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fall and 1878
In the genre of a slightly modified historical novel ( inverted narration and chapter lay-out ), this novel is a chronicle of a Dubrovnik family, but it also covers parts of Herzegovina and Bosnia, as well as some other European cities, while in terms of period it starts with the Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1878, covers the downfall of the two empires, the two world wars, the rise and fall of socialism and ends just before the war of 1991.
In the fall of 1878, Erastus Snow, an LDS Apostle, visited and joined with Flake naming the town Snowflake: " Snow for me and Flake for you.
When in 1876 the Left came into power, Cairoli, then a deputy of sixteen years standing, became parliamentary leader of his party, and, after the fall of Depretis, Nicotera and Crispi, formed his first cabinet in March 1878 with a Francophile and Irredentist policy.
Hunt first proposed the theory which linked climate change to concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at a meeting for the British Society for the Advancement of Science in the fall of 1878.
By the fall of 1878, the war had ended and the Regulators split up, and Jim French left New Mexico, later writing a friend from his new home near Keota, Oklahoma.
The largely Francophile population of Bucharest came close to causing the fall of Carol I, Cuza's successor, during the Franco-Prussian War, after a clash with the German residents of Bucharest in March 1871-it was averted by the nomination of the Conservative Lascăr Catargiu as premier ; the welcoming of Russian intervention by Bucharesters at the start of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877 – 1878 contributed to the Ottoman decision to bombard the left bank of the Danube, as Romania's independence was being proclaimed by Parliament.
It was only after the fall of the ministry in 1878 that he adopted a frankly clerical policy, and when he became chief of a new government in June 1884 he proceeded to undo the educational compromise of his predecessors in the Frère-Orban ministry.
He joined the Earl of Beaconsfield's second government as Lord Privy Seal in 1878, with a seat in the cabinet, a post he held until the fall of the government in 1880.
In the fall of 1878, the Northwestern Telephone Company opened an " experimental " exchange in Minneapolis-located in City Hall, it served the city government as well as the Nicollet Hotel and Pillsbury Mills *.

fall and Popular
The P.D.I. and later the Popular Movement protected the Istiqlal's `` privileged position '' until the fall of Balafrej, and then the Istiqlal used the same argument, which it had previously ignored, against the pro-U.N.F.P. tendencies of the Ibrahim government.
The Nationalist advance and the fall of the town of Illescas to Nationalist armies on 18 October 1936 caused the government of the Popular Front's Second Republic, including President Manuel Azaña, to flee to Barcelona and Valencia.
The fall of the Popular Front caused a new split from the SFIO, with the departure of the left-wing of the party, led by Marceau Pivert, to the Workers and Peasants ' Socialist Party.
Popular belief says the phrase originated in ancient Rome: As a Roman general was parading through the streets during a victory triumph, standing behind him was his slave, tasked with reminding the general that, although at his peak today, tomorrow he could fall, or — more likely — be brought down.
Of these organizations, by far the most prominent was the Popular Front of Azerbaijan ( PFA ), which by the fall of 1989 seemed poised to take power from the Communist Party.
Following the fall of the Saddam regime, the party was reconstructed as the Popular Unity Party.

fall and Telegraph
In the fall of 1971, The Daily Californian moved to a second floor office on the corner of Telegraph Avenue and Channing Way in Berkeley.
A letter published after the fall of Delhi in the " Bombay Telegraph " and reproduced in the British press testified to the scale of the Indian casualties:
Telegraph Records released the album in the fall of 2003, and the band went on a 20-city tour, including shows at the South By Southwest and CMJ music festivals.
As a politician, it was Chapman who " triggered the move to a new direct-charge system for ATMs, promising fees would fall by two-thirds " as has been pointed out by John Rolfe, consumer affairs reporter at the Daily Telegraph in the article Grant Chapman Cashing in as an ATM Salesman " now he says they won't fall at all.
As of fall, 2009, Telegraph Skateboards has been established.
In the summer of 1900 she worked at the Pittsburgh Chronicle Telegraph as the society editor, and then in the fall she worked for the Pittsburgh Dispatch.

fall and Line
These actions led to the fall of Mazar-i-Sharif in the north followed by all the other cities, as the Taliban and al-Qaeda crossed over the porous Durand Line border into Pakistan.
* 24 / 7 On the Line title, where the hardcore title is always available wherever and whenever a referee is available to judge a fall.
Two such lines, the Wufu Line ( 吳福線 ) between Suzhou and Fushan, and the Xicheng Line ( 錫澄線 ) between Wuxi and Jiangyin, were built to protect the road to Nanking, in case Shanghai should fall into enemy hands.
** Should any land within the Twelve-Mile Circle fall west of the North Line, it would remain part of Delaware.
The Portsmouth and Roanoke Railroad, a predecessor of the Seaboard Air Line Railroad, extended to the rapids of the Roanoke River on its fall line near Weldon, North Carolina.
As of the fall of 2007, New Jersey Transit is conducting a study to determine if re-establishing a commuter rail extension of the Raritan Valley Line to Phillipsburg is economically feasible.
The film was given a limited release by New Line Cinema during the fall of 2000, and was released on DVD the following year.
The Chancellor Manuscript and The Aquitaine Progression by Robert Ludlum fall into this category, as do films such as Awake, Snake Eyes, The Da Vinci Code, Edge of Darkness, Absolute Power, Marathon Man, In the Line of Fire, Capricorn One, and JFK.
* In Flatterland, Vikki Line and the Space Hopper fall into a black hole, are rescued by future versions of themselves, and then go back in time to rescue themselves.
Isaacs appeared in one episode of the TV show Entourage in the fall of 2008 as Fredrick Line.
By late morning on 6 October, the Allies were on the attack and by late afternoon the Germans had started to fall back to the next prepared defenses on the River Trigno, the Barbara Line.
Two such lines, the Wufu Line ( 吳福線 ) between Suzhou and Fushan, and the Xicheng Line ( 錫澄線 ) between Wuxi and Jiangyin, were in position to protect the road to Nanjing, in case Shanghai should fall into enemy hands.
Duffy completed the screenplay in fall of 1996 and passed it to a producer's assistant at New Line Cinema to be read by a senior executive.
The Huskie Bus Line, the largest student-run university bus system in Illinois, operates seven days a week while school is in session during the fall and spring semesters. On the weekends it runs a different route.
In the fall of 1943, the German forces of Field Marshal Erich von Manstein ’ s Army Group South including General Otto Wöhler's 8th Army had fallen back to the Panther-Wotan Line, a defensive position that in Ukraine followed the Dnieper river.
In 1974 the airline " Court Line " collapsed, causing a fall in passenger numbers.
In fall 2001, she began hosting Health On the Line, which aired on Life Network and Discovery Health, but is now out of production.
# Should any land within the Twelve-Mile Circle fall west of the North Line, it would remain part of Delaware.
The committee proposed a new alignment called the Red Line and the Missouri Department of Transportation ( MoDOT ) authorized the project in the fall of 1986.
Following the fall of Tripoli in January 1943, the remaining Axis forces retreated to prepared defences in Southern Tunisia, in front of the Mareth Line built by France before the war.
The Class 466s were also used on the Medway Valley Line between Strood, Maidstone West and Tonbridge, and in the leaf fall and winter season of 2011, the Class 466s were doubled up to make 4 car units on the Medway Valley Line to help stop the poor adhesion along the line when only a single unit runs.

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