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Indeed and We
Indeed, following, suppose ƒ is a complex function defined in an open set Ω ⊂ C. Then, writing for every z ∈ Ω, one can also regard Ω as an open subset of R < sup > 2 </ sup >, and ƒ as a function of two real variables x and y, which maps Ω ⊂ R < sup > 2 </ sup > to C. We consider the Cauchy – Riemann equations at z = 0 assuming ƒ ( z ) = 0, just for notational simplicity – the proof is identical in general case.
i. e., z is a vector orthogonal to the vector v ( Indeed, z is the projection of u onto the plane orthogonal to v .) We can thus apply the Pythagorean theorem to
We can prove the cancellation law easily using Euclid's lemma, which generally states that if an integer b divides a product rs ( where r and s are integers ), and b is relatively prime to r, then b must divide s. Indeed, the equation
" Indeed, Gehry himself had made the comparison, " We started collecting pictures of Stratocasters, bringing in guitar bodies, drawing on those shapes in developing our ideas.
Indeed, " Anything For You " became the top-selling single in Jamaica in 1995 and " Si Wi Dem Nuh Know We " also reached the number one slot in Jamaica.
Pope Pius XI ( 1857-1939 ) was so impressed by the courage of the Oblates that he referred to them as “ Specialists in the most difficult missions of the Church ” Indeed, regarding their ministry the Oblates declare :” We fulfill our task in healing the world by understanding its evolutionary character, by critically engaging its contemporary spirit, and by meeting its new needs in new ways.
Indeed, We have granted you, Muhammad, al-Kawthar.
Indeed the band had written to Evans, however Gary Stringer explained it differently,We don ’ t want people to think that ’ s all we ’ re about ” and went on “... he ’ s gone on telly and said we storm offstage whenever someone in the crowd sings that version of it.
Indeed Biko rejected the " practicality " charge as an example of the compromises that hindered and delayed black liberation, saying in 1977: " We have been successful to the extent that we have diminished the element of fear in the minds of black people.
Indeed, as is well known to those who study the history of science, it must be recognized on the one hand that the Roman Pontiffs and the Catholic Church have always fostered the research of the learned in the experimental field as well, and on the other hand that such research has opened up the way to the defense of the deposit of supernatural truths entrusted to the Church .... We promise again that it is our strongly-held intention, that the ' Pontifical Academicians ' through their work and our Institution, work ever more and ever more effectively for the progress of the sciences.
Indeed on 3 July 1935, the KKE newspaper, Rizospastis, reported a statement issued by the IMRO ( United ) organisation in Edesa ( Voden ) and signed by G. Slavos: "... We Macedonians also insist on not being called Bulgarians, for we are neither Bulgarians, nor Serbs, nor Greeks, but Macedonians.

Indeed and declared
Indeed no communication was ever established and Beagle 2 was declared lost on 6 February 2004.
Indeed, so anti-slavery was he that twenty-three years after the cessation of the American Civil War, he declared the North's victory complete " despite the feeble wails " of " unteachable bigots.
Indeed, one early biographer declared that vanity was
Indeed, the 1947 Constitution was authorized by the Emperor ( as was declared in the letter of promulgation ), which is in apparent conflict of the 1947 Constitution, according to which that constitution was made and authorized by the nation (" the principle of popular sovereignty ").
In the mid-1950s, Newsweek published a story where then Harvard Law School dean and jurist Roscoe Pound declared, referring to UC Hastings: " Indeed, on the whole, I am inclined to think you have the strongest law faculty in the nation.
In reply to the argument of his opponents that Nicholas III's bull Exiit qui seminat was fixed and irrevocable, John XXII issued the bull Quia quorundam of 10 November 1324, in which he declared that it cannot be inferred from the words of the 1279 bull that Christ and the apostles had nothing, adding: " Indeed, it can be inferred rather that the Gospel life lived by Christ and the Apostles did not exclude some possessions in common, since living ' without property ' does not require that those living thus should have nothing in common.
Indeed, Bayes rule takes absolutely no account of an observation that was previously believed to have zero probability — it is still declared impossible.
Indeed, Joffre welcomed the prospect of a strong German right, which would mean the German left wing against which his offensives were directed would be weaker — in 1913, General Nöel de Castelnau, then Deputy Chief of the French General Staff, declared a German attack through Flanders was " so much the better for us " and that opinion still prevailed amongst the French high command.
Indeed, they fared poorly, as Jonathan Moss scored 109 not out, with the game ending when the visitors declared on 226 for 2.
Indeed, in 340, the Synod of Gangra condemned the Manicheans for their urging that slaves should liberate themselves ; the canons of the Synod instead declared that anyone preaching abolitionism should be anathematised, and that slaves had a Christian obligation to submit to their masters.
Indeed, the re-designation of the synagogue as " temple " was one of the hallmarks of early Reform in 19th century Germany, when Berlin was declared the new Jerusalem, and Reform Jewry sought to demonstrate their staunch German nationalism.
Indeed, six weeks after war was declared, only 73, 000 had volunteered for service.

