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list and popes
The uncertainty that in some cases results has made it advisable to abandon the assignation of successive numbers in the list of the popes.
The Holy See's Annuario Pontificio, in its list of popes and antipopes, attaches a footnote to its mention of Stephen II ( III ): " On the death of Zachary the Roman priest Stephen was elected ; but, since four days later he died, before his consecratio, which according to the canon law of the time was the true commencement of his pontificate, his name is not registered in the Liber Pontificalis nor in other lists of the Popes.
The Annuario Pontificio included this Stephen in its list of popes as Pope Stephen II until the Second Vatican Council ( 1962 65 ) declared that he was not a pope, and gave all papal Stephens that followed dual numberings to reflect this change.
With great ingenuity J. B. Lightfoot, in Clement of Rome ( London, 1890 ), found traces of a list of popes in Epiphanius of Cyprus, ( Haer., xxvii, 6 ) that may also derive from Hegesippus, where that fourth-century writer carelessly says: " Marcellina came to us lately and destroyed many, in the days of Anicetus, Bishop of Rome ", and then refers to " the above catalogue ", though he has given none.
He is clearly quoting a writer who was at Rome in the time of Anicetus and made a list of popes A list which has some curious agreements with Epiphanius in that it extends only to Anicetus, is found in the poem of Pseudo-Tertullian against Marcion ; apparently Epiphanius has mistaken Marcion for " Marcellina ".
However, he has not been considered a legitimate pope since the first half of the 20th century and has been erased from the Annuario pontificio < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s list of popes.
The list of popes buried in Saint Peter's Basilica includes the recovered body of Pope Formosus
This list, adapted from The Prophecies of St. Malachy by Peter Bander, begins its numbering two numbers ahead of the Vatican's numbering of popes ( Benedict XVI is the 265th, not the 267th ).
To this list J. Denny Weaver adds " warrior popes, support for capital punishment, corporal punishment under the guise of ' spare the rod and spoil the child ,' justifications of slavery, world-wide colonialism in the name of conversion to Christianity, the systemic violence of women subjected to men ".
In compiling the history of the Early Christian Church, the Liberian Catalogue ( Catalogus Liberianus ), which was part of the illuminated manuscript known as the Chronography of 354, is an essential document, for it consists of a list of the popes, designated bishops of Rome, ending with Pope Liberius ( died 366 ), hence its name and approximate date.

list and given
and they should be given priority in the basic list as long as they continue to show these qualities.
The navy captain disclosed also that a list of questions found in Miss Gee's purse would, if completed and handed back, have given the Kremlin a complete picture `` of our current anti-submarine effort and would have shown what we are doing in research and development for the future ''.
* Ada ( name ), feminine given name ( and list of people with the name )
A list of beliefs is given below:
In the long list of the disciples given in the Anguttara Nikaya ( i. xiv.
For cross-referencing, they are given with list indices from Andreini ( 1-22 ), Williams ( 1-2, 9-19 ), Johnson ( 11-19, 21-25, 31-34, 41-49, 51-52, 61-65 ), and Grünbaum ( 1-28 ).
The list given here for these churches is the most inclusive: if at least one Eastern church accepts the book it is included here.
For some time the existence of the word bretwalda in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, which was based in part on the list given by Bede in his Historia Ecclesiastica, led historians to think that there was perhaps a ' title ' held by Anglo-Saxon overlords.
** For a list of persons with the given name Benjamin see
Other advantages are that one can easily find the first or last elements on the list ( most likely to be useful in the case of numerically sorted data ), or elements in a given range ( useful again in the case of numerical data, and also with alphabetically ordered data when one may be sure of only the first few letters of the sought item or items ).
Biafra had received sole songwriting credit for most Dead Kennedys songs on all released albums for the last 20 years or so without complaints from the band, though a minority of songs had given credit to certain group members or the entire band as a whole, indicating a system designed to reflect the primary composers rather than a regimented system like the Jagger / Richards partnership ; today, most Kennedys reissues list the songwriters as " Biafra, Dead Kennedys ", indicating Biafra's lyrical contributions — which the band doesn't dispute, or else simply as " Dead Kennedys ").
Given that a natural language such as English contains, at any given time, a finite number of words, any comprehensive list of definitions must either be circular or rely upon primitive notions.
Euripides and other playwrights accordingly composed more and more arias for accomplished actors to sing and this tendency becomes more marked in his later plays: tragedy was a " living and ever-changing genre " ( other changes in his work are touched on in the previous section and in Chronology ; a list of his plays is given in Extant plays below ).
# Append odd list to the even list and place queens in the rows given by these numbers, from left to right ( i. e. a2, b4, c6, d8, e3, f1, g7, h5 )
He then measured his own capacity to relearn a given list of words after a variety of given time period.
* Filter ( higher-order function ), a higher-order function that processes a data structure ( typically a list ) in some order to produce a new data structure containing exactly those elements of the original data structure for which a given predicate returns the boolean value true
7, where a list of modern authorities is given
All Internet Standards are given a number in the STD series-The first document in this series, STD 1, describes the remaining documents in the series, and has a list of Proposed Standards.
Concerning birds, a list of non-kosher species is given in the Torah.
For example, the Mishnah mentions that the Shema need not be said in Hebrew A list of prayers that must be said in Hebrew is given in the Mishna, and among these only the Priestly Blessing is in use today, as the others are prayers that are to be said only in a Temple in Jerusalem, by a priest, or by a reigning King.
* Joel ( given name ), origin of the name including a list of people with the first name
A list of all the characters given actual names in the script, or with a spoken role.

