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growing and drug
As these events were developing, the growing illegal drug trade and its consequences were also increasingly becoming a matter of widespread importance to all participants in the Colombian conflict.
Additionally, the growing severity of countrywide guerrilla attacks by the FARC and ELN, and smaller movements, as well as the growth of drug production, corruption and the spread of even more violent paramilitary groups such as the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia ( AUC ) has made it difficult to solve the country's problems.
Russia and other parts of Europe are the main markets for these drugs although drug use is growing in Kazakhstan as well.
How, drug trafficking has circumvented to southern China ( from Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Guangdong ) because of a growing market for drugs in China, before reaching Hong Kong.
The higher levels of the active ingredient in cannabis in Netherlands create a growing opposition to the traditional Dutch view of cannabis as a relatively innocent soft drug.
Models predict that the most effective way to achieve this, using a drug with the lowest possible dose, is to find a drug that binds to fibril ends and blocks them from growing any further.
The UAE plays a growing role as a drug trafficking center due to its proximity to southwest Asian producing countries and the bustling free trade zone in Dubai, as a result UAE have one of the strongest anti-drug law enforcements, and the penalty of drug position is very severe, so the government of UAE makes sure that tourists are warned of UAE drug laws before entering the country.
The exact drug used depends on what the particular ecosystem a given tribe lives in can support, and are typically found growing wild.
While supporters have praised Karzai's efforts to promote national reconciliation and a growing economy, critics charge him with failing to stem corruption and the drug trade, and the slow pace of reconstruction.
The U. S. military has a diverse and growing assistance program in Belize that included the construction and renovation of several schools and youth hostels, medical assistance programs, and drug reduction programs.
Griffiths joined turned his back on the entire music scene, citing the growing trend in drug abuse, and general disillusionment as his reasons.
This contract was nullified by The Beach Boys ' management, who perceived it as an attempt by Wilson to relieve the growing burden of his drug expenses.
He was said to be suffering from a severe case of agoraphobia, although the documentary Fearless Freaks states that he left because of his growing concerns over Drozd's drug use.
And although recreational drug use is low in Zalma, a growing concern in the village ( and in many rural areas in general ) is the production and usage of methamphetamine and underage drinking.
Cato scholars have been sharp critics of current U. S. drug policy and the perceived growing militarization of U. S. law enforcement.
In spite of their growing success, Ministry was nearly derailed by a series of arrests and drug problems.
Another key factor in the build-up to Madchester was the sudden availability of the drug ecstasy in the city, beginning in 1987 and growing the following year.
There is growing concern that drug traffickers and other criminals worldwide are using stored-value cards to move the proceeds from drug transactions and other criminal activities across international borders.
The development of novel drug therapies against tuberculosis are particularly important given the growing problem of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis.
In fall of 2000, the group reformed ( with lead singer Regina Mullikan replacing Pieratt ) and began performing again, with an edgier, less conservative sound and lyrics that incorporated more adult topics, including suicide, teenage pregnancy, relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, and other obstacles encountered by teenagers and young adults growing up in the midwest United States.

growing and pop
The increasing fragmentation of popular music and the growing popularity of dance music and the DJ pheonmenon have reduced the interest in ' traditional ' rock / pop entertainment.
With the growing popularity of rock and roll in the 1950s, much of what baby boomers considered to be their parents ' music, traditional pop, was pushed aside.
After fifteen years in show business, Hodder and Stoughton published her first book, Dana – An Autobiography, in 1985, which told of her family life, pop career and growing devotion to God.
Long disillusioned with their record label and its growing financial problems by this time, Kaylan and Volman resisted White Whale's efforts to turn the Turtles into something approaching an assembly-line pop act.
While he was almost as successful in Puerto Rico singing pop tunes with his sister as he was in other countries, Tony Croatto was very much impressed by Puerto Rican jibaro singers, who could improvise décimas on the spot, something that reminded him of the payadores of Uruguay and Argentina he used to listen to when he was growing up.
After a personnel change ( due to some of the original members growing up ), they experienced some backlash in the country for recording their song " El Alacrán " (" The Scorpion "), an innocent pop tune that made a coincidental reference to a clandestine group that was one of Francisco Franco's staunchest opponents.
However, despite the many growing rock and electronic music scenes, commercial pop music from the United States and England, and modern dancehall artists from Jamaica ( Vybz Kartel, Mavado ) still remain the most popular forms of music among young Belizeans.
The development of British blues rock helped revitalised rock music and led to the growing distinction between pop and rock music.
The group was now regarded more as a weird-looking heavy metal band because its look and music, although still reminiscent of pop / glam styles, were growing closer to heavy metal's leather and chains image.
Typical characteristics of teen pop music include auto-tuned vocals, choreographed dancing, emphasis on visual appeal ( photogenic faces, unique body physiques, immaculately attended hair and designer clothes ), lyrics focused on teenage issues such as love / relationships, finding yourself, friendships, coming of age, fitting in, and growing up, regardless of the artists ' age and repeated chorus lines.
Scottish pop star Calvin Harris had expressed his concerns over the lack of provision for the growing crowds during his performance.
The Triangle album exhibited the band's growing interest in country music along with elements of psychedelic pop, including the use of strings, brass, woodwinds, harpsichord, and various types of unique percussion.
The stations were set up by entrepreneurs and music enthusiasts to meet the growing demand for pop and rock music, which was not catered for by the legal BBC Radio services.
By the end of the 1960s Ireland already had perhaps the most flourishing folk music tradition and a growing blues and pop scene, which provided a basis for Irish rock.
In 2007, when interviewed for Trebuchet Magazine Stuart describes how his early experience of pop influenced his approach to art " When I was growing up in the 80s these things ( cultural icons ) were-I don ’ t know if it ’ s quite right to say they were aspirational, but they certainly gave me my first feelings of something larger.
From 2003 onward, W-inds moved on from lighthearted pop beats into more mellow ballads with mature lyrics in accordance to their growing image.
Like his fellow Movers, he is inspired by 1980s and ' 90s rock, pop and alternative music and by his front-lines experience dealing with his children's sleepless nights, messy playrooms and other growing pains. Poche plays bass guitar on the Imagination Movers T. V.
For many people growing up at the time, the so-emphasized movie title stuck in their heads as a mnemonic element ( not necessarily connected to the film itself ) that has since grown into a pop culture saying.
The station initially launched with a general pop and rock format and remained as such from 1999 – 2005, being recognised as one of the fastest growing radio stations in the North West of England in radio history.
However, starting around 1998 Guţă developed a growing interest in manele music, a fast-paced subgenre of Balkans folk music somewhat resembling to Arab pop.
* Country purists-long troubled by a growing trend of pop music-influenced country-have an ACE up their sleeves, when they form the Association of Country Entertainers.
character ) which represents an unusual case in the Italo disco world, not belonging to the 80's, officially having started his career in the 90's, and actually one of the most popular performing italo artists, challenging many pop singers, in South America ( Mexico among all ), where a huge, growing Italo disco and High energy community dwells.
1994 in British pop music was notable for a growing pop / reggae crossover trend.

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