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last and chapter
This is brought out in the next to last chapter of the book, `` A Hero's Funeral '', written in the form of an impassioned prose poem.
When Bobbie Evans smashed up his car, the Jaguar his wife Linda had given him for his last birthday, and himself quite thoroughly with it, driving back from an afternoon's golf at Oakmont, it seemed to mark the end of a long, miswritten chapter in the social life of the community.
* A Clockwork Orange last chapter
The first section of the last chapter is organized as an outline of various skeptical arguments.
Almost everything that is known of Bede's life is contained in the last chapter of his Historia Ecclesiastica, a history of the church in England.
), with an appendix, the last connected prophecy of any length, in chapter 35, treating of the fidelity of the Rechabites and of the unfaithfulness of Judah.
Another example of text from the last chapter or epilogue of Job can be found in the book The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation, showing examples of how fragments of The Book of Job found among the scrolls differ from the text as now known.
He is among the first writing prophets, and the last chapter of Hosea has a format similar to wisdom literature.
Ironically, the relentless God demonstrated in the first chapter becomes the merciful God in the last two chapters ( see 3: 10 ).
* coco – In the last chapter, the epitaph of Don Quijote identifies him as " el coco "
This story was reprinted in the last chapter of the manga Book 6.
This opened the last chapter of Flores's long career and marked the entrance to power of García Moreno.
" And, " Mr. Locke, in his chapter of power, says that, finding from experience, that there are several new productions in nature, and concluding that there must somewhere be a power capable of producing them, we arrive at last by this reasoning at the idea of power.
In the last chapter of Darwin's Black Box, Behe goes on to explain his view that irreducible complexity is evidence for intelligent design.
In the last chapter of the Social Contract, Rousseau would ask " What is to be done?
" This name actually refers to a special " ceremony ": the last weekly Torah portion is read from Deuteronomy, completing the annual cycle, and is followed immediately by the reading of the first chapter of Genesis.
Harris believes that the tradition that John lived to old age in Ephesus developed in the late 2nd century, although the tradition does appear in the last chapter of the gospel, though this debatable tradition assumes that John the Evangelist, John the Apostle, the Beloved Disciple mentioned in John 21 and sometimes also John the Presbyter are the same person.
In dealing with atheism Cudworth's method is to marshal the atheistic arguments elaborately, so elaborately that Dryden remarked " he has raised such objections against the being of a God and Providence that many think he has not answered them "; then in his last chapter, which by itself is as long as an ordinary treatise, he confutes them with all the reasons that his reading could supply.
Pattern of racketeering activity requires at least two acts of racketeering activity, one of which occurred after the effective date of this chapter and the last of which occurred within ten years ( excluding any period of imprisonment ) after the commission of a prior act of racketeering activity.
However, in the last chapters of Benjamin Major, written later than the Minor, Richard almost abandons his topic and the discussion of the teaching of mystical theology takes up a good portion of every remaining chapter.
In the last chapter the novel's hero Oskar Matzerath and his friend Gottfried von Vittlar steal a tram late at night from outside Unterrath depot on the northern edge of Düsseldorf.
In the last chapter of The Dispossessed, we learn that the Hainish people arrived at Tau Ceti 60 years ago, which is more than 150 years after the secession of the Odonians from Urras and their exodus to Anarres.
The only exceptions are the first and the last chapter which include both worlds and are, thematically, chapters of transition.
In chapter one, we are basically in the middle of the story, while the plot of the last Anarres-chapter ( i. e., the penultimate chapter, or, chapter twelve ) ends at a point before the plot of the first chapter begins.

last and Book
Advance publicity on the Los Angeles Blue Book does not mention names dropped as did the notices for the New York Social Register which made news last week.
The last section of the book ( 7: 1 to 9: 8 ), commonly referred to as the Book of Visions, contains the only narrative section.
After the last anointing, the Gospel Book is opened and placed with the writing down upon the head of the one who was anointed, and the senior priest reads the " Prayer of the Gospel ".
Though Todd's last name has never been mentioned in the series, it was revealed in This Book Sucks.
* Book on 2001 WS is " the last word on the inside game of baseball "
( This last mission, that of Nehemiah, is not part of the Book of Ezra.
According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, " a comparison of the Masoretic text with the Septuagint throws some light on the last phase in the history of the origin of the Book of Jeremiah, inasmuch as the translation into Greek was already under way before the work on the Hebrew book had come to an end ...
When this was translated into Greek in the last few centuries BCE, Kings was joined with Samuel in a four-part work called the Book of Kingdoms.
* The primary source relating to the origin of Purim is the Megillat Esther ( Book of Esther ), which became the last of the 24 books of the Tanakh to be canonized by the Sages of the Great Assembly.
The last three volumes are the 2002 Book of the Year ( black spine ) and the two-volume index ( cyan spine ).
Proclus ( 410-485 ), author of Commentary on the First Book of Euclid, was one of the last important players in Hellenistic geometry.
The last event described in the last book ( Book 16 ) is King Canute VI of Denmark subduing Pomerania under Duke Bogislaw I, in 1186.
This would also explain the 22 years between the last event described in the last book ( Book 16 ) and the 1208 event described in the preface.
Thus, " the onus of being the last ' People of the Book ' engendered an ethos of " early on and the establishment of important book repositories throughout the Muslim world has occurred ever since.
After Jesus slays al-Dajjāl at the Gate of Lud, he will bear witness and reveal that Islam is indeed the true and last word from God to humanity as Yusuf Ali's translation reads: " And there is none of the People of the Book but must believe in him before his death ; and on the Day of Judgment He will be a witness against them.
Whereas most American Methodist worship is modeled after the Anglican Communion's Book of Common Prayer, a unique feature was the once practiced observance of the season of Kingdomtide, which encompasses the last thirteen weeks before Advent, thus dividing the long season after Pentecost into two discrete segments.
This practice was last seen in The book of Worship for Church and Home by The United Methodist Church, 1965, and The Book of Hymns, 1966.
Malachi was the writer of the Book of Malachi, the last book of the Neviim ( prophets ) section in the Jewish Tanakh.
In the Christian Old Testament, the Prophetic Books are placed last, making Book of Malachi the last Old Testament book before the New Testament.

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