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judgment and Chief
In a 1982 judgment delivered under such a referral, Chief Justice Tom O ' Higgins bemoaned the crude strictures of the prescribed process ; especially the fact that, if the court finds that a bill does not violate the Constitution, this judgment can never subsequently be challenged.
Later, Chief Justice John Marshall suggested that the judgment of one state court must be recognized by other states ' courts as final.
This tension grew to an all-time high in the Earl of Oxford ’ s case ( 1615 ), where a judgment of Chief Justice Coke was allegedly obtained by fraud.
After this pronouncement, He Yingqin ( Chief of Staff ) and Xu Yongchang ( Chief of the Naval General Staff ) indicated that they would defer to Chiang's judgment on the matter.
Another incident involved the USMS awarding a $ 300 million contract to a firm that had a known history of numerous criminal activities leading to convictions for mail fraud and bank fraud and false insurance claims in addition to a civil judgment against its Chief Financial Officer.
Handed down as a 6-2 decision by the Court on June 4, 1951, the judgment and a plurality opinion was delivered by Chief Justice of the United States Fred M. Vinson, who was joined by Justices Stanley Forman Reed, Sherman Minton, and Harold H. Burton.
But on 31 March 2011, Chief Justice and Justice Sanjiv Khanna of Delhi High Court in their judgment court allowed RTI activist Rakesh Kumar Singh to file PIL against “ Indian Rupee symbol selection process ”.
The main judgment was given by Chief Judge Anderson, and Senior Circuit Judges Roney, and Cook.
In Parker v The Queen ( 1963 ), Chief Justice Sir Owen Dixon led a unanimous judgment which rejected a precedent of the House of Lords in DPP v Smith saying, " I shall not depart from the law on this matter as we have long since laid it down in this Court and I think that Smith's case should not be used in Australia as authority at all "; the following year the Privy Council upheld an appeal, applying the House of Lords precedent.
As soon as Mansfield became Lord Chief Justice he changed the rules so that unless the court had doubts over the evidence presented to them, a judgment was to be made immediately.
In his subsequent appeal, Willcock vs. Muckle, the judgment of the lower court was upheld, though in summing up, the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Lord Goddard showed sympathy for the defence ;
In Conway v Rimmer, the House of Lords held that the courts retained the final decision on whether PII should be upheld, and, in R v Chief Constable of West Midlands, ex parte Wiley, the House of Lords decided that a minister could discharge his duty by making his own judgment of where the public interest lies ( that is, to disclose or to assert PII ).
Chief Justice Earl Warren worried that " broad language used here may eventually be applied to the arts and sciences and freedom of communication generally ," but, agreeing that obscenity is not constitutionally protected, concurred only in the judgment.
" The Governor went on to speak of Chief Justice Hale and his five associates, " I have sought individuals who have a proven record of outstanding legal accomplishment, wisdom and good judgment.
Justice O ' Connor wrote a plurality opinion representing the Court's judgment, which was joined by Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justices Breyer and Kennedy.
His award was subsequently upheld in a reserved judgment when the railway company appealed the case two months later at the Clare Spring Assizes, before HL Chief Baron Palles, by which time French had the germ of a song in his head: the line, ‘ If you want to get to Kilkee, you must go there by the sea ’ was repeated in court although it failed to make it in the song ’ s final version.
In the course of giving judgment in this appeal Lord Chief Justice Goddard had mentioned a letter which had been sent in 1937 by " the president of the council " to the Institute of Chartered Surveyors recognizing the fact that there was nothing in a Bill, which the council was then promoting ( and which subsequently became the Architects Registration Act, 1938 ), to interfere with the activities of registered architects.
The Government in return, went to the Federal Court, where the famous judgment was given by the then Chief Justice Muhammad Munir, according to which Maulvi Tamizuddin lost the case
After AISLIC rejected Upper Deck ’ s claim that the policy covered the loss incurred as a result of the settlement, Upper Deck and its Chief Executive Officer, Richard McWilliam, filed a complaint in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California seeking, inter alia, a declaratory judgment that the policy issued by AISLIC covered the loss.
* TYT Supreme Court: Critical examination of parties involved in a news story ; judgment is decided usually amongst Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson, and Jesus Godoy ( who serves as " Chief Justice ").
For example, she becomes irate and impatient when the Master Chief doubts her judgment in Halo: First Strike.
By Proclamation No. 23 ( 1945 ), the Deputy Chief Civil Affairs Officer for the Singapore Division provided that every conviction of any offence by a tribunal established by the Japanese Military Administration was quashed, and any judgment convicting or purporting to convict any person or any offence was set aside.

