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words and friend
" God knows I go with a heavy heart ," he wrote six days later to his friend and political ally in England, Lord Godolphin, " for I have no hope of doing anything considerable, unless the French do what I am very confident they will not … " – in other words, court battle.
In a letter written to his sister Josephine, however, Pasternak recalled the words of his friend Ekaterina Krashennikova upon reading Doctor Zhivago.
When trying to recall some words, he would frequently substitute a synonym of a similar-sounding word, such as trying to say " char " but instead saying " burn " ( a synonym of " char ") and " friend " ( a synonym of " chum ").
His last words, as recorded by his friend Beatus Rhenanus, were " lieve God ", Dutch for Dear God.
A commonly misunderstood false friend is between the words constipation in English, and constipação ( in Portuguese ) where the latter means a cold in Portuguese.
Demand in English and demande in French or domanda in Italian are representative of a particularly treacherous sort of false friend, in which – despite a common origin – the words have differently shaded meanings.
However, similar words with a different meaning are also quite common ( e. g., German bekommen means " to receive ", not " to become ", and is thus a false friend, which could lead a German English learner to utter an embarrassing sentence like: " I want to become a beefsteak .").
To use the words of his friend Paulinus, he broke with his father, followed Christ, and set the teachings of the " fishermen " far above all his " Tullian learning.
After being checked by the doctor a family member and a friend offered words of hope that he was looking better to which Jefferson impatiently replied .. Do not imagine for a moment that I feel the smallest solicitude as to the result " at which point he calmly gave directions for his funeral, forbidding any sort of celebration or parade.
In a 2006 interview, Gagarin's friend Colonel Valentin Petrov stated that the cosmonaut never said such words, and that the quote originated from Nikita Khrushchev's speech at the plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU about the state's anti-religion campaign, saying " Gagarin flew into space, but didn't see any god there.
In contrast to the fictional Allenby's words at Lawrence's funeral in the film, upon Lawrence's death Allenby remarked, " I have lost a good friend and a valued comrade.
Foucault's friend Gilles Deleuze gave a speech, with the words coming from the preface to the final two volumes of The History of Sexuality.
According to Rushton's widow, his last words included a message to his long-time friend and comedy partner, Barry Cryer: " Tell Bazza he's too old to do pantomime.
" However, this term was actually coined by Mitchell's friend Robley Dunglison from the Greek words for heat and for pain.
Garner, who would go on to become a personal friend of Collins, would later relate that " Billy Collins saw a title with funny-looking words in it on the stockpile, and he decided to publish it.
Gein was devastated by her death ; in the words of author Harold Schechter, he had " lost his only friend and one true love.
A friend said, " In a second you discover that he is not conversing — he is sketching in words, giving impressions in sound and sense to be interpreted by the hearer.
In the words of her friend, the Dalai Lama: " Petra Kelly was a committed and dedicated person with compassionate concern for the oppressed, the weak, and the persecuted in our time.
In 1859, confident of gaining the presidential nomination and advised by his political ally and friend Thurlow Weed that he would be better off avoiding political gatherings where his words might be misinterpreted by one faction or another, Seward left the country for an eight-month tour of Europe that included a visit to Syria, where Ayub Beg Tarabulsy gave him several Arabian horses.
In the final Owen setting, " Strange Meeting ", one of the most prominent expressions of the tritone is sung by the Tenor, addressing an opposing soldier with the words " Strange friend ".
Hardy plays the role of Tess's only true friend and advocate, pointedly subtitling the book " a pure woman faithfully presented " and prefacing it with Shakespeare's words from The Two Gentlemen of Verona: " Poor wounded name!
Her last words were, " Do not grieve, my friend, my dearest friend.
“ I am no friend, therefore, to what is called Purism, but a zealous one to the Neology which has introduced these two words without the authority of any dictionary.

words and colleague
In the early 1950's, Smith, together with his distinguished colleague, George Trager ( so austerely academic he sometimes fights his own evident charm ), and a third man with the engaging name of Birdwhistell ( Ray ), agreed on some basic premises about the three-part process that makes communication: ( 1 ) words or language ( 2 ) paralanguage, a set of phenomena including laughing, weeping, voice breaks, and `` tone '' of voice, and ( 3 ) kinesics, the technical name for gestures, facial expressions, and body shifts -- nodding or shaking the head, `` talking '' with one's hands, et cetera.
for senior officials, he recalled the words of a colleague several years earlier who had been analyzing a
Hotter, like his younger colleague, brought a true feeling for words as well as music to the songs of Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf and others.
On October 15, 1890, Chief-of-Police David C. Hennessy was shot, and reportedly his dying words informed a colleague that he was shot by " Dagos ", an insulting term for Italians.
After exchanging words with her colleague, Dr. Angleman, Professor Walsh checks up on her special project, which is revealed to be a part-demon, part-human creature named Adam.
" Never ", to repeat the words of a colleague, " was so much force and dignity, energy and learning, strength of character and prudence, piety and vigour, united in one person as in Hermann von Mallinckrodt.

