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instance and middle
For instance, a local society in the middle of a large city may have regular meetings with speakers, focusing less on observing the night sky if the membership is less able to observe due to factors such as light pollution.
For instance, a major clause must display some structure that is the formal realization of a choice from the system of " voice ", i. e. it must be either " middle " or " effective ", where " effective " leads to the further choice of " operative " ( otherwise known as ' active ') or " receptive " ( otherwise known as " passive ").
For instance, Arctic House in Hunt Hall takes a swim in Lake Superior in the middle of winter.
For instance, a double concave in the middle and a single concave in the tip and tail keep the wakeboard riding higher in the water overall.
Variations on this layout were common, for instance the order of the middle two movements, or the addition of a slow introduction to the first movement.
Full-blooded Platonism is a modern variation of Platonism, which is in reaction to the fact that different sets of mathematical entities can be proven to exist depending on the axioms and inference rules employed ( for instance, the law of the excluded middle, and the axiom of choice ).
For instance, distractedly drumming ones fingers on the table seems to fall somewhere in the middle.
Large leaps in the melody can be observed, for instance, in bars 9-11: from B below middle C in bar 9, from A above middle C to an A an octave higher in bar 10, and from G above middle C to a G an octave higher in bar 11.
For instance, in Cummings ' grasshopper poem (" r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r ") the word arriving begins on the far right of the poem with the " a ," the " r " is near the middle of the poem, and the rest of the word is on the left of the poem.
For instance, a left-click on the down arrow might cause the window to scroll down, while a right click in the same place would scroll up ( e. g. RISC OS ), or the middle button could be used to place the thumb precisely.
He suggests, for instance, that Orwell may exaggerate the visceral contempt that the English middle classes hold for the working class, adding, however, that, " I may be a bad judge of the question, for I am a Jew, and passed the years of my early boyhood in a fairly close Jewish community ; and, among Jews of this type, class distinctions do not exist.
For instance, the peptide hormone insulin is cut twice after disulfide bonds are formed, and a propeptide is removed from the middle of the chain ; the resulting protein consists of two polypeptide chains connected by disulfide bonds.
Green Automation is the term coined to describe energy management strategies in home automation when data from smart grids is combined with home automation systems to use resources at either their lowest prices or highest availability, taking advantage, for instance, of high solar panel output in the middle of the day to automatically run washing machines.
For instance, networks generated by preferential attachment typically place the high-degree vertices in the middle of the network, connecting them together to form a core, with progressively lower-degree nodes making up the regions between the core and the periphery.
Wangdue Phodrang dzong, for instance, is set upon a spur overlooking the confluence of the Puna Chhu and Tang Chhu rivers thus blocking any attacks by southern invaders who attempted to use a river route to bypass the trackless slopes of the middle Himalayas in attacking central Bhutan.
For instance, in a treap, if the three numbers 1, 2, and 3 are inserted in the order 1, 3, 2, and then the number 2 is deleted, the remaining two nodes will have the same parent-child relationship that they did prior to the insertion of the middle number.
This may well indicate that the poet had already reached middle age by the 1370s: but once again suspicions are aroused by the conventional nature of this description ( see, for instance, Walter Kennedy's ' In Praise of Aige ' and The Parlement of the Thre Ages ), and the fact that it occurs towards the end of the poem, when Will's personal development is reaching its logical conclusion.
For instance, a sora was observed 3 miles ( 5 km ) from marshland in a cultivated field in Iowa in the middle of August.
For instance, in the Colonial era, it was common to use the long s, which resembles a lowercase f, in the middle of words ; thus, as Ben Franklin is reading the Declaration of Independence, he questions the passage, " Life, liberty, and the purfuit of happineff ?!?
For instance, arrow blocks preserve the guide lines used by line up the sheets for perforation or other production steps ( these are usually angled in an arrow shape, thus the name ), and center line blocks includes lines printed down the middle of a sheet.
This proof is non-constructive because it relies on the statement " Either q is rational or it is irrational "— an instance of the law of excluded middle, which is not valid within a constructive proof.
In some other countries, the term middle name is only used for names that are originally last names, but not part of the last name of the bearer ( for instance one can have one's mother's maiden name as a middle name ).

instance and C
For instance, iron changes from a body-centered cubic structure ( ferrite ) to a face-centered cubic structure ( austenite ) above 906 ° C, and tin undergoes a transformation known as tin pest from a metallic phase to a semiconductor phase below 13. 2 ° C.
For instance, a diagonal operator on the Hilbert space may have any compact nonempty subset of C as spectrum.
For instance, together with the spectral radius formula, it implies that the C *- norm is uniquely determined by the algebraic structure:
Take for instance a simple ( and naïve ) function, written in C:
For instance, the United Kingdom has its Embassy of the United Kingdom in Washington, D. C., but also maintains seven consulates-general and four consulates elsewhere in the US.
For instance, in early Attic before c. 500 B. C., it was used also both for the long, open, and for the long close.
Limit functor: For a fixed index category J, if every functor J → C has a limit ( for instance if C is complete ), then the limit functor C < sup > J </ sup >→ C assigns to each functor its limit.
For instance, for genotype 1 hepatitis C treated with Pegylated interferon-alpha-2a or Pegylated interferon-alpha-2b ( brand names Pegasys or PEG-Intron ) combined with ribavirin, it has been shown that genetic polymorphisms near the human IL28B gene, encoding interferon lambda 3, are associated with significant differences in the treatment-induced clearance of the virus.
C ++ also allows a single instance of the multiple class to be created via the virtual inheritance mechanism ( i. e. " Worker :: Human " and " Musician :: Human " will reference the same object ).
Mesa has an " imperative " and " algebraic " syntax, in many respects more similar to ALGOL and Pascal than to C. For instance, compound commands are indicated by BEGIN / END keywords, rather than braces.
For instance, the historian G. C.
For instance, raising the note B to B is equal to the note C. Assuming all such equivalences, the complete chromatic scale adds five additional pitch classes to the original seven lettered notes for a total of 12 ( the 13th note completing the octave ), each separated by a half-step.
Python methods have an explicit parameter to access instance data, in contrast to the implicit self in some other object-oriented programming languages ( for example, Java, C ++ or Ruby ).
For instance, the anti-drug Fairlawn Coalition of the Anacostia section of Washington, D. C. persuaded the phone company to reinstall rotary-dial pay phones in the 1980s to discourage loitering by drug purchasers, since the dials could not be used to call dealers ' pagers.
For instance, the C expression changes the value assigned to the variable.
For instance, in the C language notation is a syntactic sugar for.
For instance, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace operates offices in Washington, D. C., Beijing, Beirut, Brussels and Moscow.
For instance, the existence of pointers in C and C ++ makes it difficult to optimize array accesses ( see alias analysis ).
( The re-election of John C. Calhoun in 1828 was the other instance.
The factory determines the actual concrete type of object to be created, and it is here that the object is actually created ( in C ++, for instance, by the new operator ).

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