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letter and William
But Morgan did not leave before he had written a letter to a William Pickman in Salem, Massachusetts, apparently an acquaintance, praising Washington and saying that the slanders propagated about him were `` opposed by the general current of the people to exalt General Gates at the expense of General Washington was injurious to the latter.
When Quiney and William Parsons wrote to Greville in 1593 asking his consent in the election for bailiff, they sent the letter to Mr. William Sawnders, attendant on the worshipful Mr. Thomas Bushell at Marston.
Councilman William D. Schaefer ( D., Fifth ) said in a letter to Mayor Grady that plowing and salting crews should be dispatched earlier in storms and should be kept on the job longer than they were last month.
A Specimen of typeset font s and language s, by William Caslon, letter founder ; from the 1728 Cyclopaedia, or an Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences | Cyclopaedia.
William Drummond of Hawthornden, in an essay On the Character of a Perfect Anagram, tried to lay down permissible rules ( such as S standing for Z ), and possible letter omissions.
William Camden provided a definition of " Anagrammatisme " as " a dissolution of a name truly written into his letters, as his elements, and a new connection of it by artificial transposition, without addition, subtraction or change of any letter, into different words, making some perfect sense applyable ( i. e., applicable ) to the person named.
The regent-mother Oghul Qaimish ( the " Camus " of William of Rubruck ) seems to have received and dismissed him with presents and a letter for Louis IX, the latter a fine specimen of Mongol insolence.
The first significant reference to the influence of Aelian in the 16th century is a letter to Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange from his cousin William Louis, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg on December 8, 1594.
" ( Book of The Life of Sir William Phips first published anonymously in London in 1697 ) And Mather then included the letter, but, for his own reasons ( surely not brevity, Magnalia is huge ) left out the first, second, and eight sections, which would seem most encouraging to the judges to carry-on with their work.
Kidd was presented with a letter of marque, signed personally by King William III of England.
Erasmus used the Holbein portraits as gifts for his friends in England, such as William Warham, the Archbishop of Canterbury ( as he writes in a letter to Warham regarding the gift portrait, Erasmus quips that " he might have something of Erasmus should God call him from this place.
The word " folklore " was first used by the English antiquarian William Thoms in a letter published in the London journal The Athenaeum in 1846.
William had been trying to influence English politics for well over a year, letting Grand Pensionary Gaspar Fagel publish an open letter to the English people in November 1687 deploring the religious policy of James, which action had generally been interpreted as a covert bid for kingship.
Then the following month, on May 31st 1902, in a letter to William Blackwood, Conrad remarks:
In 1799, William Pierre Le Cocq, in a letter written in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England, provides a reference to the game hockey: “ I must now describe to you the game of Hockey ; we have each a stick turning up at the end.
In an 1803 letter to William Henry Harrison, Jefferson wrote:
In 1938, Inverness Shire Chief Constable William Fraser penned a letter stating that it was beyond doubt the monster existed.
Lucrece is also featured in William Shakespeare's 1594 long poem The Rape of Lucrece ; he also mentioned her in Titus Andronicus, As You Like It, and Twelfth Night ( Malvolio authenticates his fateful letter by spotting Olivia's Lucrece seal ).
Mary considered such action illegal, and her chaplain expressed this view in a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, William Sancroft, on her behalf.
* 1692 – The Salem witch trials are ended by a letter from Massachusetts Governor William Phips.
In 2011, an 1866 letter written by William Herndon, Abraham Lincoln's law partner, was auctioned off for US $ 30, 000.
Falk stayed with the Le Gallienne group for a few months more, and obtained a letter of recommendation from Le Galliene to an agent at the William Morris Agency in New York.
William Howard Taft, a Unitarian, is noted to have said in a letter to a friend, " I am interested in the spread of Christian civilization, but to go into a dogmatic discussion of creed I will not do whether I am defeated or not.

