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Initially and musician
Initially intended for the law, Rameau decided he wanted to be a musician, and his father sent him to Italy, where he stayed for a short while in Milan.
Initially rejected by Warner Brothers, Senat showed the project to the President of Time Warner International Broadcasting, Tom McGrath, himself a former classical musician and conductor.
Initially, he forbids Mylene from joining Sound Force, for fear of putting her life in danger, but is persuaded to allow her to join after witnessing her skill as a pilot and musician.
Initially he was hired as a session musician, helping to complete their eponymous album Whitesnake ( known as 1987 in Europe ) after a mass-firing of the original band members by Coverdale.
Initially, Tim played all the instruments himself but as the project grew, he invited musician friends such as Matt Freeman ( Rancid ), Lars Frederiksen ( Rancid ), and Vic Ruggiero ( The Slackers ) to add to the sound.

Initially and who
( Initially composed of an infantry division, eventually covering all Brazilian military forces who participated in the conflict.
Initially, the systems brought American stations to viewers in Canada who had no Canadian stations to watch ; broadcast television, though begun late in 1952 in Toronto and Montreal, did not reach a majority of cities until 1954.
Initially pagan, the Goths were in the 4th century converted to Arian Christianity by the Gothic missionary Wulfila, who devised an alphabet to translate the Bible.
Initially successful, the colonists were driven out by local forces commanded by Murdoch and Neil MacLeod, who based their forces on Bearasaigh in Loch Ròg.
Initially, most IRC servers formed a single IRC network, to which new servers could join without restriction, but this was soon abused by people who set up servers to sabotage other users, channels, or servers.
Initially, this was caused by the revulsion over the summary executions of 16 leaders — some of whom, such as James Connolly, who was too weak to stand from wounds sustained in the fighting — and of other people thought complicit in the rebellion.
Initially the move was unpopular, but those who objected were simply killed, a practice that quickly concentrated the minds of remaining personnel.
Initially the party of the Malaysian Chinese Association was pro-ROC and mainly consisted of Kuomintang members who joined as an alternative and were also in opposition to the Malayan Communist Party, supporting the Kuomintang in China by funding them with the intention of reclaiming the Chinese mainland from the communists.
Initially, concerns for secrecy kept their military designation from being known by the soldiers who operated them.
Initially, Torvalds wanted to call the kernel he developed Freax ( a combination of " free ", " freak ", and the letter X to indicate that it is a Unix-like system ), but his friend Ari Lemmke, who administered the FTP server where the kernel was first hosted for downloading, named Torvalds ' directory linux.
Initially, the FBI had three hypotheses regarding who might have been responsible for the bombing.
Initially agreement had been reached for him to marry Margaret of Geneva, daughter of William I, Count of Geneva, but the young bride's journey to Paris was interrupted by Thomas I of Savoy, who kidnapped Philip's intended new queen and married her instead, claiming that Philip was already bound in marriage.
Initially, the consuls possessed all of the king ’ s powers in the form of two men, elected for a one-year term, who could veto each others actions.
Initially developing out of the trad jazz, skiffle and folk club scenes, early artists tended to focus on major blues performers and standard forms, particularly Alexis Korner, who acted as a mentor to members of The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Manfred Mann, the Graham Bond Organisation and The Kinks.
Initially, she did not notice that the bus driver was the same man, James F. Blake, who had left her in the rain in 1943.
Initially a " rancho carnavalesco ", then a Carnival's Block, and finally a samba school, the Deixa Falar was the first to Rio Carnival parade in the sound of an orchestra made up of percussion surdos, tambourines, and cuícas, who joined pandeiro and shakers.
Initially created for Sierra On-Line by Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy ( who called themselves the " Two Guys from Andromeda "), the games parodied both science fiction properties such as Star Wars and Star Trek ( the theme song itself is a parody of the Star Wars theme ), as well as pop-culture phenomena from McDonald's to Microsoft.
Initially when the production staff was talking about who was going to take the composing duties, Chris Carter did not know whom to ask.
Initially scheduled for 1992, the referendum has not taken place, due to the conflict over who has the right to vote.
Initially the groupe comprised a group of French fighter pilots sent to aid Soviet forces on the Eastern Front at the suggestion of Charles de Gaulle, leader of the Free French Forces, who felt it important that French servicemen serve on all fronts in the war.
Initially, this had helped the wealthy to accumulate more of the trappings of wealth, but as prices rose, those landlords who received payment in cash found themselves in financial straits.
Initially, Humphrey's support of civil rights led to his being ostracized by Southern Democrats, who dominated most of the Senate leadership positions and who wanted to punish Humphrey for proposing the successful civil rights platform at the 1948 Convention.
Initially attracted to London by the " strange new subject called psychoanalysis ", he met and was impressed by Wilfred Trotter, an outstanding brain surgeon who had also written the famous Instincts of the Herd in Peace and War in 1916, based on the horrors of the First World War.

