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eventual and compromise
William saw all this as a defeat, but in fact this arrangement was a compromise: De Witt would have preferred to ignore the prince completely, but now his eventual rise to the office of supreme army commander was implicit.
Eventually, royalist forces defeated the rokoszans on 6 July 1607 at the Battle of Guzów, but the eventual compromise was a return to the status quo ante from before 1605.
Lydon claims that he wanted the album to be 28 tracks long ; the eventual 14-track listing was a compromise with Virgin Records ( who, according to Lydon, originally wanted only 8 tracks ).
Griffith was the member of the treaty delegation most supportive of its eventual outcome, a compromise based on dominion status, rather than a republic.
William I determined to compromise between the two listed options, and drew a line very close to the eventual settlement.
Vaticanologists suggested that the eventual winner, Cardinal Wojtyła, who became Pope John Paul II, was chosen as a compromise candidate between the two.
The eventual relationship created between the French rail system and the government formed a compromise between two competing options:
Proteus's escape and eventual destruction at the hands of Colossus and the X-Men left Moira in a position of ethical compromise again: though Banshee stopped her from cloning her son, she saved his genetic structure on disk to allow herself the future option of bringing him back.
Albert Einstein was the eventual compromise.
Despite an eventual compromise allowing patient lawsuits to go to state courts under certain circumstances and heavy lobbying in favor of Fletcher's bill by President George W. Bush, the House refused to pass it, favoring an alternative proposal by Georgia's Charlie Norwood that was less restrictive on patient lawsuits.
The eventual compromise reached, after negotiations with Scottish Natural Heritage, allowed the Cairngorm Mountain Railway to be built, but with restrictions on its usage.
An eventual compromise provided for separate voting on the disfranchisement clauses and the rest of the Constitution ; the former failed to win approval.
In negotiation, an ambit claim is an extravagant initial demand made in expectation of an eventual counter-offer and compromise.

eventual and most
Chaplin's childhood was fraught with poverty and hardship, prompting biographer David Robinson to describe his eventual trajectory as " the most dramatic of all the rags to riches stories ever told.
This includes a shared British cultural heritage, warfare during the 1770s and 1812, and the eventual development of one of the most stable and mutually-beneficial international relationships in the modern world.
Unlike in most other role-playing games, eventual triumph of the players is not assumed.
The genre is most commonly found in Native American cultures where the myths frequently link the final emergence of people from a hole opening to the underworld to stories about their subsequent migrations and eventual settlement in their current homelands.
This information was important to Jellicoe to know how best to position the main fleet to make the most of its eventual engagement with the German High seas fleet.
The target is to allow Shanghai to catch up to New York by 2040-2050, with the eventual projection that China will be Asia's most prosperous economy by 2040.
* Equites ( cavalry ): The cavalry was originally the most prestigious unit, where wealthy young Roman men displayed their skill and prowess, laying the foundation for an eventual political career.
Their eventual defeat and World War II lead to the formerly prominent theory being repressed, as the three nations where it had the most power were now under fascist control.
According to Gould, his use of marijuana had a " most important effect " on his eventual recovery.
It advocates reduction and eventual elimination of the role the United States plays in multinational and international organizations such as the United Nations, and favors withdrawal of the United States from most current treaties, such as North American Free Trade Agreement ( NAFTA ), the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade ( GATT ), and the World Trade Organization.
His inability to deny even the most grandiose favours to his male favourites ( first a Gascon knight named Piers Gaveston, later a young English lord named Hugh Despenser ) led to constant political unrest and his eventual deposition.
On his journey, he crossed into the county of Hainaut to inspect the daughters of Count William of Hainaut, in order to determine which daughter would be the most suitable as an eventual bride for Prince Edward.
This rugged soldier – emperor iconic archetype was adopted by most of the following emperors who depended on the support of the military to rule, like his eventual successor Maximinus Thrax.
" He was certainly generally regarded as inclined to more gradual and constructive reform than was Gorbachev ; most of the speculation centres around whether Andropov would have reformed the USSR in a manner which did not result in its eventual dissolution.
The giants are the origin of most of various monsters in Norse mythology ( e. g. the Fenrisulfr ), and in the eventual battle of Ragnarök the giants will storm Asgard and defeat them in war.
Except for a loss in the 1996 quarterfinals to eventual winner Richard Krajicek, Sampras continued to win at Wimbledon for the rest of the decade, becoming the most successful male player in Wimbledon history.
Tychy is also one of the founding cities of the Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia, a pan-Silesian economic and political union formed with the eventual aim of bringing the most populous Silesian areas under a single administrative body.
The eventual winner, Lê Long Đĩnh, became the most notorious tyrant in Vietnamese history.
" Writing for The Guardian in December 1999, journalist Will Hodgkinson offered his own version of the eventual demise of Wilson's most ambitious project:
The Norse had become separated from their kin in Europe for so long that most of their friendships and alliances had fallen away, hurting some of their trading and eventual protection ; political changes in Europe hastened this process.
Irving's book faulted the Allied leaders, most notably Winston Churchill, for the eventual escalation of war, and claimed that the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 was a " preventive war " forced on Hitler to avert an alleged impending Soviet attack.
( He was promoted on July 21 to be one of the eventual seven full generals in the Confederate Army ; his date of rank made him the fifth most senior general, behind Samuel Cooper, Albert Sidney Johnston, Robert E. Lee, and Joseph E.
Since the 1980s, however, the automation of the plants and eventual reselling of them to foreign firms has brought about the loss of most of the high-paying union cement jobs, presenting a blow to the Lehigh Valley economy.
This album frequently appeared at the top of Christian Music magazine readers polls of the " album that people most wanted to see released on CD ," until its eventual reissue on CD in 2000.
The eventual deal with the unions dropped most of the contentious clauses, leaving not much to show.

eventual and Fort
Increased conflicts with the Osage Nation led to the Battle of Claremore Mound and the eventual establishment of Fort Smith between Cherokee and Osage communities.
Uncertainty surrounds the eventual fate of the Fort Ancient people.
They overpowered Fort Wayne Fever 4-1 in their opening fixture in front of over 1, 200 fans, and enjoyed a scintillating run of form throughout the month of June, picking up five wins two ties in nine games, including a breathless 3-2 win over West Michigan Edge in which they scored twice in the last two minutes, and a strong 1-0 win over the eventual divisional champions, Michigan Bucks.
This effort led to archaeological research into the remains of Fort Snelling and its eventual rebuilding as a state park.
After managing the fur trade at Fort McPherson until 1845, he returned to the Bell River, and Followed the Porcupine to its juncture with the Yukon River, the eventual site of Fort Yukon.

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