Indeed and war
Indeed, by the age of eighteen nearly all of his closest relatives had died by war or disease.
Indeed, he later recalled with apparent satisfaction that after that first recruitment meeting in Galena, ' I never went into our leather store again, to put up a package or do other business ..." During this time Grant quickly perceived that the war would be fought for the most part by volunteers, and not professional soldiers.
Indeed they claimed the right to determine questions of war and peace, and thereby held an " international " status.
Indeed, it became generally believed that the threat of nuclear war would deter any strike against the United States.
Indeed, the king knew that the nascent Palestinian state would soon be absorbed by its Arab neighbors, and therefore had a vested interest in being party to the imminent war.
Indeed, some novels go so far as to posit a love-affair between Matilda and Stephen, e. g. the Janna Mysteries by Felicity Pulman, set during the civil war between Stephen and Matilda.
Indeed, the army required a well-planned district built with the prospect of a war between Germany and France in mind and strategically integrated to the Schlieffen plan.
Indeed, a recurring motif is the devastating impact of the war on British society.
Indeed the approval has little value in any case: it should be noted the subject of the article is not the classic declaration of war, as such a declaration according to doctrine might constitute a war crime by implying a war of aggression forbidden by international law.
Indeed, Colin Powell, in his address to the U. N. Security Council just prior to the war, made reference to the aluminum tubes.
Indeed, he warns that the precedent of Korematsu might last well beyond the war and the internment:
Indeed the Kingdom's decline can be traced to a disastrous war with Genoa in 1373-74 which ended with the Genoese occupying the principal port City of Famagusta.
Indeed, as has been noted, the Postal Service had become increasingly lax about employing the purple recommended by the Universal Postal Union for 3 ¢ stamps, and after the war, departures from the color code in double-width commemoratives veritably became the rule rather than the exception ( although U. P. U. colors would continue to be used in the definitive issues of the next decades ).
Indeed, it should not have been difficult to see how, among the Allied Powers, Italy had been the one which benefited the most from the outcome of the war.
Indeed, two days after news hit Paris of Emperor Napoleon's III capture, the French Second Empire collapsed in a bloodless revolution, leading to the creation of a new provisional government which would carry on the war for five more months, sparing no effort to try to change France's fortunes.
Indeed the war began with most armies utilizing technology that had changed little from World War I, and in some cases, had remained unchanged since the 19th century.
Indeed, Alexander asked for advice and Phocion said: " If Macedonia wishes peace, it should abandon the war.
Indeed, the Germans began to consider missions where their losses were less than ninety percent “ satisfactory .” According to German sources, the Soviets rendered approximately 39, 500 German agents useless by the end of the war.
Indeed, popular perception of a stolen election actually helped bring about the civil war the Commonwealth Observer Group may have feared.
Indeed, Moyzisch told ' Cicero ' that at the end of the war Hitler intended to give him a villa.
Indeed, as a result of the war and the lessons that were learned about the potential of airpower in the region, following the war, the Chief of the Air Staff, Sir Hugh Trenchard, proposed controlling the frontier by air power alone.

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