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late and sixth
Indications as late as the top of the sixth were that the Birds were to end their victory draught as they coasted along with a 3-to-o advantage.
The big, 22-year-old shortstop, the 1960 American league `` rookie-of-the-year '', flew here late this afternoon from Baltimore, signed his contract for an estimated $15,000 and was a spectator at tonight's 5-to-3 loss to Kansas City -- the winless Birds' sixth setback in a row.
The most likely time frame is in the late fifth or early sixth century AD – at least 100 years after Athanasius.
His works were so influential that late in the 9th century Notker the Stammerer, a monk of the Monastery of St. Gall in Switzerland, wrote that " God, the orderer of natures, who raised the Sun from the East on the fourth day of Creation, in the sixth day of the world has made Bede rise from the West as a new Sun to illuminate the whole Earth ".
But, because the writer had an incomplete and erroneous view of historical details in the second half of the sixth century, Daniel ’ s era, such imbalances support the theory of a late date of writing.
In addition to these, there is a history of the Franks written in the late sixth century by Gregory of Tours which mentions events in Kent.
The Visigoths under Alaric I sacked Rome in 410, defeated Attila at the Battle of the Catalunian Plains in 451, and founded a Kingdom in Aquitaine which was pushed to Hispania by the Franks in 507, converted to Catholicism by the late sixth century, and in the early eighth century conquered by the Muslim Moors.
The Chaldean astronomer Kidinnu ( 4th century BC ) knew of the 19-year cycle, but the Babylonians applied it since the late sixth century.
After touring Latin America in late 2004 for the promotion Greatest Hits, Williams started working on his sixth studio album.
The crisis in Greek – Albanian relations reached its peak in late August 1994, when an Albanian court sentenced five members ( a sixth member was added later ) of the ethnic Greek political party Omonia to prison terms on charges of undermining the Albanian state.
Buddhism replaced but did not eliminate the Bon religious practices that had also been prevalent in Tibet until the late sixth century.
Both sources agree that Sun Tzu was born in the late Spring and Autumn Period of China ( 722 – 481 BC ), and that he was active as a general and strategist, serving the king of Wu, King Helü, in the late sixth century BC, beginning around 512 BC.
The systematic study of this seems to have begun with the school of Pythagoras in the late sixth century BC.
The precise division of Francia into a Neustrian, Austrasian, and Burgundian kingdom dates only from the late sixth century, so earlier kings who ruled from Soissons or Paris are here excluded.
However, with other promotion rivals dropping points and a small run of form in late April, Southampton were able to reach sixth place, the last play-off position.
Images representing the narrative of Narasimha slaying the demon Hiranyakasipu survive from slightly later Gupta-period temples: one at Madhia and one from a temple-doorway now set into the Kumra-math at Nachna, both dated to the late fifth or early sixth century A. D.
Currently the sixth largest suburb in the metro area and a bedroom community of both Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the city was fully built by the late 2000s.
Eban's brother-in-law was the late Chaim Herzog, the sixth president of Israel.
Of late, delirium has been recognized by some as a sixth vital sign, and it is recommended that delirium assessment be a part of routine ICU management.
Their sixth full length album, The Post Wave, was released in late 2000.
Italian church architecture from the late sixth century to the end of the eighth century is influenced less by the trends of Constantinople than by a variety of Eastern provincial plans.
In an interview with Music Feeds at Splendour in the Grass 2011, Nicholls talks about a late 2011 or early 2012 release date for their still unnamed sixth album.
Released in late 1984, the first single from the LP, Out of Touch, became the group's sixth Number 1 hit on December 8, 1984, receiving tremendous airplay.

late and century
Now, he was just in the late poems of Holderlin and therefore had most of the nineteenth century before him -- plus next semester's class preparation.
The tradition reached its apex, perhaps, in the works of Thomas Nelson Page toward the end of the century, and reappeared undiminished as late as 1934 in the best-selling novel So Red The Rose, by Stark Young.
That is, there was no trace of Anglo-Saxons in Britain as early as the late third century, to which time the archaeological evidence for the erection of the Saxon Shore forts was beginning to point.
It is after the late seventeenth century.
I say the late seventeenth century because Racine ( whom Lessing did not really know ) stands on the far side of the chasm.
Of majestic build, rubicund and slash-mouthed, he resembled the late General Winfield Scott, who was said to be the most imposing general of his century, if not of all centuries.
a schematic, abstract treatment of men and animals, by intent, rose only in the late eighth century.
The severe yet harmonious vases of the previous fifty years, the Strong Geometric style of the late ninth century, display as firm a mastery of the principles underlying Geometric pottery ; ;
`` The attempt to save the Square's historic value '', he declares, `` came half a century too late ''.
But plain old bean soup, served daily since the turn of the century ( at the insistence of the late Sen. Fred Dubois of Idaho ), made clear to the citizenry that the Senate's stomach was in the right place.
In one thing the higher critics, like the modernists, however, overreached themselves, in claiming that the Gospel of John was not written in John's time but well after the first century, perhaps as late as 150 A.D..
Still others sprang up late in the century to meet conditions which arose from fresh stages of the revolutionary age.
The original impulses came to England late ( in the sixteenth century ) and continue strong long after everyone else had gone on to the baroque basso continuo, sonatas, operas and the like.
His works contain the earliest known formal study of logic, which was incorporated in the late 19th century into modern formal logic.
In the late 17th century, Guru Gobind Singh Ji ( the tenth guru in Sikhism ), was in war with the Moghul rulers to protect the people of different faiths, when a fellow Sikh, Bhai Kanhaiya, attended the troops of the enemy.
As such, anthropology has been central in the development of several new ( late 20th century ) interdisciplinary fields such as cognitive science, global studies, and various ethnic studies.
There was a tendency in late eighteenth century Enlightenment thought to understand human society as natural phenomena that behaved according to certain principles and that could be observed empirically.
The type is represented by neo-Attic Imperial Roman copies of the late 1st or early 2nd century, modelled upon a supposed Greek bronze original made in the second quarter of the 5th century BCE, in a style similar to works of Polykleitos but more archaic.
The Apollo Belvedere is a marble sculpture that was rediscovered in the late 15th century ; for centuries it epitomized the ideals of Classical Antiquity for Europeans, from the Renaissance through the 19th century.
In the late 2nd century CE floor mosaic from El Djem, Roman Thysdrus, he is identifiable as Apollo Helios by his effulgent halo, though now even a god's divine nakedness is concealed by his cloak, a mark of increasing conventions of modesty in the later Empire.
This system of ' counter casting ' continued into the late Roman empire and in medieval Europe, and persisted in limited use into the nineteenth century.
The term Ethiopic Ocean, derived from Ethiopia, was applied to the southern Atlantic as late as the mid-19th century.
Distinctions in vocabulary persist, for example, in culinary terms, where communication with Germans is frequently difficult, and administrative and legal language, which is due to Austria's exclusion from the development of a German nation-state in the late 19th century and its manifold particular traditions.

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