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first and division
Since accurate base maps are necessary for any planning program, the first step taken by the planning division to implement the long-range state plan has been to prepare two series of base maps -- one at a scale of 1 inch to a mile, and the second a series of 26 sheets at a scale of 1 inch to 2000 feet, covering the entire state.
When solving an equation that involves division as well as other steps, do all the division steps first to reduce those parts of the equation to their numerical value.
Completing the division first also includes those division parts that require multiplication, subtraction, or addition steps: Af.
Alumni would later climb up to first division winning 5 titles: 4 consecutive between 1989 and 1992, and the other in 2001.
The first division into major and minor arts dates back to Leon Battista Alberti's works ( De re aedificatoria, De statua, De pictura ), focusing the importance of intellectual skills of the artist rather than the manual skills ( even if in other forms of art there was a project behind ).
The local football team Alemannia Aachen had a short run-out in Germany's first division, after its promotion in 2006.
The division into cold mist and warm ether first broke the spell of confusion.
In 1980, after a nine game winning streak, the Falcons posted a franchise then-best record of 12 – 4 and captured their first NFC West division title.
In their first five seasons of existence, the Diamondbacks won three division titles ( 1999, 2001, 2002 ) a National League pennant ( 2001 ) and a World Series championship ( 2001 ).
Dunn seemed quite positive about being traded to a ball club in first place in its division in August.
* The division of both poems into two distinct phases-a first half Odyssean phase of wandering and adventuring in a different land and a second half Iliadic phase upon taking leadership in a new kingdom and fighting a terrible enemy there.
The Orioles started off the first couple weeks of the season near the top of their division as players such as Nick Markakis and newcomer Luke Scott led the team offensively.
Those against the Wild Card see it as diminishing the importance of the pennant race and the regular season, with the true race often being for second rather than first place, while those in favor of it view it as an opportunity for teams to have a shot at the playoffs even when they have no chance of a first-place finish in their division, thus maintaining fan interest later in the season.
When Costas was first hired by NBC, Don Ohlmeyer, who at the time ran the network's sports division, told the then 28-year-old Costas that he looked like a 14-year-old ( a story that Costas would recite during an appearance on Late Night with Conan O ' Brien when O ' Brien commented about Costas ' apparent inability to " age " normally ).
The second division, based on bore diameter in relation to length, determines whether the fundamental tone or the first overtone is the lowest partial practically available to the player:
One of the first and throughout its history one of the most significant treatises of the common law, Bracton ’ s De Legibus et Consuetudinibus Angliae ( On the Laws and Customs of England ), was heavily influenced by the division of the law in Justinian ’ s Institutes.
At first the new style took over Baroque forms — the ternary da capo aria and the sinfonia and concerto — but composed with simpler parts, more notated ornamentation and more emphatic division into sections.
Following the regular season, in which the 12-4 Panthers won their third NFC South division title, they hosted the Cardinals at Bank of America Stadium in the Panthers first home playoff game since January 2004.
The Bengals returned to the playoffs again in 2009 in a season that included the franchise's first ever division sweep.
It wasn't until after Fulham first reached the top division, in 1949, that further improvements were made to the stadium.
In 1950 Fulham became the final side in the first division to erect floodlights.
The Riverside bank also was unique for the fact that flags of all the other teams of the first division were flown along the promenade.
Having contended for the division in the aborted 1994 season, Cleveland sprinted to a 100 – 44 record ( 18 games were lost to player / owner negotiations ) in 1995 winning its first ever divisional title.

first and side
At the first shot Russ had hurled his mount to the left toward the side of the winding draw.
The Indian's arm whipped sidewise -- there was a flash of amber and froth, the crash of the bottle shattering against the side of the first car.
Alex entered first and was followed by the doctor who, for all his care, manifested a perceptible bulge on his left side where the hen was cradled.
Another method of assuring a clean hole is to first drill a small pilot hole all the way through, then drill half way with the dimensional bit, turn the piece over, and finish from the other side.
You can save all that shimming time if you set your windows in one, two, three order -- first the stud on one side, then the window, then the stud on the other side.
The half-intensity diameter of the antenna beam was about 9', and the angle subtended by the moon included the entire main beam and part of the first side lobes.
The first is the strictly scientific, which demands concrete proof and therefore may err on the conservative side by waiting for evidence in the flesh.
Finding it true that he was not inside, the deputies returned to the first house and tore holes through the side and the roof until they could see a body on the bed covered by a blanket.
Another school frowns on such a shortcut, and insists that after leaving the bin an old red wine should first stand on end for several days to allow the sediment to roll to the very bottom, after which the bottle may be gently eased to a tilted position on its side in the cradle.
His first shot in the Open last year landed in a brook that flowed along the right side of the fairway.
Hmpf But on to the frothier side Johnny Weissmuller, the only real Tarzan, telephoned Maureen O'Sullivan, his first `` Jane '' ( now at Drury Lane ) and muttered, `` Me Tarzan, this Jane ''??
and one U.S. official said: `` The key question now is which side picks up the phone first ''.
In the left part there were four beads, which in the first row have unitary values ( 1, 2, 3, and 4 ), and in the right side there are three beads with values of 5, 10, and 15 respectively.
They were concept albums, and typically began with an instrumental introduction which faded into the first song, often had an instrumental piece in the middle of the second LP side, and concluded with a quiet, melancholic, or powerful song.
Even though the parentheses were rearranged ( the left side requires adding 5 and 2 first, then adding 1 to the result, whereas the right side requires adding 2 and 1 first, then 5 ), the value of the expression was not altered.
In his first and last speech in the Senate, Johnson spoke eloquently in opposition to Grant's military intervention between rival governments in Louisiana, when the gubernatorial election was disputed and Democratic supporters ousted the winning Republican side with armed force in New Orleans.
* 1873 – American Indian Wars: while protecting a railroad survey party in Montana, the United States 7th Cavalry, under Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer clashes for the first time with the Sioux near the Tongue River ; only one man on each side is killed.
In animals at least as complex as an earthworm, the embryo forms a dent on one side, the blastopore, which deepens to become the archenteron, the first phase in the growth of the gut.
The one-off test in 1999 between England and Australia that was played to commemorate Australia's first test against Reverend Matthew Mullineux's British side saw England wear an updated version of this jersey.
In 1899 the British Isles touring side returned to Australia for the first time since the unofficial tour of 1888.
At the start of a match, the shuttlecock is cast and the side towards which the shuttlecock is pointing serves first.

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