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Initially and Rice
Initially founded in 1993 by Scouter Dave Rice and a committee including Mike Cahn, Bob Smith, Ken McPherson and Don Henry, Scouting for All was relatively inactive for its first few years.

Initially and peers
Initially those who held land directly from the king by military service, from earls downwards, all bore alike the title of baron, which was thus the factor uniting all members of the ancient baronage as peers one of another.
Initially, the Act did not extend to peers ; but in 1678 the Act was extended by a further Act ( 30 Car.
Initially there were 11 non-imperial princes or dukes, 24 marquesses, 76 counts, 324 viscounts, and 74 barons, for a total of 509 peers.
Initially schooled at home and cared for by nannies, their lives were rigidly controlled by their parents ; they were largely isolated from the outside world and it was instilled into them that they were superior to most of their peers.
Initially the position of Chief Justice was not an appointment ; of the justices serving in the court, one would become more respected than his peers, and was therefore considered the " chief " justice.

Initially and performed
Initially a drummerless duo, Ballew and Dederer performed a half-dozen or so shows in 1993 as " The Lo-Fis ", " The Dynamic Duo ", and " Pure Frosting.
Initially, as an armed guerrilla organization, the PLO was responsible for terrorist activities performed against Israel in the 1970s and early 1980s.
Initially participating in genderfuck-style performances, RuPaul performed solo and in collaboration with other bands at several New York nightclubs, most notably the Pyramid Club.
Initially unable to play his bass, he rebuilt his strength with intense woodshedding and practice as well as live club gigs where he performed sets of Stooges covers with Hellride in California and with J Mascis and Dinosaur Jr. drummer Murph in New York under the name Hellride East.
Initially, he performed duty as a motorcycle despatch rider, before transferring to the Royal Flying Corps, earning his pilot's wings in 1917.
Initially, PM was based on Windows GUI code, and often had developments performed in advance, like the support for proportional fonts ( which appeared in Windows only in 1990 ).
Initially he appears to have been an actor, perhaps a sharer, in the Admiral's Men, who performed at the Rose Theatre.
Initially, similarity based on alignments of whole sequences was performed.
Initially Pokryshkin dived to escape, but realizing that the heavier and faster Gustavs would catch him sooner, he performed a chandelle and a barrel roll later.
Initially, all executions were performed by hanging ; lethal gas was adopted as the method after 1931.
Initially, partial callosotomies are performed ; if this operation does not succeed, a complete callosotomy is performed to mitigate the risk of accidental physical injury by reducing the severity and violence of epileptic seizures.
Initially the devices were not widely used because of their expense, and the fact that valves were being made smaller, and performed better.
Initially, the procedures were performed by otolaryngologists, general surgeons, and general practitioners but over the past 30 years tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies have been performed almost exclusively by otolaryngologists.
Initially, the works performed in Hamburg had all been on religious themes in an attempt to ward off criticisms by Pietist church authorities that the theatre was immoral, but Keiser and fellow composers such as Johann Mattheson broadened the range of subject matter to include the historical and the mythological.
Initially, Clouseau only performed at local venues.
Initially active until 1996, Los Tres Gusanos regrouped in 2002, then again in 2005, and has performed together many times since.
Initially named Scollay Square Station, it was made famous in 1959 when The Kingston Trio performed a cover of a 1948 Boston protest song, originally known as " Charlie On the MTA " but became a national hit as " M. T. A .," about a man who is trapped to ride on the subway forever due to exit fares, an unpopular fare-collection method that survived until 2007 on some MBTA extensions.
Initially he lived and performed primarily in Washington D. C., but in winter 1987 he moved to New York City.
Initially the SGI geometry hardware performed simple model space to screen space viewing transformations with all the lighting and shading handled by a separate hardware implementation stage, but in later, much higher performance applications such as the RealityEngine, they began to be applied to perform part of the rendering support as well.
Initially he stayed in Florence where he was introduced to Alessandro and Domenico Scarlatti, and where his first Italian opera was composed and performed.
Initially they performed together under their own names, and as such released their first album, Silly Sisters, later taking this name as the name of their duo.
Initially it was difficult for Robas to sing these songs himself, and they were performed by a military band.

Initially and only
Initially, it was relatively unsuccessful, staying at the charts for only one week, but Haley soon scored a major worldwide hit with a cover version of Big Joe Turner's " Shake, Rattle and Roll ", which went on to sell a million copies and became the first ever rock ' n ' roll song to enter British singles charts in December 1954 and became a Gold Record.
Initially, a newspaper page included only a single daily strip, usually either at the top or the bottom of the page.
Initially Eisenhower planned on serving only one term, but as with other decisions he maintained a position of maximum flexibility in case leading Republicans wanted him to run again.
Initially the only calling points would be Rotterdam on the way to Amsterdam, and Cologne on the way to Frankfurt.
Initially, the President was merely a symbolic figure with the Reichstag dominant ; however, persistent political instability, in which governments often lasted only a few months, led to a change in the power structure of the republic, with the president's emergency powers called increasingly into use to prop up governments challenged by critical or even hostile Reichstag votes.
Initially a musician who achieved artistic and commercial success in the 1970s and 1980s, he has been called " the Netherlands ' greatest and only rock ' n ' roll star ," later in life he became a well-known painter.
Initially the collection included only 100 pieces, the rest of the royal sculpture collection being at Versailles.
Initially, civil aviation schools within Germany were used, yet only light trainers could be used in order to maintain the fa├žade that the trainees were going to fly with civil airlines such as Deutsche Luft Hansa.
Initially consisting only of males, it grew to include females after the Buddha's stepmother, Mahaprajapati, asked for and received permission to live as an ordained practitioner.
Initially, only Claris ' Spring Valley and Elliot's Splash Garden are available, and successful completion of one of these unlocks the next level in that child's path.
Initially the NeXT Computer was targeted at US higher education establishments only, with a base price of $ 6, 500.
Initially, the ( AES ) home system was only available for rent to commercial establishments, such as hotel chains, bars and restaurants, and other venues.
This is obtained as follows: Initially, the only matching clause-head for the query is the first one, so proving the query is equivalent to proving the body of that clause with the appropriate variable bindings in place, i. e., the conjunction.
Initially, PLCs had only discrete I / O.
Initially due to be released on only two mobile phones, the Samsung Nexus ( for which it was to be an embedded game ) and the LG VX360.
Initially, Descartes arrives at only a single principle: thought exists.
Initially, Filmation was only going to use the voices of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan and Majel Barrett.
Initially, only a handful of wounded people were found at the site, and in the weeks that followed it became evident that there weren't any survivors to be found.
Initially, this day was celebrated only in Salvador, but eventually it turned into a national holiday.
Initially, treatment is similar to that for patients with thermal burns, and continued care can only be supportive ( e. g. intravenous fluids and nasogastric or parenteral feeding ) and symptomatic ( e. g., analgesic mouth rinse for mouth ulcer ).
Initially signifying only a small coalition of Tiele tribes in Northern China, Mongolia, and the Altay Mountains, it later denoted citizenship in the Uyghur Khaganate.
Initially, only a few dozen students attended classes at the university.
Initially planned for 29 and then 12, only three were built at a cost of over $ 2. 5 billion each.
Initially extending the offer only to Buckingham, Fleetwood later included Nicks in the offer when Buckingham insisted that he and Nicks were " a package deal ".
Initially, the castle was reconstructed only to a height of two storeys.

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