words and Georg
In other words, the only claim that is indubitable here is the agent-independent claim that there is cognitive activity present The objection, as presented by Georg Lichtenberg, is that rather than supposing an entity that is thinking, Descartes should have said: " thinking is occurring.
In 1671, Swedish scholar Georg Stiernhielm commented on the similarities of Sami, Estonian and Finnish, and also on a few similar words between Finnish and Hungarian, while the German scholar Martin Vogel tried to establish a relationship between Finnish, Sami, and Hungarian.
Georg shrinks back into a corner, scared of his father and his harsh words.
Invited by Walter Fink, he was the 17th composer featured in the annual Komponistenporträt of the Rheingau Musik Festival in 2007 in chamber music and a symphonic concert that he conducted himself, including works of Claude Debussy and Robert Schumann along with his Lieder after Georg Trakl and Gesänge der Frühe on words of Schumann and Friedrich Hölderlin.

words and Henrik
It has been official since 1916, and was composed by Jonathan Petersen with words by Henrik Lund, both Greenlanders.
* When talking to Henrik van der Hune in Secret of the Scarlet Hand about the Mayan Pot, one of your choices to say is " In the words of Nicholas Falcone, come on, spill it!
Rogers, in the words of Dr. John Henrik Clarke, " looked at the history of people of African origin, and showed how their history is an inseparable part of the history of mankind.

words and von
But I, though I saw and heard these things, refused to write for a long time through doubt and bad opinion and the diversity of human words, not with stubbornness but in the exercise of humility, until, laid low by the scourge of God, I fell upon a bed of sickness ; then, compelled at last by many illnesses, and by the witness of a certain noble maiden of good conduct nun Richardis von Stade and of that man whom I had secretly sought and found, as mentioned above, I set my hand to the writing.
Impressed by the fate of the city, the relics, and not least legend's excessive descriptions, the German poet Detlev von Liliencron wrote a popular poem called " Trutz, Blanke Hans " about this lost city which starts with the words: " Heut bin ich über Rungholt gefahren, die Stadt ging unter vor sechshundert Jahren ".
The German Christmas carol " Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann ", with words by Hoffmann von Fallersleben, also uses the melody, as does the Hungarian Christmas carol " Hull a pelyhes fehér hó ", the Dutch " Altijd is Kortjakje ziek ", the Spanish " Campanita del Lugar ," and the Turkish " Daha Dun Annemizin.
As attested by Sigismund von Herberstein, in the 16th century Russians called the range by a variety of names derived from the Russian words for rock ( stone ) and belt.
On 6 January 1762, he wrote to Count Karl-Wilhelm Finck von Finckenstein, " We ought now to think of preserving for my nephew, by way of negotiation, whatever fragments of my territory we can save from the avidity of my enemies ", which means, if words mean anything, that he was resolved to seek a soldier's death on the first opportunity.
), Lexikologie: Ein internationales Handbuch zur Natur und Struktur von Wörtern und Wortschätzen: Lexicology: An international handbook on the nature and structure of words and vocabularies ( Vol.
), Lexikologie: Ein internationales Handbuch zur Natur und Struktur von Wörtern und Wortschätzen: Lexicology: An international handbook on the nature and structure of words and vocabularies ( Vol.
His son, Karl von Habsburg, also defended his father's words, in a 2011 statement, stating that " there were guilty parties in practically every country ".
It also comprises, in the words of Hans von Bülow, " a microcosm of Beethoven's art ".
" Eloquent pauses ", in von Lenz's words.
A shoemaker named Weickmann took the boy to the house of Captain von Wessenig, where he would repeat only the words " I want to be a cavalryman, as my father was " and " Horse!
Cradock was told to use Canopus as " a citadel around which all our cruisers in those waters could find absolute security " or in other words, keep contact with von Spee while avoiding any risky engagements.
Just two shells had struck Scharnhorst, neither of which exploded: one 6-inch shell hit above the armour belt and penetrated to a storeroom where, in von Spee's words, " the creature just lay there as a kind of greeting.
Wolfram von Eschenbach, who tells the same story in his Parzival, asks his audience not to judge Kay too harshly, as his sharp words actually serve to maintain courtly order.
Titles of former aristocrats ( like Graf for " Count ") have become parts of the Nachname in Germany, giving longer names of several words, usually including the nobiliary particle von ( meaning " of ") or zu ( meaning " to ", sometimes " at "), often von und zu are also found together ( meaning " of and to / at ").
First developed by brothers Friedrich von Schlegel and August von Schlegel, the field organizes languages on the basis of how those languages form words by combining morphemes.
* " Chiggy von Richthofen " – named after Manfred von Richthofen, " Chiggy von Richthofen " flew an advanced Chig stealth fighter, with the words " Abandon All Hope " written in English on its hull.
* Abendlandschaft for soprano and piano ( 1924 ); words by Joseph von Eichendorff
* Mittagsruh for soprano and piano ( 1924 ); words by Joseph von Eichendorff
* Die Sperlinge for mezzo-soprano and piano ( 1924 ); words by Joseph von Eichendorff

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