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famous and tale
Edward Bellamy ( March 26, 1850 – May 22, 1898 ) was an American author and socialist, most famous for his utopian novel, Looking Backward, a Rip Van Winkle-like tale set in the distant future of the year 2000.
The most famous tale of Eris recounts her initiating the Trojan War by causing the Judgement of Paris.
Plato in his dialogue The Statesman tells a " famous tale " that " the sun and the stars once rose in the west, and set in the east, and that the god reversed their motion, and gave them that which they now have as a testimony to the right of Atreus.
According to the most famous folk tale, Cuhullin's power was contained in his middle finger.
The name crève cœur (, heartbreak ) derives from Creve Coeur Lake, which was named for the tale of a lovelorn Indian girl whose broken heart led her to suicide off the famous dripping springs.
The most famous of his books is For the Term of his Natural Life ( Melbourne, 1874 ), a powerful tale of an Australian penal settlement.
The town is famous for the folk tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin (), a medieval story that tells of a tragedy that befell the town in the thirteenth century.
Japan's most famous tale, and some say the world's first modern novel, The Tale of Genji was penned by Murasaki Shikibu while performing as a lady-in-waiting in Heian-kyo.
The most famous of the other stories are probably " Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ", the story of a heroic mongoose, and " Toomai of the Elephants ", the tale of a young elephant-handler.
The libretto is an adaptation by H. B. Farnie of Washington Irving's famous tale.
Another example of human transformation in this country exist particularly in southern of India ; a famous popular tale is told of a kindly Brahmin who had a good mother, but his wife and mother-in-law were jealous and mean, mistreating her and treating her like a slave.
The tale of Bluebeard is referenced in Gaston Leroux's famous work, ' The Phantom of the Opera ,' when Christine Daae begs the protagonist, Erik, to hand over the keys to his torture chamber and he replied with, " Did you never hear the tale of Bluebeard?
According to a tale preserved in Tarlton's Jests, Armin came to the attention of the Queen's famous jester Richard Tarlton.
The most famous is the novella of the " Invisible Mistress ," a comic adaptation of the more serious tale by Alonso de Castillo Solorzano. This tale, which includes a number of comic narrative intrusions, would be reworked by a number of English authors such as Thomas Otway and Eliza Haywood.
This first version of Noël Coward's tale of ill-fated lovers was later obscured by the more famous Jeanette MacDonald-Nelson Eddy remake from 1940.
) The tale has since been translated into various languages and published around the world which made it the most famous story from Hans.
Their music is typically heroic epics, such as the most famous story, the Manas epic ( 20 times longer than Homer's Odyssey ), which is the patriotic tale of a warrior named Manas, and his descendants, who fight with the Chinese.
: He depicted some facets of Japanese society by analyzing the famous folk tale Momotaro.
* The Grinch – Tells his famous Christmas tale
* Philip José Farmer's The Other Log of Phileas Fogg reinterprets Jules Verne's famous tale with the assumption that in fact Fogg was the immortal foster child of a race of humanoid aliens known as the Eridani, and that his travel around the world was part of a secret mission on their behalf.
Madelung believed that Hasan was poisoned and that the famous early Islamic historian al-Tabari suppressed the tale out of concern for the faith of the common people.
The most famous account of Holda was collected by the Brothers Grimm, the fairy tale Mother Hulda ( German: Frau Holle ):

famous and Monkey
Based on a true story of a teacher arrested for teaching his students evolution also known as the " Scopes Monkey Trial ," Spacey played defense lawyer Henry Drummond, a role that was made famous by actor Spencer Tracy in the 1960 film of the same name.
* In the Marx Brothers ' 1931 comedy Monkey Business, Harpo joins a live Punch & Judy show ( performed by an uncredited Al Flosso, a famous American Punchman ) while trying to avoid capture by the crew members of the ship he has stowed away on.
Honor accepts that Monkey is never going to become a famous actor.
Sometimes he would scat sing famous music to set up ambience for a joke: particular favorites were the gladiator's entrance theme from Ben Hur, the " And the Monkey Wrapped His Tail Around the Flagpole " section of the National Emblem march, and " Llegaron los Reyes ", a Puerto Rican Christmas song ( his version was titled " Friqui-tiqui-tiqui, Ay-ya-ya-ya-yayyy ", and performed to illustrate the bittersweet feeling of being broke after giving away too many gifts for Christmas ).
* Sun Wukong is so prominent in Journey to the West that the famous translation by Arthur Waley, entitled Monkey, led to other versions of Journey to the West, also called Monkey, among them a well-known Japanese television show.
: A Chinese famous tea also known as Monkey tea.
The book by Earl Miner and Hiroko Odagiri, a translation of The Monkey ’ s Straw Raincoat Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1981 is the best book to study these subtle changes in this famous work done by Basho and his students.
Copán in particular is famous for its representations of Howler Monkey Gods.
The Hou Quan style from the Emei region, taught by the famous " Monkey King " Xiao Yingpeng and others, was also used as the basis for the modern wushu variant of monkey style ( and monkey staff ) that is often seen in demonstrations and competitions today.
Other references to monkey in the English version " Monkey kicking " and so forth was changed simply for Western audiences as the original reference again is to one of the famous 8 Immortals, Li Tie Kuai, the crippled beggar known for his devastating kicks in the Shao-Lin Kung-Fu forms.
To name a few, Prof. Herbert A. Simon, Nobel Prize winner of the Psychology Department of Carnegie Mellon University ; Professor Gerald Vizenor, Emeritus professor of American literature at the University of New Mexico ( Vizenor portrayed Tianjin University in his novel Griever: An American Monkey King in China ); Dr. Yang Zhenning, famous physicist of the State University of New York ; academician, world famous mathematician Lin Jiaqiao ; Mazuopin Kalin, professor of the Electrical Machinery Department of Yale University ; Li Dingyi, professor of AT & T Bell Laboratory.
The poet E. E. Cummings sang of a " famous doctor who inserts monkeyglands in millionaires ", and Chicago surgeon Max Thorek, for whom the Thorek Hospital and Medical Center is named, recalled that soon, " fashionable dinner parties and cracker barrel confabs, as well as sedate gatherings of the medical élite, were alive with the whisper-' Monkey Glands '.
" The hole is famous because according to legend it is the home of Sun Wukong also commonly known as the Monkey King from the epic novel Journey to the West.
Dennehy starred as Clarence Darrow in Alleged, a film based on the Scopes Monkey Trial, the famous court battle over the teaching of evolution in American public schools.
In 1925 Malone was one of the lawyers who joined with Clarence Darrow to defend John T. Scopes in the famous " Monkey Trial ".
Pinky is famous largely for its monkey mascot, aptly named Pinky Monkey ( ピンキー モンキー ).
Subsequent owners included Edgar March Crookshank and Mrs. Drexel Biddle, who commissioned the famous Monkey Mural which was painted by John Spencer-Churchill, nephew of Sir Winston Churchill.
To avoid confusion with the famous Marx Brothers movie of the same name, this film is sometimes referred to as Howard Hawks ' Monkey Business.
The story was collected in Vonnegut's famous anthology Welcome To The Monkey House.
Monkey Magic is an incarnation of the famous ancient Chinese novel, Journey to the West, in which it follows the novel's story to a high extent.
* Jonny the Monkey is " the most famous celebrity in Kazakhstan " according to Borat in many of his interviews and introduced as Kazakhstan's " most successful actor " by Borat in an opening skit of " Saturday Night Live " in November 2006.
He was a friend of author Edward Abbey, and served as the model for the character George Hayduke in Abbey's famous novel The Monkey Wrench Gang.

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