list and Holy
Giovanni Battista Bugatti, executioner of the Papal States between 1796 and 1865, list of people executed by the Holy See | carried out 516 executions ( Bugatti pictured offering snuff to a condemned prisoner ).
For the list of the members of the Holy Synod and their official titles see main article The Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria
This list includes all emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, whether or not they styled themselves Holy Roman Emperor.
In the end, the Legislative Assembly, supported by Louis, declared war on the Holy Roman Empire first, voting for war on 20 April 1792, after a long list of grievances was presented to it by the foreign minister, Charles François Dumouriez.
The story assumed an important place in later Christian tradition ; Byzantine liturgy estimated 14, 000 Holy Innocents while an early Syrian list of saints stated the number at 64, 000.
At the Synod of Hippo ( 393 ), and again at the Synod of 397 at Carthage, a list of the books of Holy Scripture was drawn up, which survives to the current day as the Catholic canon ( including some books considered apocrypha by Protestants ).
The 16th Century Thirty-Nine Articles list confirmation among those rites " commonly called Sacraments " which are " not to be counted for Sacraments of the Gospel " ( a term meaning Baptism and the Holy Eucharist ), as they were not directly instituted by Christ with a specific matter and form, and they are not generally necessary to salvation.
Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, by Johann Weyer, is a grimoire that contains a list of demons and the appropriate hours and rituals to conjure them in the name of God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost ( simpler than those cited by The Lesser Key of Solomon below ).
Until 1970, no woman had been named a doctor in the church, but since then three additions to the list have been women: Saints Teresa of Ávila ( St. Teresa of Jesus ), Catherine of Siena by Pope Paul VI, and Thérèse de Lisieux ( St. Therese of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face ), " the Little Flower " by Pope John Paul II.
The following is a sortable list of the concordats and other bilateral agreements concluded by the Holy See.
Shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks, the U. S. government was considering adding the Holy Land Foundation to a list of organizations with suspected links to terrorism and was planning to search the premises of the organization.
* A list of editions of the Holy Scriptures, and parts thereof, printed in America previous to 1860, Albany, 1861
Denial of the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Son ( with no mention of the Nicene Creed ) is given seventh place in this list of eleven.
Ebedjesu includes in his list " two tomes on the Holy Spirit ", probably a work directed against the heresy of the Pneumatomachi ; and " two tomes against him who asserts that sin is inherent in human nature.
Verwer's first contact with Christianity was through his neighbor, Dorothea Clapp, who gave him the Gospel of John and also put him on her " Holy Ghost hit list ".
Pope Clement VIII then included the castle in the list of goods of the Holy See that could not be sold.
Those of you on the e-mail list will receive updates from The Holy Ghosts from now on.
Santa Maria delle Grazie (" Holy Mary of Grace ") is a church and Dominican convent in Milan, northern Italy, included in the UNESCO World Heritage sites list.
Catholics commonly give a list of six specific sorts of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, to wit, with Thomas Aquinas
The following is a list of male names taken from the 1996 Orthodox Calendar, published by the Holy Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church ( contributed by Hristijan Delev ).
In addition to the above list of churches, is the Anglican Holy Trinity Church Built in 1866 in Rudolphe Street

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