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Inside and over
Inside the passage, he had to work his way over the fallen timber and nearly collapsed under his clumsy burden.
Inside it, the two contestants try to knock each other over.
Inside each brain, there is a program " I " ( the conscious self ), which is distributed over the conscious brain and coordinates mental functions ( cortices ), such as thinking, imagining, sensing, moving and reasoning.
Inside this wall was a tower over 3. 6 metres high, contained an internal staircase with 22 stone steps.
Inside a castle they were protected from bands of raiders and could send mounted warriors to drive the raiders from the area, or to disrupt the efforts of larger armies to supply themselves in the region by gaining local superiority over foraging parties that would be impossible against the whole enemy host.
In his book Rude Kids: The Inside Story of Viz, the comic's creator Chris Donald claimed that the first legal action ever taken against Viz was initiated by a man who objected to the use of a picture of his house ( taken from an estate agent's catalogue ) in one of these photo-strips, and that the British tabloid newspaper Sunday Mirror tried to provoke media outrage over another photo-strip which, if taken out of context, could be misconstrued as making light of the problem of illegal drugs being offered to children.
Inside a planetary magnetosphere, a magnetic sail can thrust against a planet's magnetic field, especially in an orbit that passes over the planet's magnetic poles, in a similar manner to an electrodynamic tether.
Inside the jail, Stumpy ( Walter Brennan ), Chance's other deputy, keeps watch over the jail and Joe.
Inside sales generally involves attempting to close business primarily over the phone via cold calling or telemarketing, while outside sales ( or " field " sales ) will usually involve initial phone work to book sales calls at the potential buyer's location to attempt to close the deal in person.
McCartney's demos include " One and One Is Two " ( 1964, eventually an uncharted single for Mike Shannon and the Strangers ), " Step Inside Love " ( 1968, given to Cilla Black ), " Goodbye " ( 1969, given to Mary Hopkin ), " Come and Get it " ( 1969, given to Badfinger ), and early versions of " We Can Work It Out " ( partially taped over by Lennon ) and " Michelle ".
While arguments over Speer's guilt are ongoing, Inside the Third Reich is used by historians on all sides as a primary source on the inner workings of the Nazis.
The band issued the self-titled Eve 6 in 1998, attaining platinum success with hit singles “ Inside Out ” and “ Leech ,” the former capturing the # 1 spot on the Modern Rock charts and crossing over successfully to Top 40 radio.
Inside, the church has a single nave with three domes over wide arched bays, lavishly gilded in a decor inspired as much by Roman baths as by Renaissance artists.
Inside the helmet is a suspension that spreads the helmet's weight over the top of the head.
In November 2011, a review of Cowen's governance was broadcast on RTE television over two episodes entitled Crisis: Inside the Cowen Government.
* The " Inside " player lifts his feet or steps on the line or crosses over or touches the net while throwing the ball.
Evans ' died in 2001, and Inside Report ran in over 150 papers at that time through Creators Syndicate.
About Inside Europe ( published in 1936 ), Gunther wrote, " This book has had a striking success all over the world.
Star Trek co-producer Robert H. Justman ruefully recalled in the book Inside Star Trek The Real Story, that he was the person who suggested that Spock's brain, after being rescued by the Enterprise crew, actually " takes over during surgery and instructs Dr. McCoy exactly how to go back reinserting it back where it came from — inside Spock's skull.
Inside the house beautifully-dressed friends drink and chat, and some write poetry: their silk sleeves slip back and their silk caps hang cheerfully over their necks.
Sepe has been featured on more than 100 magazine covers all over the world, on romance book covers, in hundreds of bodybuilding magazine articles, and on such television programs as Inside Edition, the Late Show with David Letterman, The Howard Stern Show, Late Night with Conan O ' Brien, and Hard Copy.
Inside are over 4, 000 artifacts related to this area.
Inside the palace, He Jin was ambushed and assassinated by the eunuchs, who tossed his severed head over the wall.
Inside the home, particularly for urban women, both the chador and the veil have been discarded and there women and teenagers wore cooler and lighter garments ; while in modern times, rural women continue to wear a light-weight printed chador inside the home over their clothing during their daily activities.

