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Some Related Sentences

Indeed and for
Indeed, you wouldn't live long, for the females either drive the men they've seized from neighboring islands back to their boats after exploiting them for amatory purposes, or they destroy them by revolting but ingenious methods.
Indeed, in the Halma edition of Theon's presentation of The Hypotheses there is a chart setting out ( under six distinct headings ) otherwise unrelated diagrams for describing the planetary motions.
Indeed it might be a more appropriate vehicle than NATO for the development of a parliamentary organ of the Atlantic nations, because it could encompass all of the members of the Atlantic community including those, like Sweden and Switzerland, who are unwilling to be associated with an essentially military alliance like Aj.
Indeed, if pressed, we would say what the late Robert Henri, American painter, said to a pupil, `` Anything will do for a subject: it's what you do with it that counts ''.
Indeed, the experiment is better viewed as consisting of one binomial trial for the entire family.
Indeed, the failure of home-building as a whole to respond this year to somewhat greater availability of mortgage financing, and the increasing reports of pockets of unsold homes and rising vacancy rates in apartment buildings, may also signal in part that the lush days of big backlog demand for housing are reaching an end.
Indeed, one school superintendent in a large city objects to the use of the term comprehensive high school for the senior high schools in his city, because these schools do not offer strictly vocational programs.
Indeed, from the moment the reports of the coming issue first started circulating in Dallas last January, the inquiries and demand for the stock started building up.
Indeed, the problem of determining the area of plane figures was a major motivation for the historical development of calculus.
Indeed, the International Committee for Weights and Measures ( CIPM ) notes that " its definition applies only within a spatial extent sufficiently small that the effects of the non-uniformity of the gravitational field can be ignored.
Indeed, he is referred to, for this and other things as being " more evil than all the kings before him " ( 1 Kings 16: 30 ).
Indeed he seems more or less responsible together with Gasparo da Salò and some Micheli's like Zanetto or Pellegrino for giving the instruments of the modern violin family their definitive profile.
Indeed, recent research found that people use beauty as an indication for truth in mathematical pattern tasks.
Indeed, according to the Chronicle of Monemvasia, the island served as a refuge for the Corinthians fleeing these incursions.
Indeed, the design qualities that make an effective low-level attack aircraft make for a distinctly inferior air superiority fighter, and vice versa.
Indeed, Rawlings and Sankara began discussions about uniting Ghana and Burkina in the manner of the defunct Ghana-Guinea-Mali Union, which Nkrumah had sought unsuccessfully to promote as a foundation for his dream of unified continental government.
Indeed, scientific consensus is that the breeding population of such an animal would be so large that it would account for many more purported sightings than currently occur, making the existence of such an animal an almost certain impossibility.
Indeed, based on their previous experience of the Greeks, the Persians might be excused for this ; Herodotus tells us that the Athenians at Marathon were " first to endure looking at Median dress and men wearing it, for up until then just hearing the name of the Medes caused the Hellenes to panic ".
Indeed, some Bayesians have argued the prior state of knowledge defines the ( unique ) prior probability-distribution for " regular " statistical problems ; cf.
Indeed, methods for constructing " objective " ( alternatively, " default " or " ignorance ") priors have been developed by avowed subjective ( or " personal ") Bayesians like James Berger ( Duke University ) and José-Miguel Bernardo ( Universitat de València ), simply because such priors are needed for Bayesian practice, particularly in science.
Indeed, scholars have referred to the presence or absence of such features as one source of evidence for dating the remains.
Indeed, the Superior Council of the French language of Belgium recommended in 2001 the use of centime, since cent is also the French word for " hundred ".

Indeed and time
Indeed, complaining that painting did not make enough money to justify the time spent when compared to his prints, he produced no paintings from 1513 to 1516.
Indeed, much apocalyptic fiction does not deal with the " end of time " but rather with the end of a certain period of time, the end of life as it is now, and the beginning of a new period of time.
Indeed, at a time when men viewed science as limitless and powerful, Lovecraft imagined alternative potential and fearful outcomes.
Indeed, the expression inertial frame of reference () was coined by Ludwig Lange in 1885, to replace Newton's definitions of " absolute space and time " by a more operational definition.
Indeed, the novel, in which Sterne manipulates narrative time and voice, parodies accepted narrative form, and includes a healthy dose of " bawdy " humor, was largely dismissed in England as being too corrupt.
Indeed, during the Cucuteni-Trypillian Culture, some of the settlements in this area were larger than anywhere on Earth at the time, and they predate even the earliest towns of Sumer in the Mesopotamia.
Indeed, for a time, he was more popular outside of Japan than inside.
Indeed he claimed that she surpassed all the men of her time, and that " crowns studded with the brilliant jewels of guidance " were upon her head.
Indeed, sentiments of Manifest Destiny were abuzz in this time: in 1867, year of Confederation, US Secretary of State W. H.
Indeed, Platonism gets much of its plausibility because mentioning redness, for example, seems to be referring to something that is apart from space and time, but which has lots of specific instances.
Indeed, assorted government agencies ( e. g. the US Department of Commerce ) have from time to time issued security warnings about the use of that software.
Indeed, he later recalled with apparent satisfaction that after that first recruitment meeting in Galena, ' I never went into our leather store again, to put up a package or do other business ..." During this time Grant quickly perceived that the war would be fought for the most part by volunteers, and not professional soldiers.
Indeed, a growing number of language acquisition researchers argue that the very idea of a strict rule-based grammar in any language flies in the face of what is known about how languages are spoken and how languages evolve over time.
Indeed, at the time of these charges, the artist had no wife to mistreat as Anneke had died during labor earlier in 1616.
Indeed, before 1272 a hereditary and not necessarily royal Earldom of Chester had already been created several times, eventually merging in the crown each time.
Indeed, neorealists often argue that the ordering principle of the international system has not fundamentally changed from the time of Thucydides to the advent of nuclear warfare.
Indeed, long before Escobar's time, Colombia in particular had a long legacy of professional kidnappers ( secuestradores ) and murderers, whom he emulated.
Indeed, it was possible for the English to reorganize and resume the siege of Orleans itself soon after, this time perhaps with more success, as the bridge was now repaired, and thus more susceptible to being taken by assault.
Indeed an inscription from the time of Ataxerxes II records that he was also known as Arshu understood to be a shortening of the Babylonian form Achshiyarshu derived from the Persian Khshayarsha ( Xerxes ).
Indeed, he spent considerable time dismissing and criticising the work of Scott and the efforts of his son.
" Indeed, the artist intended the cover to resemble the " look " of conceptual art, an emerging movement in contemporary art at the time.
Indeed in 1924, the year after the book's publication, Labour, under the leadership of Ramsay MacDonald, was elected into power in the U. K. for the very first time in history.

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