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mid-1980s and band
* King ( band ), a British New Wave pop band of the mid-1980s
At first the band was used sparsely in the studio but this gradually changed during the mid-1980s.
The band were a key part of the mid-1980s indie pop scene, but eventually moved away from their more jangly sound, taking on more psychedelic and then garage rock influences, before incorporating a dance music element to their sound.
Sometime in the mid-1980s, Anka was secretly recorded while launching a tirade against his crew and band members, berating them for unprofessional behavior in the show they had just played.
Vanden Plas is a German progressive metal band, based in Kaiserslautern and founded in the mid-1980s.
During the mid-1980s, Tyner produced a single for Detroit band Vertical Pillows, and occasionally made brief guest appearances during some of their live shows, singing MC5 covers.
The band influenced a wide range of musicians and bands across multiple generations, initially hard rock bands like Kiss and Aerosmith, followed by the American and British punk rock movements, and a huge wave of " hair metal " bands of the mid-1980s.
In the early 1980s he appeared on Young's Trans album and then played with Martin in the " Buffalo Springfield Revisited " tribute band in the mid-1980s.
Seven years later, the Australian band Pseudo Echo covered " Funky Town ," updating the tune to fit the mid-1980s Dance-rock scene and taking it back to the U. S. top ten.
From the late 1970s through the mid-1980s, he was closely associated with the punk rock band Black Flag and the record label SST Records, both founded by his older brother Greg Ginn.
After achieving early underground fame in UK, the band had their commercial breakthrough in mid-1980s and sustained it until the early 1990s, when they stopped releasing new recorded output in protest against their record company.
Poison is an American glam metal band that achieved great success in the mid-1980s to mid-1990s.
The mid-1980s saw some interest in re-uniting various band members for a few engagements.
This record was not equalled for 20 years, until the mid-1980s success of fellow Liverpool band Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
Simple Minds are a Scottish rock band who achieved worldwide popularity from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s.
During the mid-1980s, Johnston toured U. S. clubs with a band called Border Patrol, which did not release any recordings.
Dwarves is an American punk band formed in Chicago, Illinois, as The Suburban Nightmare, in the mid-1980s.
The band was a prominent target in the mid-1980s of the Parents Music Resource Center ( PMRC ) led by Tipper Gore, who at the time was wife of then-Senator Al Gore ( D-TN ), an organization that pushed for warning labels on recorded music.
However, even though they were often considered one of the top bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement of the late 1970s, in the mid-1980s the band were associated with the growing glam metal scene, mainly due to their mainstream success and glossy production.
The band Olodum, from Pelourinho, are generally credited with the mid-1980s invention of samba-reggae, a fusion of Jamaican reggae with samba.
Between 1977 and 1983 she fronted her band Toyah, before embarking on a solo career in the mid-1980s.
Compared to cheap 27 MHz, the main reason for the lower user numbers on the 934 MHz band, was its cost ( up to £ 500 for a radio ), coupled with the fact that by the time reliable Japanese equipment became available in the mid-1980s, most people had opted for the noisier but cheaper 27 MHz, or gone on to take the Radio Amateur Exam.
" In the mid-1980s, as Stipe's pronunciation while singing became clearer, the band decided that its lyrics should convey ideas on a more literal level.

mid-1980s and was
From the mid-1980s through at least 1992, the United States was the primary source of military and other support for the UNITA rebel movement, which was led from its creation through 2002 by Jonas Savimbi.
It was designed to compete in the mid-1980s home computer market dominated by the Commodore 64 and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, where it successfully established itself primarily in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and the German-speaking parts of Europe.
Religious use in Brazil was legalized after two official inquiries into the tea in the mid-1980s, which concluded that ayahuasca is not a recreational drug and has valid spiritual uses.
It was unlikely, however, that it would return to the robust form of the mid-1980s.
The concept of a blitzkrieg Luftwaffe was challenged by Richard Overy in the late 1970s and by Williamson Murray in the mid-1980s.
Research in the mid-1980s found that juvenile salmon were suffering substantially from the predatory pikeminnow, and in 1990, in the interest of protecting salmon, a " bounty " program was established to reward anglers for catching pikeminnow.
A $ 3. 5 million project to renovate and expand the Wabash Station, a rail depot built in 1910 and converted into the city's transit center in the mid-1980s, was completed in summer of 2007.
From his first introduction in 1938 to the mid-1980s, " Clark Kent " was seen mostly as a disguise for Superman, enabling him to mix with ordinary people.
By the mid-1980s this type of tube was functionally obsolete.
Production was declining by the mid-1980s, so mining of the sulfide zone of the gold ore body was commenced, requiring more extensive processing facilities than had previously existed.
" The mid-1980s also saw the emergence of New York Garage, a house music hybrid that was inspired by Levan's style and sometimes eschewed the accentuated high-hats of the Chicago house sound.
In the United Kingdom, the film was one of the first to be labeled a video nasty during the mid-1980s controversy over such movies and was finally released uncut in 2001.
Between the late 1970s and mid-1980s, Italian cinema was in crisis ; " art films " became increasingly isolated, separating from the mainstream Italian cinema.
The genre was called Latin hip hop in the mid-1980s.
In the mid-1980s, the US TV version, Terror of Mechagodzilla, was replaced by the theatrical edit, The Terror of Godzilla, on television and home video.
A few months later, the first eukaryotic genome was completed, with the 16 chromosomes of budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae being released as the result of a European-led effort begun in the mid-1980s.
However, since the mid-1980s, the Russian gothic fiction was discussed in a books like „ The Gothic-Fantastic in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature “, „ European Gothic: A Spirited Exchange 1760-1960 “ and „ The Russian Gothic novel and its British antecedents “.
Grindcore, as such, was developed during the mid-1980s in the United Kingdom by Napalm Death, a group who emerged from the anarcho-punk scene in Birmingham, England.
The show was produced by Yongestreet Productions through the mid-1980s ; it was later produced by Gaylord Entertainment, which distributed the show in syndication.
Less than half of Honduras's cultivable land was planted with crops as recently as the mid-1980s.

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