Initially and achieved
Initially published in 1987 at USENIX, the BRL-CAD ray-tracer is the first known implementation of a parallel network distributed ray-tracing system that achieved several frames per second in rendering performance.
Initially he painted still-lifes and landscapes in a traditional style, at which he achieved reasonable proficiency.
Initially an average runtime of 5 minutes was achieved before hardware problems appeared.
Initially a low or roughing vacuum is achieved with either a rotary vane pump or diaphragm pumps bringing the TEM to a sufficiently low pressure to allow the operation of a turbomolecular or diffusion pump which brings the TEM to its high vacuum level necessary for operations.
Initially, the apologists of the Greater Serbia doctrine felt satisfied, since the main goal of uniting all Serbian-inhabited lands under the rule of a Serbian Monarchic dynasty was mostly achieved.
Initially this did occur for a short time ( 1976 – 1977 ), however the institutions had all degrees conferred by the National Council for Educational Awards after 1977, this continued until university status was achieved.
" Initially busking and performing live in clubs, with McDermott writing the majority of their material and songs, DAAS achieved success at the 1986 Adelaide Fringe Festival and subsequently travelled to Britain for the Edinburgh Fringe festival, where they were nominated for the Perrier Award.
Initially intended to be a short series of six to eight episodes, the project quickly and unexpectedly achieved significant popularity following its Internet premiere on April 1, 2003.
Initially known in Australia for their pub rock style, they later achieved mainstream success playing New Wave and synthpop style music and attained Top Ten singles chart success in both Europe and the U. S. The mainstay of both Flowers and Icehouse has been Iva Davies ( singer-songwriter, record producer, guitar, bass, keyboards, oboe ) supplying additional musicians as required.
Initially, these were single family dwellings, but higher densities began to be achieved by the late 1970s, when the Cowie Hill subdivision was built with mostly townhouses and two large apartment buildings.
Initially, Nordland's attack achieved a total tactical surprise and the division soon advanced to the banks of Lake Ihna in all sectors.
Initially, social privileges for those, who achieved Hero of Belarus, according to the Resolution of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus under April 13, 1995 N 3727-XII, were equal to the privileges for people, whom Hero of Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labour, Order of Glory or Order of Labor Glory was given.
Initially only those workers who had achieved an eight-hour day were allowed to march in Eight Hour Day processions.
Initially he achieved some success in moving the countryside and the cities to fulfill their duties.
Initially signed to Casablanca Records, they achieved significant rock radio airplay with " I Could Be Good for You ," which peaked at # 52 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Initially shunned by the media for their extreme-sounding music and texts and appreciated only in the Dutch underground scene, they achieved commercial success and exerted great influence on the Dutch hip hop scene.
Initially the Assembly consisted of 32 independent members, the heads of state of the African states that had achieved independence by 1963.
Initially, the Moroccan Goums wore tribal dress with only blue cloaks as uniform items, but as they achieved permanent status they adopted the distinctive brown and grey striped jellaba ( a hooded Moroccan cloak ) that was to remain their trademark throughout their history with the French Army.

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