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latter and library
This included the use of ROM for library software that could be run much faster than the same code in the normal core memory, due to the latter ’ s need to be written immediately after being read.
The main difference between the GPL and the LGPL is that the latter allows the work to be linked with ( in the case of a library, ' used by ') a non -( L ) GPLed program, regardless of whether it is free software or proprietary software.
The latter two titles are now owned by WB for all media, but Superman IV is still part of Paramount's library for over-the-air TV and digital rights ( though WB did handle these rights for a three-year license 2006 – 09 );
The library was opened in 2011: the ceremony was attended by James Callaghan's son Michael and grandson Joe, the latter being a student at the college.
The last structures Johnson built on the estate were a library and a reception building, the latter, red and black in color and of curving walls.
Both are enormous, the latter to hold part of the bibliophile Marquess's vast library.
His manuscript collections on the history and antiquities of the university of Cambridge, amounting to 39 volumes in folio and three in quarto, were divided between the British Museum and the public library at Cambridge — the former getting twenty-three volumes, the latter sixteen in folio and three in quarto.
In the latter year the Seven Years ' War broke out and the library was destroyed, and Heyne was once more in a state of destitution.
* the main campus of Staffordshire University and its library ( on the original site of the Staffordshire Cricket Club grounds ) and the halls of residence ( these latter are located on riverside land that was originally part of Hanley ).
Louis XII, who had inherited the library at Blois, incorporated the latter into the Bibliothèque du Roi and further enriched it with the Gruthuyse collection and with plunder from Milan.
* Ruby's standard library includes a module which contains and classes that implement sets using hash tables, the latter allowing iteration in sorted order.
Of particular note are the library and chapel, the latter with stained-glass windows designed by John Piper.
In time Allen bequeathed to Digby his library, and the latter donated it to the Bodleian.
The lsh package requires the GNU MP library, zlib, and liboop, the latter of which in turn requires glib, when then requires pkg-config.
A few years later, Mark Horton, who had made improvements to the vi and termcap sources at Berkeley, went to AT & T and made a different version using terminfo, which became part of UNIX System III and UNIX System V. Due to licensing restrictions on the latter, the BSD and AT & T versions of the library were developed independently.
This latter institution was the recipient of much of Peabody's philanthropy, including funds to build a fireproof building to house the university's library.
The latter has two critics reviewing films from the Monkey-ed Movie library with a non-opposable thumbs up or down.
In Microsoft Windows terminology and in the context of the C standard I / O library, " file handle " is preferred, though the latter case is technically a different object ( see below ).
… We read carefully our two library “ tools ,″ the American Library Association Booklist and the Book Review Digest … We also make use of lists published by other libraries, and of publishers ' notices though the latter … cannot be depended upon … Our chief dependence, however, is placed upon book reviews appearing in the better magazines.
Today's Greenwood and North East branches are both expanded versions of 1954 libraries, the latter originally designed by Paul Thiry ; a third library from 1954, the Susan J. Henry branch on Capitol Hill, has been entirely replaced, as has Bindon & Wright's 1960 Central Library.
It has shops, a medical centre, a library ( venue for the Barr and Aston Local History Society ) and an ambulance station ; the latter in a former branch of the Birmingham Municipal Bank.
As an alternative cause of failure, consider that Jill might have instructed the library. example server to forward her mail to, say, jill @ example. edu, and that the latter server refused the message for whatever reason.
Some broadcast, others work to keep the station's record library or computer systems up-to-date, but most also visit the hospital wards, to discuss the music that patients would like to hear, and to provide an opportunity for the latter to converse with a member of non-medical staff.
In 1848 he was made head of the University Library of Prague and a masterful professor of Slavonic philology in the University of Prague, but resigned to the latter in 1849 and remained head of the university library only.
The latter book, still in the library of the Topkapı Palace, depicts the festivals commemorating the circumcision in 1720 of four sons of Ahmed III, However Levni's main concern seems to have been to paint single-leaved miniatures depicting individuals: beautiful girls, languidly reclining ladies, and charming young men.

latter and may
Since the latter obviously require an audacity you do not possess, you may perhaps suppose that I am taunting you as socially inferior.
Though it may exist in either literate or illiterate societies, it assumes a role of true cultural importance only in the latter.
and the latter is the total sum of all the numbers in the square, by which all the other numbers are overshadowed and in which they may be said to be absorbed.
The latter represents a choice between any number of possible interpretations, none of which may have a standard agreed-upon meaning.
In this latter view, such rebirths and deaths may take place over and over again continuously until the individual gains entry to a spiritual realm or Otherworld.
There is also the strange myth of the brothers Aegyptus and Danaus, sons of Belus, with the latter supposedly coming from Egypt, that Marianne Luban has suggested may date to this time.
This latter construal is sometimes expressed by saying " there is no fact of the matter as to whether or not P ." Thus, we may speak of anti-realism with respect to other minds, the past, the future, universals, mathematical entities ( such as natural numbers ), moral categories, the material world, or even thought.
Idealists are skeptics about the physical world, maintaining either: 1 ) that nothing exists outside the mind, or 2 ) that we would have no access to a mind-independent reality even if it may exist ; the latter case often takes the form of a denial of the idea that we can have unconceptualised experiences ( see Myth of the Given ).
The latter resembles a sort of roll pastry whose main dough ingredient is either butter or fat and which may be simple or stuffed with dulce de leche, milk, jam, crema pastelera, or quince or apple jelly, among other fillings.
However, the Church declared that "' Extreme unction ' ... may also and more fittingly be called ' anointing of the sick '" ( emphasis added ), and has itself adopted the latter term, while not outlawing the former.
Typically, the former mostly provide close support to manoeuvre units while the latter may provide close support and or depth fire, notably counter-battery.
In the latter case a battery observation team can order fire to their own battery and may be authorised to order fire to their own battalion and sometimes to many battalions.
As measurement of total and background absorption, and correction for the latter, are strictly simultaneous ( in contrast to LS AAS ), even the fastest changes of background absorption, as they may be observed in ET AAS, do not cause any problem.
Of the latter, only a few precious metals occur in pure forms, but other purified base metals may as well be placed in this category along with certain naturally-occurring alloys such as electrum.
As an example, the former camp considers surjectivity — or being onto — as a property of functions, while the latter sees it as a relationship that functions may bear to sets.
In the latter case, or if a nation-state uses it clandestinely, it may also be considered bioterrorism.
Teach may have used other aliases ; on 30 November, the Monserrat Merchant encountered two ships and a sloop, commanded by a Captain Kentish and Captain Edwards ( the latter a known alias of Stede Bonnet ).
Those who ignore the effects of long run trade deficits may be confusing David Ricardo's principle of comparative advantage with Adam Smith's principle of absolute advantage, specifically ignoring the latter.
On icy as opposed to rocky bodies, other morphological forms appear which may have central pits rather than central peaks, and at the largest sizes may contain very many concentric rings – Valhalla on Callisto is the type example of the latter.
Neither 495 nor 532 may be treated as reliable, however, the latter date relies on the presumption that the Regnal List is correct in presenting the kings of Wessex as having succeeded one another, with no omitted kings, no joint kingships, and that the durations of the reigns are correct as given.
While other theories may insist on the truth of the former, the latter precept of congregationalism gives the entire theory a unique character among plans of church government.
Non-English-speaking nations often use the rank of flotilla admiral or counter admiral as an equivalent, although the latter may also correspond to rear admiral.
In the latter case, the cable car may not be able to stop and can wreak havoc along its route until the cable house realizes the mishap and halts the cable.
It is thought the latter may remain from an episode of language shift.

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