letter and Louis
This insulting behaviour, and the language of the letter with which Andrew reappeared, marked the mission a failure: King Louis, says Joinville, " se repenti fort " (" felt very sorry ").
As soon as he heard of the murder, the Pope ordered the legates to preach a crusade against the Cathars and wrote a letter to Phillip Augustus, King of France, appealing for his intervention — or an intervention led by his son, Louis.
Because of the controversy surrounding Palmerston's removal as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs because of his letter to the French ambassador endorsing Louis Bonaparte's 2 December 1851 coup, Palmerston could not now be appointed Foreign Minister again so soon after his removal from the same position.
Rabbi Louis Finkelstein, scholar of the JTSA, wrote: " There are those who would think that we have but two alternatives, to reject or to accept the law, but in either case to treat it as a dead letter.
* King Louis XIII of France used the letter lambda as his personal symbol rather than monogram.
* A letter from Guy, a knight, concerning the capture of Damietta on the sixth Crusade with a speech delivered by Saint Louis to his men.
Four years later, seminary professors Alexander Marx, Louis Ginzberg and Saul Lieberman went public with their rebuke by writing a letter to the Hebrew newspaper Hadoar, lambasting Kaplan's prayer book and his entire career as a rabbi.
Louis ’ decision to jettison the agreement of 817 regarding the division of the empire by assigning a kingdom to his youngest son, Charles the Bald, in 829 was criticized by Gregory in a letter to the Frankish bishops.
The letter together with the restoration of Louis allowed Aldric to remain in his see for some time.
San Marino finally had to make a choice on February 5, 1797, when, with the arrival of a letter from General Louis Alexandre Berthier addressed to the Regents, it was required to arrest and consign the Bishop of Rimini, Monsignor Vincenzo Ferretti, accused of instigating crimes against the French, who fled with all his possessions to San Marino.
Simultaneously, Elizabeth had conveyed to Louis XV a confidential letter in which she proposed the signature of a new treaty of alliance of a more comprehensive and explicit nature than the preceding treaties between the two powers, without the knowledge of Austria.
Whilst on this campaign Manuel received a letter from Louis VII of France announcing his intention of leading an army to the relief of the crusader states.
Letter by Manuel I Komnenos to Pope Eugene III on the issue of the crusades ( Constantinople, 1146, Vatican Secret Archives ): with this document, the Emperor answers to a previous papal letter, where the Pope asks Louis VII of France to free the Holy Land and reconquer Edessa, Mesopotamia | Edessa.
They also sent a letter to Louis XIV, arguing that great severity would result in political discord.
Clement agreed, and appointed César d ' Estrées, Bishop of Laon as mediator in the matter ( he was to be assisted by two bishops who had signed the letter to the pope, Louis Henri de Pardaillan de Gondrin, Archbishop of Sens and Félix Vialart de Herse, Bishop of Châlons-sur-Marne ).
The samples, donated by " Mr. Peter Choteau, who resided the greater portion of his time for many years with the Osage Nation " according to Lewis's letter, didn't take, but later the thorny Osage-orange was widely naturalized throughout the U. S. In 1810, Bradbury relates that he found two trees growing in the garden of Pierre Chouteau, one of the first settlers of St. Louis ( apparently " Peter Choteau ").
For the rest of her life, Mary kept the last letter from her bon mari et ami ( her good husband and friend Louis ), which mentioned his illness and explained his absence at Rouen.
Once again, Louis Philippe was praised in a letter by Dumouriez after the battle.
In 1839, while reflecting on his visit to the United States, Louis Philippe explained in a letter to Guizot that his three years there had a large influence on his later political beliefs and judgments when he became king.
Mampar is the subject of a critical letter from producer Louis Jouvet which says, in summary, " Interesting, but terminally flawed ".
The paradox was first stated in 1905 in a letter to Louis Olivier, director of the Revue générale des sciences pures et appliquées.
Nevertheless, he was gratified to receive a letter from Louis XV in acknowledgement of his services.

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