judgment and Staff
In the words of one French divisional commander, its loss would cost the French army 100, 000 lives Douaumont's easy fall was a terrible setback for the French armed forces and a glaring example of the lack of judgment prevailing in the General Staff at the time, under General Joffre.

judgment and Scott
The judgment went against Scott, but having found evidence of hearsay, the judge called for a retrial.
Eugenio de Ochoa, a prominent critic of the day, ratified the popular judgment, and hopefully proclaimed the writer to be a rival of Walter Scott.
On 6 November 2008, three Criminal Appeal Court judges reserved judgment on an application by defence counsel Maggie Scott for Megrahi to be released on bail pending his second appeal against conviction which was expected to be heard in 2009.
New Times Magazine reported in 1974 that he had been ranked " Dumbest Congressman " by a Ralph Nader-affiliated research group ; Scott held a press conference to deny this judgment.

judgment and was
It was said that the Hetman plotted to take over the entire Hearst newspaper empire one day by means of various coups: the destruction of editors who tried to halt his course, the unfrocking of publishers whose mistakes of judgment might be magnified in secret reports to Mr. Hearst.
It was, of course, in this drawing of the balance sheet of judgment that he most clearly displayed his desire to do full justice to an author.
Peters insisted that this impression was a great misunderstanding, and evidently, from the quarrel, obtained an unfavorable impression of Morgan's judgment.
This Court's judgment was filed in the District Court on July 18, 1957.
If, in the trustee's judgment, `` reasonable market conditions '' did not prevail during any given year, he was to be allowed to petition the court for an extension of time within the ten-year period.
In one debate he supported the freedom of judgment as opposed to dogma, in another he held that the practice of science was in fact an act of religious worship.
The reason for the value of this procedure was simply that the applicants were tested `` at work '' in different situations by the judgment of a number of experts who could see how the salesmen conducted themselves with different, but typical restaurant owners and managers.
The suit against the union was successful and many workers lost their homes to pay off the judgment.
To both persons and ideas he brought the same delighted interest, the same open-minded relish for what was unique in each, the same discriminating sensibility and quicksilver intelligence, the same gallantry of judgment.
As Kennan shows, the judgment of the Allied governments about what was happening in Russia was warped by the obsession of defeating Germany.
An appellee is the party to an appeal in which the lower court judgment was in its favor.
# election ( and condemnation on the day of judgment ) was conditioned by the rational faith or nonfaith of man ;
Wesley was clear that Christian perfection did not imply perfection of bodily health or an infallibility of judgment.
He was highly esteemed as a man of sound judgment and wide knowledge.
However, Amos came to tell the people that " the Day of the LORD " was coming soon and that it meant divine judgment and justice for their own iniquity.
Power was given to the official scorer, in the event of a muff by the catcher in throwing, that in the judgment of the scorer the runner would have been out, to credit the catcher with an error, and not credit the runner with a stolen base.
The Nigerian newspaper The Guardian went further, declaring that the judgment was " a rape and unforeseen potential international conspiracy against Nigerian territorial integrity and sovereignty " and " part of a Western ploy to foment and perpetuate trouble in Africa ".
The ICJ judgment was backed up by the United Nations, whose charter potentially allowed sanctions or even the use of force to enforce the court's ruling.
Following the defeat of Gog, the last judgment begins: " The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are, and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.
Thereafter recourse was had with greater frequency to the judgment of the popes.
Accompanying the speculation was a change in the critical reaction to Charlotte's work and accusations were made that the writing was " coarse ", a judgment more readily made once it was suspected that " Currer Bell " was a woman.

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