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more and casually
And then off he went so casually, to someone else with breasts better developed, more obvious in a lower-cut dress, someone without a mouthful of wire bands and an inability to find words that would hold him.
In 1997, Film Comment published a review calling Hell's Hinges a " classic of its kind " and arguing that " to dismiss it casually as a western would be a mistake, for it more resembles The Atonement of Gosta Berling than it does Riders of the Purple Sage.
There is scant literary evidence for two more ship trackways by that name in antiquity, both located in Roman Egypt: The physician Oribasius ( c. 320 – 400 AD ) records two passages from his 1st century AD colleague Xenocrates, in which the latter casually refers to a diolkos close to the harbor of Alexandria which may have been located at the southern tip of the island of Pharos.
employee in Boise had casually mentioned that the rail spur to Ketchum cost the company more money for snow removal than any other branch line and the Count went to explore.
This set of attributes is more formally called the sort of the relation, or more casually referred to as the set of column names.
As thoughts of earth are not heavy, any more than thoughts of fire are casually efficient, they provide an immaterial complement for the formless mind.
The control runs to the elevators are more complex, and elevator surfaces are much more difficult to casually inspect from the ground.
Williams notably refused the obvious advice from teammates to either start hitting in the opposite direction or at least casually bunt the ball to third base, thus forcing the opposing teams to play him more " honest.
During mating, a bull will casually kick an estrous cow with his foreleg to calm her down and make her more receptive to his advances.
In the very next year Bismarck shed personal involvement when " he abandoned his colonial drive as suddenly and casually as he had started it " as if he had committed an error in judgment that could confuse the substance of his more significant policies.
Often Merulo casually ignores the " rules " of voice-leading, giving the music an expressive intensity more associated with the late school of madrigalists than with keyboard music of the time.
The term body cast ( or full body cast ) is sometimes casually used by laymen to describe any of a number of body and / or spica casts, from a simple body jacket to a more extensive hip spica.
In parallel, Zarifopol argued, the writer had even allowed ironic reflections on the impact of various theories to seep into a more serious work, O făclie de Paşte, where two students terrify the innkeeper Zibal by casually discussing anthropological criminology.
Some policies do not allow any more than the one premium contractually, and some policies are casually defined as single premium because only one premium was intended to be paid.
After the Nazi takeover of Austria in 1938, he was arrested and briefly jailed for reasons that are not fully known but probably related to his unsympathic views toward the Nazi party ( Hellmayr did not make political statements in public, but his interest – as an amateur historian – in the French Revolution shows that he was more than casually interested in such topics ).
Some early Christians went to church and listened for the words of scripture that were being sung when they entered the church as a random means of predicting the future and God's will ( along the lines of the Jewish Bath Kol form of divination ), but the Sortes was done more formally, by casually opening the Holy Scripture and reading the first words to come to hand, with these words being taken to foretell the inquirer's fate.
They are generally more loose fitting and casually worn.
A blazer is a type of jacket resembling a suit coat cut more casually — sometimes with flap-less patch pockets and metal buttons.
The younger man to whom Ephrussi appears to be speaking, more casually attired in a brown coat and cap, may be Jules Laforgue, his personal secretary and also a poet and critic.
It ’ s not something we take casually, we see it as our RESPONSIBILITY to continue exploring new music .” This love of experimentalism and boundary-blurring is obvious with the recent release of the duo ’ s Ipecac debut, Licker's Last Leg, inspired both by the " new weird America " folk movement pioneered by such artists as Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom as well as music as far ranging as 70 ’ s era disco ( see The Bee Gee ’ s cover of “ Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You ”) to more recent excursions into gothdom and retro-ism.
Most modern scholars consider female gladiators a novelty act due to the sparse writings about them, but writer Amy Zoll notes that the fact that those ancient historians that do mention them do so casually may suggest that they were " more widespread than direct evidence might otherwise indicate.
Shirts are normally made from woven cloth, and are often accompanied by a jacket and tie, for example with a suit or formalwear, but shirts are also worn more casually.

more and constructed
An alternate roof, perhaps more within do-it-yourself reach, could be constructed of heavy wooden roof beams, overlaid with boards and waterproofing.
The central area of the ground floor of a heavily constructed apartment building, with concrete floors, should provide more fallout protection than the ordinary basement of a family dwelling.
At the beginning of the Hippodrome I saw the Kaiser's Fountain, an ugly octagonal building with a glass dome, built in 1895 by the German Emperor, and on my left, directly across from it, the tomb of Sultan Ahmet, who constructed the Blue Mosque, more properly known by his name.
These flat-top, steel-string guitars are constructed and voiced more for classical-like fingerpicking and less for chordal accompaniment ( strumming ).
Additional buildings have been constructed on an average of more than one per year, and most have been faced with light yellow brick similar to that chosen for the original buildings.
As construction began on the new site, more residences were constructed in the vicinity of the new campus.
Concrete buildings are more resistant to fire than those constructed using wood or steel frames, since concrete does not burn.
The 10th century temple of Ta Keo is the first Angkorian temple to be constructed more or less entirely from Sandstone.
Four out of five houses constructed under Labour were council properties built to more generous specifications than before the Second World War, and subsidies kept down council rents.
Jürgen Schmidhuber ( 2000 ) constructed a limit-computable " Super Omega " which in a sense is much more random than the original limit-computable Omega, as one cannot significantly compress the Super Omega by any enumerating non-halting algorithm.
Although not in its original form, it is more elaborate than most of the crosses on Dartmoor, being raised upon a constructed base, and it is known that a kistvaen is underneath.
What we have constructed is called the Alexandroff one-point compactification of the real line, discussed in more generality below.
Links were either butted together meaning that the ends touched each other and were not riveted, or the kusari was constructed with links where the wire was turned or twisted two or more times, these split links are similar to the modern split ring commonly used on keychains.
Riveted mail offers significantly better protection ability as well as historical accuracy than mail constructed with butted links, at the same time riveted mail can be more labour intensive and expensive to manufacture.
During the late Neolithic henge sites were constructed, single burials began to become more commonplace and by the Bronze Age it is possible that even where chambered cairns were still being built they had become the burial places of prominent individuals rather than of communities as a whole.
During the time of the CCC, volunteers planted nearly 3 billion trees to help reforest America, constructed more than 800 parks nationwide and upgraded most state parks, updated forest fire fighting methods, and built a network of service buildings and public roadways in remote areas.
By 1959 more than 1, 000 homes a year were being constructed.
He wrote " Dialectical thinking should be taken more seriously by Western scholars, not discarded because some nations of the second world have constructed a cardboard version as an official political doctrine.
In this sense, Euclidean geometry is more concrete than many modern axiomatic systems such as set theory, which often assert the existence of objects without saying how to construct them, or even assert the existence of objects that cannot be constructed within the theory.
Guitars are traditionally constructed of various woods and strung with animal gut or, more recently, with either nylon or steel strings.
Hillforts were known since the Late Bronze Age, but a huge number were constructed in the period 600-400 BCE, particularly in the South ; after about 400 however new ones largely cease to be built and a large number cease to be regularly inhabited, while a smaller number of others become more and more intensively occupied, suggesting a degree of regional centralisation.
Some hairpins are a single straight pin, but modern versions are more likely to be constructed from different lengths of wire that are bent in half with a u-shaped end and a few kinks along the two opposite portions.
It was the capital of Pakistan until Islamabad was constructed as a forward thrust capital in order to spread development much more evenly across the country and to prevent it from just being concentrated in Karachi.

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