Inside and first
* Two People ( 1931 ) ( Inside jacket claims this is Milne's first attempt at a novel.
Inside the hollow disc-shaped housing were two or three freely-floating pawls arranged so that when the clutch was tripped, the load torque on the first pawl to engage created force to keep the second pawl engaged, which in turn kept the third one engaged.
Inside Man was their first DCP cinema release, and was transmitted to 20 theaters in the United States along with two trailers.
Inside this main flashback there develops cross-cutting to another story, happening at the same time, and at first apparently unconnected with it, though the connection eventually appears.
He returned to Wallington, and in the autumn of 1939 he wrote material for his first collection of essays, Inside the Whale.
Coster-Mullen is the author of Atom Bombs: The Top Secret Inside Story of Little Boy and Fat Man, 2003 ( first printed in 1996, self-published ), considered a definitive text about Little Boy ; illustrations from which are used in the Assembly details section above.
The first release was The Devil Inside, a movie with a budget of about US $ 1 million.
The Inside Intuit book, says ( page 22, 1984 ), "... in the first instance of the Usability Testing that later became standard industry practice, LeFevre recruited people off the streets ... and timed their Kwik-Chek ( Quicken ) usage with a stopwatch.
File: Fort Ticonderoga, inside the first wall. jpg | Inside the first wall ; officers ' barracks at left, soldiers ' barracks at right
* 1993 appearing as a Laboratory Assistant in the first episode of " Inside Victor Lewis-Smith ".
One of the first acknowledgments of Henry Miller as a major modern writer was by George Orwell in his 1940 essay " Inside the Whale ", where he wrote:
Inside the first area were three pieces of furniture: a seven-branched oil lampstand on the left ( south ), a table for twelve loaves of show bread on the right ( north ) and the Altar of Incense ( west ), straight ahead before the dividing curtain.
In 1998, Webb completed his first book, Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting, which was published by Hyperion Books.
Inside, although many hostages at first took the gas to be smoke from a fire, it soon became apparent to gunmen and hostages alike that a mysterious gas had been pumped into the building.
Tiara Records, along with The Shirelles ' contract, was sold to Decca Records in 1959 for $ 4000 ; Greenberg stayed as the manager, securing performances for the group, including one at the Howard Theatre in Washington D. C. After two singles did poorly, including their first release — with Coley as lead vocalist — of " Dedicated to the One I Love ", a cover of The " 5 " Royales song of the same name, Decca returned them to Greenberg and gave up on them, considering them a one-hit act ; On Greenberg's new label, Scepter Records, they re-released " Dedicated to the One I Love " as a single, which peaked at # 89 ; Wayne Wadhams, David Nathan, and Susan Lindsay in Inside the Hits attribute the low rating to poor distribution.
In 1968, she published L ' Exil de James Joyce ou l ' Art du remplacement ( The Exile of James Joyce, or the Art of Displacement ) and the following year she published her first novel, Dedans ( Inside ), a semi-autobiographical work that won the Prix Médicis.
The manuscript led to two books: first Erinnerungen (" Recollections ") ( Propyläen / Ullstein, 1969 ), which was translated into English and published by Macmillan in 1970 as Inside the Third Reich ; then Spandauer Tagebücher (" Spandau Diaries ") ( Propyläen / Ullstein, 1975 ), which was translated into English and published by Macmillan in 1976 as Spandau: The Secret Diaries.
* Inside world's first hydrogen-powered production car BBC News, 14 September 2010
Inside the first no-chamber, the Ixians grow their next attempt: Malky's niece, Hwi Noree, who shall replace him as Ix's ambassador.
Inside are three courtyards with the walls of the first courtyard covered in murals done by Alfredo Zalce in the 1960s.
Inside Venom's tour bus ( the first time Slayer had been in one ) the band members got drunk with Venom, while listening to Hell Awaits.
* The Brazos River is mentioned in three Lyle Lovett songs: " Walk Through the Bottomland "; " Texas River Song " on the Step Inside This House album ; and " Front Porch Song ", which Lovett co-wrote with Robert Earl Keen, on Lovett's eponymous first recording.

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