Wireless.
In any event, whether or not the council's actions were strictly legal, there is general agreement among historians that the press's destruction escalated the continuing conflict between the Mormon community and their critics, leading ultimately to Smith's assassination.
Thus the final agreement between the two countries stipulated that, in the event of a victorious war against the Ottomans, Bulgaria would receive all of Macedonia south of the Kriva Palanka-Ohrid line.
The content of a prenuptial agreement can vary widely, but commonly includes provisions for division of property and spousal support in the event of divorce or breakup of marriage.
In some countries, including the Netherlands, the prenuptial agreement not only provides for the event of a divorce, but also to protect some property during the marriage, for instance in case of a bankruptcy.
The Canon Law: Letter and Spirit, a commentary on canon law, explains that condition may be defined as " a stipulation by which an agreement is made contingent upon the verification or fulfillment of some circumstance or event that is not yet certain.
In the event of coalitions, the political leaders would customarily have met beforehand to hammer out a coalition agreement before their meeting with the King.
" A Price Waterhouse accountant explained that if such an event had occurred, " we have an agreement with the Academy that one of us would step on stage, introduce ourselves, and say the presenter misspoke.

event and is
He is still concerned, however, with a personal event.
The design is determined emotionally: `` I must reach into myself for the spring that will send me catapulting recklessly into the chaos of event with which the dance confronts me ''.
This monitoring is necessary because, on a parade ground, everyone can hear too much, and without monitoring a confused social event would develop.
In any event, whether society may have cancer, or merely a virus infection, the `` disease '', we shall find, is political, economical, social, and even medical.
In his effort to stir the public from its lethargy, Steele goes so far as to list Catholic atrocities of the sort to be expected in the event of a Stuart Restoration, and, with rousing rhetoric, he asserts that the only preservation from these `` Terrours '' is to be found in the laws he has so tediously cited.
Let us quote once more from R. G. Collingwood: `` History is properly concerned with the actions of human beings Regarded from the outside, an action is an event or series of events occurring in the physical world ; ;
In any event, the critical productivity of that time is abundant proof that if he was taking laudanum, it was never in command of him to the extent that it had been during his vagrant years.
This magnificent but greatly underestimated book, which bodies forth the very form and pressure of its time as no other comparable creation, has suffered severely from having been written about an historical event -- the Spanish Civil War -- that is still capable of fanning the smoldering fires of old political feuds.
One such event is the landing in Europe itself, when the mingled familiarity and strangeness of the Occident, after the blank immensities of Asia, shocks the returning traveller into a realization of the infinite possibilities of human life.
In any event, the yearly sacrifice of 40,000 victims is a hecatomb too large to be justified by the most ardent faith.
the passage and rhythm of time changed, and when I remember back to what happened then, each event is a separate and frozen incident.
So don't see yourself as a heroine or fancy this little adventure is an event of major importance ''.
In any event it is a form of borrowing which could be and should be rendered unnecessary.
In the event the total of rupees accruing to the Government of the United States of America as a consequence of sales made pursuant to this Agreement is different from the rupee equivalent of $1,276 million, the amounts available for the purposes specified in paragraph 1, Article 2, will be adjusted proportionately.
For example, child welfare experience abounds with cases in which the parental request for substitute care is precipitated by a crisis event which is meaningfully linked with a fundamental unresolved problem of family relationships.
Literal flatness now tends to assert itself as the main event of the picture, and the device boomerangs: the illusion of depth is rendered even more precarious than before.
Destruction of the enemy's building and base complex, however, requires attacks on enemy territory, which is possible only in event of all-out hostilities.
Nevertheless, there are notably frequent instances of deja vue, in which our recognition of an entirely novel event is a feeling of having lived through it before, a feeling which, though vague, withstands the verbal barrage from the most impressive corps of psychologists.
The only current event they're staging is the big show at the Stadium Nov. 25, when Danny will entertain thousands of underprivileged kids.
A preview party for sponsors of the event and for the artists is set for April 8.
The event is the sixth on the annual calendar of the local members of the National Council of Jewish Women.
In that event, they note, the Revenue Service might declare the pension plan is discriminatory and deny it tax privileges under the law.

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