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meantime and Fox
In the meantime, Fox sat for the Scottish pocket borough of Tain or Northern Burghs, for which he was qualified by being made an unlikely burgess of Kirkwall in Orkney ( which was one of the Burghs in the district ).
In the meantime that summer of ' 62, Fox released nearly all of its contract stars, including Jayne Mansfield.
In the meantime, Baby Doll still sleeps in a crib, wearing childish shorty-nightgowns and sucking her thumb, while Archie spies on her through a hole in a wall of their decrepit antebellum mansion, " Fox Tail.
In the meantime, however, Fox insisted that no survey of land around Parihaka take place until the commission had made a report.

meantime and went
In the meantime, a call went out through the Muslim world that al-Andalus was a safe haven for friends of the house of Umayya, if not for Abd al-Rahman's scattered family that managed to evade the Abbasids.
In the meantime, the X-10 Graphite Reactor, a scaled-down version of the Hanford reactors, was built in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and went into operation in November 1943.
In the meantime, Olwë and many of the Teleri could not delay longer, and went to Aman without Elwë and his following.
Alexander LukashenkoIn the meantime, the Supreme Soviet adopted a constitution that went into effect on March 30, 1994, and created the office of president, who would now be the head of government instead of the prime minister.
In the meantime, Kelly went on to join Steve Forbert's Flying Squirrels in 1981 and also played with Clarence Clemons and the Red Bank Rockers before joining Meat Loaf's Neverland Express in 1983.
The palms were then blessed with five prayers, and a procession went out of the church and on its return included a ceremony for the reopening of the doors, which had meantime been shut.
Han had a well-defined system of official salaries, but when Wang became emperor, he ordered that the salary system be overhauled and recalibrated ; however because a new system could not be created for years, the officials went without salary in the meantime.
In the meantime Bodiroga signed a pre-contract with KK Vojvodina so that when he finally went to Zadar in autumn 1989 he wasn't right away eligible for the first team, meaning that he first worked with coach Josip Pino Grdović in the club's youth sections while simultaneously attending high school.
In the meantime, the rest of the expedition had dispersed ; Stanley went to Zanzibar and then to Cairo, where he wrote the 900 pages of In Darkest Africa in just 50 days.
Though it was closed for only six months, the group's writers each went their own way in the meantime, and the Edebiyyât-ı Cedîde movement came to an end.
In the meantime, Carolyn quietly went through treatment.
It was only in March of next year that he went back again to Montenegro, where in the meantime a civil war between Partisans and Chetniks had broken out.
On lap 22 Beltoise, who in the meantime went into fourth, retired with transmission problems ; on the same lap Brabham passed Amon into second place.
In the meantime, she worked with her acting coach and did other scenes that went well.
In the meantime, sure of having found a solution to the problem of taking 360 ° photos, Leme applied for a patent registration, a process that went on for some years.
The bid was therefore postponed on January 2007, and in the meantime Di Biagio went on training with Ascoli, and played from November to December with Promozione club Polisportiva La Storta from Rome, coached by his friend and former Dundee and Lazio footballer Alessandro Romano.
To assist with bringing in a German audience, the show went on location to Hamburg when a jewel thief and his lover ( who had been in a coma for seven years and wanted revenge on the women her husband had married in the meantime ) stole the Dimarco diamond from a museum in that country.
Piper and Orton went their separate ways after WrestleMania, with Piper taking a hiatus and Orton in the meantime becoming the bodyguard for Piper's talk-segment successor Adorable Adrian Adonis ; Adonis had Orton wear a pink cowboy hat.
In the meantime adoption of the St. Étienne Mle 1907 ( a French government arsenal product derived from the Puteaux M1905 machine gun ) to equip the infantry went through in 1908, because of internal political pressures.
With a rugged build and consistently solid catching, Kelsey managed to fully oust Swindin from the side ( Swindin making only two appearances in 1953-54 ) and went on to be Arsenal's first-choice goalkeeper for the next eight seasons ; only a broken arm sustained in an FA Cup tie against Sheffield United in 1959 put Kelsey out of the Arsenal side for any considerable amount of time, with Jim Standen taking over in the meantime.
In the meantime, Zhang Liang left the feast and went outside to summon Liu Bang's general Fan Kuai.
The original Fitz, in the meantime, went on to become Father Kreiner, a Faction agent who hunted down many Time Lords before he was drawn into a bottle universe by the mysterious Gallifreyan I. M.
In the meantime, Gigi who was very disappointed with Andy's refusal to marry her, went with the bad crowd, in the form of mahjong con men led by Lau Ching-wan.

