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very and same
He had his chance the very next morning, for exactly the same thing happened again.
It doesn't really matter which month of the year you sow them, but they germinate best when they have a wide variation of temperature, very warm followed by cool in the same 24 hours.
One can make them say the same thing only by not listening to them very carefully and hearing only what one wants to hear.
If all the operating variables were varied simultaneously, Af operations would be required to do the same job, and as R increases this increases very much more rapidly than the number of operations required by the dynamic program.
You explain, `` I have the strangest feeling of having lived through this very same event before.
We know that the number of radio and television impulses, sound waves, ultra-violet rays, etc., that may occupy the very same space, each solitary upon its own frequency, is infinite.
The attitudes which the Rebs and Yanks took toward each other were very much the same and ranged over the same gamut of feeling, from friendliness to extreme hatred.
At the very moment that every attempt is being made to take management out from under the irrationality of anti-trust legislation, a drive is on to abolish collective bargaining under the guise of extending the anti-monopoly laws to unions who want no more than to continue to set wages in the same way that ship operators set freight rates.
They are definitely in the same room with you, but your head starts to swing as though you were sitting on the very edge of a tennis court watching a spirited volley.
I think we were very tired, for we awoke at the same moment, deeply rested, surprised to see the late morning sun on the windows, which were wet where the rime had melted.
The number of neutrons, N, is known as the neutron number of the atom ; thus, A = Z + N. Since protons and neutrons have approximately the same mass ( and the mass of the electrons is negligible for many purposes ), and the mass defect is usually very small compared to the mass, the atomic mass of an atom is roughly equal to A.
A paper published at the same time as the 2009 classification proposed seven subfamilies for the families recognized in the very first APG classification of 1998.
These were rejected in a referendum the following May at the same time as parliamentary elections which left Kocharyan's party in a very powerful position in parliament.
An atom of any other element ionized down to a single electron is very similar to hydrogen, and the orbitals take the same form.
It is not clear how these various traditions relate to each other, or whether they come from the same tradition ; it is very possible that these references are to different men with the same name.
While citizens voting in the assembly were the people and so were free of review or punishment, those same citizens when holding an office served the people and could be punished very severely.
Power generated by muscles, however, is limited by force – velocity relationship, and even at the optimal contraction speed for power production, total work done by the muscle will be less than half of what could be done if the muscle were contracting over the same distance at very slow speeds, resulting in less than 1 / 4 the projectile launch velocity possible without the limitations of the force – velocity relationship.
Although Acorn were able to shrink substantially the same functionality as the BBC into just one chip, manufacturing problems meant that very few machines were available for the Christmas period — to the extent that some shops reported eight presales for every delivered machine.
Plants also adapt very differently from one another, even from a plant living in the same area.
An example of the development of tank destroyer technology throughout the war are the Marder III and Hetzer vehicle, that were very different in spite of being based on the same chassis: Marder was straightforwardly an anti-tank gun on tracks whereas Hetzer traded some firepower ( its Pak 39, designed to operate within the confines of a fully-armored fighting compartment, fires the same projectiles from a reduced propellant charge compared to Marder's Pak 40 ) for better armor protection and ease of battlefield concealment.
The lawyers involved have a very good idea of the scope of agreement and disagreement of the issues to present at trial which develops much in the same way as the role of investigative judges.
That same year, he was murdered at Cadiz while fleeing from a battle in which he had been deserted by the very supporters which had brought him into power.

very and year
School began in August, the hottest part of the year, and for the first few days Miss Langford was very lenient with the children, letting them play a lot and the new ones sort of get acquainted with one another.
In the interim between now and next year, we trust the House and Senate will put their minds to studying Georgia's very real economic, fiscal and social problems and come up with answers without all the political heroics.
`` Whereas, a Bridge over Merrimack River, from the Land of Hon'ble Jonathan Greenleaf, Esquire, in Newbery, to Deer Island, and from said Island to Salisbury, would be of very extensive utility, by affording a safe Conveyance to Carriages, Teams and Travellers at all seasons of the year, and at all Times of Tide.
everyone was very high on Rome that year.
In the spring and early summer of that year she met a wealthy foreign tycoon who took her to France, where she later met a very wealthy man and toured all Europe with him.
In the South, after the first year of the war, paper and ink were very poor.
This very year thou shalt force the Alpine barrier of Italy ; thou shalt penetrate to the city.
Extensive miniature woods of heaths are found in almost endless variety and covered throughout the greater part of the year with innumerable blossoms in which red is very prevalent.
While in the southern colonies, they could farm almost year round, in the northern colonies, the growing seasons were very restricted.
The gleaming expanse of ice is similar to the Arctic, with wind-driven pack ice and ridges up to 15 m. Offshore of the landfast ice, the ice remains very dynamic all year, and it is relatively easily moved around by winds and therefore forms pack ice, made up of large piles and ridges pushed against the landfast ice and shores.
In 778, Seguin ( or Sihimin ) was appointed count of Bordeaux, probably undermining the power of the Duke Lupo, and possibly leading to the Battle of Roncevaux Pass that very year.
For a very brief period in 1944 the Wills band included 23 members., and around mid year he toured Northern California and the Pacific Northwest with 21 pieces in the orchestra. Billboard reported that Wills outgrossed Harry James, Benny Goodman, " both Dorsies, et al.
Count Ferdinand remained imprisoned following his defeat, while King John obtained a five year truce, on very lenient terms given the circumstances.
Because very few wells and springs have water throughout the year, the herders leave with the end of the rains, turning over the land to the antelopes, gazelles, and ostriches that can survive with little groundwater.
* week and weekday – this system ( without year, the week number keeps on increasing ) is not very common
* year, month, and day – most systems, including the Gregorian calendar ( and its very similar predecessor, the Julian calendar ), the Islamic calendar, and the Hebrew calendar
In the years since the collapse of the Mythos CCG ( production ceased in 1997 ; see below ), the release of CoC books has been very sporadic with up to a year between releases.
Walker came very close to winning the Triple Crown that year, leading the league in home runs but finishing second to Tony Gwynn in batting average and third in RBI ( teammate Galarraga led the league.
The competition aspect of cheerleading can be very enduring ; styles and rules changing every year make it important and difficult to find the newest and hottest routines.
Chardin worked very slowly and he only painted slightly more than 200 pictures ( about four a year ) total.
The known extinction rates from deforestation rates are very low, approximately 1 species per year from mammals and birds which extrapolates to approximately 23, 000 species per year for all species.
That year he was made Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Education Secretary Anthony Crosland, with whom Dewar later confessed to never really establishing a rapport, saying Crosland was a " very odd man ".

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