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published and version
Base also published a colouring book version for children to do their own colouring.
Several later books were original in Europe, and at least one novel has only ever appeared in Italian, no English version yet published.
Several editions featuring Newton's first three stanzas and the verse previously included by Harriet Beecher Stowe in Uncle Tom's Cabin were published by Excell between 1900 and 1910, and his version of " Amazing Grace " became the standard form of the song in American churches.
In 1960, Hill published an abridged version of the book containing the Andrew Carnegie formula for wealth creation.
Earlier version first published in New English Dictionary, 1913 .</ ref >
His version of Columbus ' life, published in 1829, was more a romance than a biography.
How to design and implement a stripped-down version of an interpreter for the BASIC language was covered in articles by Allison in the first three quarterly issues of the People's Computer Company newsletter published in 1975 and implementations with source code published in Dr. Dobb's Journal of Tiny BASIC Calisthenics & Orthodontia: Running Light without Overbyte.
In 1648 there appeared the play Le Gran Tamerlan et Bejezet by Jean Magnon, and in 1725 Handel's Tamerlano was first performed and published in London ; Vivaldi's version of the story, Bajazet, was written in 1735.
* The published version of Wellington's initial despatch describing the battle.
The following websites have either online material that supports the popular version of the Bermuda Triangle, or documents published from official sources as part of hearings or inquiries, such as those conducted by the United States Navy or United States Coast Guard.
Between then and 1764, when a more formal revised version was published, a number of things happened which were to separate the Scottish Episcopal liturgy more firmly from either the English books of 1549 or 1559.
In 1994, the prayers announced " allowed " by the 1982 Bishops Council of the Anglican Church of Korea was published in a second version of the Book of Common Prayers In 2004, the National Anglican Council published the third and the current Book of Common Prayers known as " seoung-gong-hwe gi-do-seo " or the " Anglican Prayers ", including the Daily Masses, Special Masses, Baptism, Confirmation, Funeral Mass, Wedding Mass, Rite of Ordination Mass, and all of the other events the Anglican Church of Korea celebrates.
Aside from the American version and the newly-published Philippine Book of Common Prayer, the Filipino-Chinese of Saint Stephen's Pro-Cathedral in the Diocese of the Central Philippines uses the English-Chinese Diglot Book of Common Prayer, published by the Episcopal Church of Southeast Asia.
* Bubble Trouble A detailed analysis of the arcade version, as published in Retro Gamer magazine.
The first, classified, edition of Factbook was published in August 1962, and the first unclassified version in June 1971.
A Spanish version, with a similar format and using a slightly revised version of the 1909 Reina-Valera translation, was published in 2009.
However, it is still printed in every version of the King James Bible published by the church.
Before there was an official standard for C, many users and implementors relied on an informal specification contained in a book by Ritchie and Brian Kernighan ; that version is generally referred to as " K & R " C. In 1989 the American National Standards Institute published a standard for C ( generally called " ANSI C " or " C89 ").
There is a board game based on the computer game version of Civilization that was published in 2002.
In 1974, ANSI published a revised version of ( ANS ) COBOL, containing a number of features that were not in the 1968 version.
In 1985, ANSI published still another revised version that had new features not in the 1974 standard, most notably structured language constructs (" scope terminators "), including,,, etc.

published and Henry
Bilingual Franco-Turkish translation of the 1604 Franco-Ottoman alliance | Franco-Ottoman Capitulations between Sultan Ahmed I and Henry IV of France, published by François Savary de Brèves in 1615.
Receiving the archives of Henry Chadwick in 1908, Spalding combined these records with his own memories ( and biases ) to write America's National Game ( published 1911 ) which, despite its flaws, was probably the first scholarly account of the history of baseball.
John Henry Newman's autobiography ( first published in 1864 ) is entitled Apologia Pro Vita Sua in reference to this tradition.
In 1903, the British sportswriter Henry Chadwick published an article speculating that baseball derived from a British game called rounders, which Chadwick had played as a boy in England.
The Bliss bibliographic classification ( BC ) is a library classification system that was created by Henry E. Bliss ( 1870 – 1955 ), published in four volumes between 1940 and 1953.
In 1597 Oxford's servant, Henry Lok, published his Ecclesiastes containing a sonnet to Oxford.
Along with Muir perhaps most influential in the modern movement is Henry David Thoreau who published Walden in 1854.
Shakespeare may have included a sly retaliation against the complaint in his play The Merry Wives of Windsor ( published after the Henry IV series ).
At any rate, The name is Falstaff in the Henry IV, part 1 quarto, of 1598, and the epilogue to the second part, published in 1600, contains this clarification:
While Pepys provides an account of the Plague through his diary, Henry Foe's nephew Daniel Defoe published A Journal of the Plague Year, a fictional account of the plague, in 1722, possibly based on Foe's journals.
In the 1890s, English socialist poet Edward Carpenter and Scottish anarchist John Henry Mackay wrote in defense of same-sex love and androgyny ; Carpenter and British homosexual rights advocate John Addington Symonds contributed to the development of Havelock Ellis's groundbreaking book Sexual Inversion, which called for tolerance towards " inverts " and was suppressed when first published in England.
Henry Mayhew was the great-grandfather of Audrey Mayhew Allen ( b. 1870 ), author of a number of children's stories published in various periodicals, and of a book Gladys in Grammarland, an imitation of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland books.
Henry Fielding's Tom Jones, published about 1749, describes a visit to Hamlet by Tom Jones and Mr Partridge, with similarities to the " play within a play ".
American psychologist Henry H. Goddard published a translation of it in 1910.
Although numerous political references to the " Wizard " appeared early in the 20th century, it was in a scholarly article by Henry Littlefield, an upstate New York high school history teacher, published in 1964 that there appeared the first full-fledged interpretation of the novel as an extended political allegory of the politics and characters of the 1890s.
A playing card form was published by an official of Britain's Consular Service named William Henry Wilkinson, author of " Chinese origin of playing cards ," under the name of Khanhoo.
The Sprightly Companion, an instruction book published by Henry Playford in 1695, describes the oboe as " Majestical and Stately, and not much Inferior to the Trumpet.
The first pentomino problem, written by Henry Dudeney was published in 1907 in the Canterbury Puzzles.
In 1155, three years after the Synod of Kells, Adrian IV published the Papal Bull ' Laudabiliter ', which was addressed to the Angevin King Henry II of England.
After his father's death, Edmund Gosse published a typical Victorian biography, The Life of Philip Henry Gosse ( 1890 ).
Many subscribers were alienated by Steiner's unpopular support of Émile Zola in the Dreyfus Affair and the journal lost more subscribers when Steiner published extracts from his correspondence with anarchist John Henry Mackay.
Bradbury's first paid piece, " Pendulum ," written with Henry Hasse, was published in the pulp magazine Super Science Stories in November 1941, for which he earned $ 15.
The Henry Draper Catalogue was published in the period 1918 – 1924.

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