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from Brown Corpus
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event and rupees
In the event that agreement is not reached on the use of the rupees for grant or loan purposes within six years from the date of this Agreement, the Government of the United States of America may use the local currency for any purposes authorized by Section 104 of the Act.
In the event the total of rupees accruing to the Government of the United States of America as a consequence of sales made pursuant to this Agreement is different from the rupee equivalent of $1,276 million, the amounts available for the purposes specified in paragraph 1, Article 2, will be adjusted proportionately.
When all things were prepared, and the evening of the event was appointed, Omichund informed Mr. Watts, who was at the court of the nabob, that he insisted upon thirty lacks of rupees, and five per cent.
The event, in recent times, has gathered a political flavor, and it is common for political parties and rich community groups to offer prizes amounting to lakhs of rupees.
An event which attracted the wealthy trader population was the establishment of a Mint in 1676 for the coinage of " rupees, pies and bujurks ".

event and set
But in either event he was the wrong man for the kind of case outlined by Ben Gurion and set forth in the indictment.
A preview party for sponsors of the event and for the artists is set for April 8.
An International Council ( IC ) was set up to discuss and decide major issues regarding the WSF, while the local organizing committee in the host city is responsible for the practical preparations of the event.
Typically the sweep takes the simple form of an advancement of the surface, such that the surface is expanded in a symmetric manner about its advancement axis, with the advancement rate set by some nominal volume attributed to each event, representative of the atomic volume of the atom prior to evaporation.
A technique called bootstrapping the simulation model is used, which bootstraps initial data points using a pseudorandom number generator to schedule an initial set of pending events, which schedule additional events, and with time, the distribution of event times approaches its steady state — the bootstrapping behavior is overwhelmed by steady-state behavior.
In Czechoslovakia, that required a Soviet-backed Czechoslovak coup d ' état of 1948, the brutality of which shocked Western powers more than any event so far and set in a motion a brief scare that war would occur and swept away the last vestiges of opposition to the Marshall Plan in the United States Congress.
The conspiracy is held to be responsible for a limited, discrete event or set of events.
Film drinking games are played while watching a movie ( sometimes a TV show or a sporting event ) and have a set of rules for who drinks when and how much based on on-screen events and dialogue.
The College functions on a quarter system, and one weekend each term is set aside as a traditional celebratory event, known on campus as " big weekends " or " party weekends ".
David set out in 1790 to transform the contemporary event into a major historical picture which would appear at the Salon of 1791 as a large pen and ink drawing.
The end is set at a major extinction event called the Grande Coupure ( the " Great Break " in continuity ) or the Eocene – Oligocene extinction event, which may be related to the impact of one or more large bolides in Siberia and in what is now Chesapeake Bay.
In 2012, September 15, 964 Ferrari cars ( worth over $ 162million ) attended the Ferrari Driving Days event at Silverstone Circuit and paraded round the Silverstone Circuit and set the World Record.
In any event, the plot was set into motion when, on a night when Gregory was confined by illness, the conspirators burst into the cathedral and commenced the consecration of Maximus as bishop of Constantinople.
The light-cones define a causal structure: for each event A, there is a set of events that can, in principle, either influence or be influenced by A via signals or interactions that do not need to travel faster than light ( such as event B in the image ), and a set of events for which such an influence is impossible ( such as event C in the image ).
It is one of the IAAF's foremost indoor track and field events and two-time Olympic champion Hicham El Guerrouj set a world record at the event in 1997.
This is, in fact, the inverse of what actually happens, even on a fair chance of a successful event, given a set number of iterations.
This event would set Himmler on a life of politics.
In the French system, in the event of cohabitation, the president is often allowed to set the policy agenda in foreign affairs and the prime minister runs the domestic agenda.

event and aside
) by townsfolk and other festival goers, As well as a lack of income for the vendors, " Uncle Billy's Day " has remained a free entrance event aside from 2009.
In the event, he was the last performer ( aside from the Band Aid finale ) to take to the stage and one of the few to be beset by technical difficulties ; his microphone was turned off for the first two minutes of his piano performance of " Let It Be ", making it difficult for television viewers and impossible for those in the stadium to hear him.
A plaque commemorating this event is located near a memorial statue of Volney Rogers, the Youngstown attorney who set aside land for the creation of Mill Creek Park.
In February 1298, the situation became alarming for Adolf because Wenceslaus II and Albert of Habsburg put aside their years of disputes over Austria and Styria, and arrived at agreements in the event that Adolf would be deposed and Albert elected in his place.
To the credit of all parties, the massive number of attendees enjoyed the landmark music event without any deliberate conflicts or violence, aside from the overenthusiastic mosh mudpits.
Thus, aside from the annual event in Cape Verde ( which boasts an impressive track record in recent years ), true world-class wave sailing can only really be seen in non-competitive freeriding sessions around the world.
In any event, Mulcahy stepped aside and encouraged his party colleague Attorney General John A. Costello to take the post of Taoiseach.
After the events of Final Crises, Savage found himself hardly affected by the event, aside from gaining more enemies.
However, aside from local breakouts for breakfast, morning or special event programmes, stations exclusively carry network programming produced from studios at Radio Network on Cook St in Auckland Central.
Beddoes specified that in the event of the custom being abandoned for more than a year, ( except in plagues ) the funds set aside for this position would revert to his heirs.
" The event grew into a loosely organized annual tradition but did not have a permanent date set aside until several decades later, when it merged with a different tradition.
Exeter RAG hold the Biggest World Aids Day event in the UK, called the Safer Sex Ball, Seeing Thousands of students attending to raise a ton of money for Charity, £ 20, 000 of which is annually set aside for local AIDs charity the Eddistone Trust.
With the original storyline set aside in the comic, an original event was needed to replace it.
Although the Targa Florio was an open road rally-type race that took place on Sicilian mountain roads with ( aside from straw bales and weak guardrails at some of the turns, the latter were installed by the island's government ) practically no safety features, only 9 people-including spectators-died at the event over the 71 year and 61 race history using a total of 6 circuit configurations.
In 2010, part of the grounds were set aside and dedicated as the Queen Elizabeth II Gardens by the Queen herself on 3 July that year, the event marked by the planting of an Amber Jubilee Ninebark shrub, the species having been created specifically for Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee in 2012.
After the death of Confucius, Ji Kang asked Yan how that event had made no sensation like that which was made by the death of Zi-chan, when the men laid aside their bowstring rings and girdle ornaments, and the women laid aside their pearls and ear-rings, and the voice of weeping was heard in the lanes for three months.
The band split in 1997 and aside from a few one-off reunion gigs in 1998 ( Paradise Garage, Lisbon, Portugal ) and 1999 ( Scotland Rocks for Kosovo charity event ), had not been active as a unit before reforming, with Toby Jepson as guest vocalist, for a Rockradio charity gig in January 2008.
A flag day is a flag-related holiday — either a day designated for flying a certain flag ( such as a national flag ), or a day set aside to celebrate a historical event such as a nation's adoption of its flag.
The term is used to describe the videography of any event, aside from weddings and wedding videography.
Dolgan argued that since the event was expected to bring many out of town hockey fans to Syracuse, the county could use $ 350, 000 of money set aside " specifically to promote tourism and to attract out-of-town dollars to Syracuse ".
Heick was pushed aside by Tom Metzger, and the concert became a White Aryan Resistance event instead of an AF event.

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