meantime and under
In the meantime, Cleomenes helped install a pro-Spartan tyranny under Isagoras in Athens, in opposition to Cleisthenes, the leader of the traditionally powerful Alcmaeonidae family, who considered themselves the natural heirs to the rule of Athens.
In the meantime, under Theodemir, the Ostrogoths broke away from Hunnic rule following the Battle of Nedao in 454, and decisively defeated the Huns again under Valamir at Bassianae in 468.
In the meantime, de Bois-Guilbert rushes with his captive to the nearest Templar Preceptory, which is under his friend Albert de Malvoisin, expecting to be able to flee the country.
In the meantime, the immediate priority was to provide accommodation for the next Parliament, and so the Painted Chamber and White Chamber were hastily repaired for temporary use by the Houses of Lords and Commons respectively, under the direction of the only remaining architect of the Metropolitan Board of Works, Sir Robert Smirke.
In the meantime in Iberia, which served as the main source of manpower for the Carthaginian army, a second Roman expedition under Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus Major took New Carthage by assault and ended Carthaginian rule over Iberia in the battle of Ilipa.
Frederick in the meantime was focused on restoring peace in the Rhineland, where he organized a magnificent celebration of the canonization of Charles the Great ( Charlemagne ) at Aachen, done under the authority of the antipope Paschal III.
In the meantime, Beiderbecke played on four number-one records in 1928, all under the Whiteman name: " Together ," " Ramona ," " My Angel ," and " Ol ' Man River ", which featured Bing Crosby on vocals.
In the meantime, another English cavalry force under Robert Clifford and Henry de Beaumont skirted the Scottish position to the east and rode towards Stirling, advancing as far as St. Ninians.
In the meantime, while Souville was under assault, the opening of the Battle of the Somme on 1 July, had forced the Germans to withdraw some of their artillery from Verdun to counter the combined Anglo-French offensive to the north.
In the meantime, Reinhard Heydrich, previously a naval cadet who had served under Canaris and was at the time the Sicherheitsdienst ( SD ) leader, despite being his protégé, friend and neighbour, became his rival.
In the meantime, the British Mediterranean Fleet, under Admiral Sir John Jervis, had sailed from the Tagus with 10 ships of the line to try to intercept the Spanish fleet.
In the meantime, an English detachment, under John de La Pole, had been sent to seize the regions upriver, east of Orleans: Jargeau fell on October 5, Châteauneuf-sur-Loire immediately after, while further upriver, the Burgundians took Sully-sur-Loire.
In the meantime, the administration of London was reformed under the London Government Act 1963.
In the meantime, Khánh had four of Minh's colleagues tried and put under house arrest on purported charges of promoting neutralism and a truce with the communists.
In the meantime, the remaining First Hundred — including Russell, Clayborne and Chernyshevski — settle into life in Ai's refuge called Zygote, hidden under the South Polar ice.
Gordian in the meantime had sent an embassy to Rome, under the leadership of Publius Licinius Valerianus, to obtain the Senate ’ s support for his rebellion.
In the meantime, the Constituent Assembly of India ( under the leadership of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar ) was in the process of drafting a completely new constitution for the country.
In the meantime, Sicily proclaimed its independence under the leadership of Ruggeru Sèttimu, who on 13 April 1848 declared the King deposed.
After the overthrow of the Romanov dynasty by the February Revolution in 1917, the Menshevik leadership led by Irakli Tsereteli demanded that the government pursue a " fair peace without annexations ", but in the meantime supported the war effort under the slogan of " defense of the revolution ".
In the meantime the Director of Public Prosecutions has clarified the criteria under which an individual will be prosecuted for assisting in another person's suicide.
In the meantime, AMD has also utilized a new scheme to characterize the power consumption of new processors under " average " daily usage, named average CPU power ( ACP ).
In the meantime, The 4 Seasons released recordings under a variety of names, including The Valli Boys, The Wonder Who ?, and Frankie Valli ( every Valli " solo " recording from 1965 to " My Eyes Adored You " in 1975 had the same production team as The Four Seasons that were recorded at the same time-his first post-1950s single without The Four Seasons was 1975's " Swearin ' to God ").
In the meantime, he guested with KMFDM in 1997 and 1999, and released an album with Martin Atkins under the name Rx ( also known as Ritalin ).
In the meantime, the viceroy had escaped, thanks to oidor Alvarez, to Tumbes and had formed a little army thinking that all the country was going to awaken under the royal flag.

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