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feud and was
this was the form in which their private feud most often appeared in the Tory press, especially the Examiner.
In 1158 a feud with Henry's son, Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony, was interrupted by a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
This originated a deadly feud between the leaders of the opposite parties, for Joab, as next of kin to Asahel, was by the law and custom of the country the avenger of his blood.
Achilles was absent during these encounters because of his feud with Agamemnon.
The Capp-Fisher feud was well known in cartooning circles, and it grew more personal as Capp's strip eclipsed Joe Palooka in popularity.
The Capp-Saunders " feud " fooled both editors and readers, generated plenty of free publicity for both strips — and Capp and Saunders had a good laugh when all was revealed.
In July 1940, he was appointed acting lieutenant-general, placed in command of V Corps, responsible for the defence of Hampshire and Dorset, and started a long-running feud with the new commander-in-chief, Southern Command, Claude Auchinleck.
Charybdis was very loyal to her father in his endless feud with Zeus ; it was she who rode the hungry tides after Poseidon had stirred up a storm, and led them onto the beaches, gobbling up whole villages, submerging fields, drowning forests, claiming them for the sea.
Their family is notable for their bitter feud with the Orsini family over influence in Rome until it was stopped by Papal Bull in 1511 ; in 1571 the Chiefs of both families married nieces of Pope Sixtus V.
Trotsky was the only one in the Politburo who supported Gosplan in its feud with the Commissariat for Finance.
He also noted that the " feud " that there may have been between Jones and colleague Robert Clampett was mainly because they were so different from each other.
The period between Henry's accession and the birth of Eleanor's youngest son was turbulent: Aquitaine, as was the norm, defied the authority of Henry as Eleanor's husband ; attempts to claim Toulouse, the rightful inheritance of Eleanor's grandmother and father, were made, ending in failure ; the news of Louis of France's widowhood and remarriage was followed by the marriage of Henry's son ( young Henry ) to Louis ' daughter Marguerite ; and, most climactically, the feud between the King and Thomas Becket, his Chancellor, and later Archbishop of Canterbury.
The Medieval Gjakmarrja ( blood feud ) was banned.
A military junta, the Comité Militaire de Redressement Nationale, was installed, which started to feud within itself, and quickly, as had occurred under the Touré regime, the paramount national security concern became the preservation of the president's power.
In the midst of this feud Germanicus was stricken with a mysterious illness and died shortly thereafter in Antioch.
On LL's response, " To da Break of Dawn " in 1990, he dissed Kool Moe Dee ( Whose feud with LL was far more publicized ) as well as MC Hammer.
When Karađorđe was killed by Miloš Obrenović, a feud between the two houses of Karađorđević and the Obrenović developed which lasted until the Obrenović King Alexander I was killed in 1903 with his family and the Karadjordjević returned to the throne.
This was the beginning of a long-running feud and schism between libertarian socialists and what they call " authoritarian communists ", or alternatively just " authoritarians ".
In A Moveable Feast, which was published after both Hemingway and Stein were dead and after a literary feud that lasted much of their life, Hemingway reveals that the phrase was actually originated by the garage owner who serviced Stein's car.

feud and aided
Tugboat aided Hulk Hogan in his feud with Earthquake and " Canada's Strongest Man " Dino Bravo.
Martel spent the remainder of the year aligned with Tatanka, who aided her in her feud with Luna Vachon and Bam Bam Bigelow.
He appeared sporadically with TNA throughout the remainder of the year, and aided Kash in his feud with A. J.
The team feuded with fellow light heavyweight wrestlers such as Taka Michinoku and aided Jerry " The King " Lawler ( Christopher's father ) in his feud with Al Snow.

feud and by
No date is assigned by Herodotus for this old feud ; recent writers, e. g. J.
The feud and Fisher's suicide were used as the basis for a lurid, highly fictionalized murder mystery, Strip for Murder by Max Allan Collins.
He replaced the prevailing system of oral law and blood feud by a written code to be enforced only by a court.
The debate between Haeckel and His ultimately becomes fueled by the description of an embryo that Wilhelm Krause propels directly into the ongoing feud between Haeckel and His.
Later, conflicts were intensified by the personal feud around Brunhilda.
The Giants ' front office operations were complicated by a long-standing feud between Wellington Mara and his nephew, Tim Mara.
The 1980s were dominated by the feud between Bjelke-Petersen and the federal party leadership.
The Emperor Henry V and Pope Calixtus II ended the feud by granting one another peace.
He continued his feud with Wilhelm II by attacking him in his memoirs and by publishing the text of the Reinsurance Treaty with Russia, a breach of national security for which any individual of lesser status would have been prosecuted.
The feud was finally put to an end only by the intervention of the Queen.
Public disorder regarding the Roses dynasties was always a threat until the 17th century Stuart / Bourbon re-alignment occasioned by a series of events such as the execution of Lady Jane Grey, despite her brother in law, Leicester's reputation in Holland, the Rising of the North ( in which the old Percy-Neville feud and even anti-Scottish sentiment was discarded on account of religion ; Northern England shared the same Avignonese bias as the Scottish court, on par with Valois France and Castile, which became the backbone of the Counter-Reformation, with Protestants being solidly anti-Avignonese ) and death of Elizabeth I of England without children.
In an article appearing in the Associated Press, it has been speculated by a Vanderbilt University endocrinologist that the hostility underlying the Hatfield – McCoy feud may have been partly due to the consequences of von Hippel – Lindau disease.
The rivalry between the Babenberg and Conradine families was intensified by their efforts to extend their authority in the region of the middle Main, and this quarrel, known as the " Babenberg feud ", came to a head at the beginning of the 10th century during the troubled reign of the German king Louis the Child.
At the time there was a feud between advocates of the music of Wagner and Brahms ; by aligning himself with Wagner, Bruckner made an unintentional enemy out of Hanslick.
When confronted by the Barons about the secret marriage that Henry had allowed to happen, a feud developed between the two.
Sometimes the restoration of Horus ' eye is accompanied by the restoration of Set's testicles, so that both gods are made whole near the conclusion of their feud.

feud and friendship
One of the major changes that the committee imposed on Raeder was to suppress his feud with Dönitz, and instead presented relations between the two admirals as one of friendship, respect and mutual harmony.
While the long, creative partnership between Karloff and Lugosi never led to a close mutual friendship ( though their legendary " feud " was just an act for publicity ), it produced some of the actors ' most revered and enduring productions, beginning with The Black Cat.
Chapman's friendship with Jonson, however, broke down, perhaps as a result of Jonson's public feud with Inigo Jones, and some satiric, scathing lines, written sometime after the burning of Jonson's desk and papers, provide evidence of the rift.
The match was given extra tension considering they had been rivals, ( although O ' Sullivan has since said that the former feud has been replaced by friendship and respect ).
It is an open discussion group in order to promote and persuade Slipknot's management in to a tour to happen and the feud to officially end with a friendship.
As this later cost him the title, it triggered the legendary feud between The Fabulous Freebirds and The Von Erichs and ended a good respectful friendship between both groups.
This angle saw a brief friendship develop between McMahon and Austin, cooling their long running feud.

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