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Instead and Augustus
Instead, Augustus actively prepared his adopted son Tiberius to be his replacement and pleaded his case to the Senate for inheritance through merit.
Instead Napoleon's expedition sparked the Greater Poland Uprising, which led to the establishment of the Duchy of Warsaw under the rule of King Frederick Augustus I of Saxony with Prince Poniatowski as war minister.
Instead, in official context the imperial titles Caesar Augustus, translated into Greek as Kaisar Sebastos or Kaisar Augoustos, and Imperator, translated as Autokratōr, were used.

Instead and claimed
Instead of saying that humans live on the outside surface of a hollow planet, sometimes called a " convex " hollow-Earth hypothesis, some have claimed that our universe itself lies in the interior of a hollow world, calling this a " concave " hollow-Earth hypothesis.
Instead it was claimed Raeder was opposed to war with the United States and had always worked to protect neurtal shipping during the war with the committee having Raeder say: " We had to consider neutrals to avoid any possible unfortunate incidents " at sea.
Instead of paying homage to the French king, as his ancestors had done, Edward claimed that he was the rightful King of France.
Instead, they claimed to propose legislating for civil union, however attempts by the Labour Party to legislate for civil unions in the previous Dáil were forestalled by PD Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Michael McDowell, due to his insistence that non-sex relationships be recognised too.
Instead it is claimed that gringo might derive from Caló, the language of the Romani people of Spain, as a variant of ( pere ) gringo ‘ peregrine ’, ‘ wayfarer ’, and ‘ stranger ’.
Instead, he was met by a man who claimed to be General Stephen Van Rensselaer's secretary, Toock.
Instead, however, he claimed he married Guerrero because she had authoritative powers as the General Manager, and sought a divorce.
Instead of performing controlled experiments, Lysenko claimed that vernalization increased wheat yields by 15 %, solely based upon questionnaires taken of farmers.
Instead of worrying about Onslaught, the Avengers questioned Franklin's credibility, as Franklin claimed to be the son of both Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman.
Instead, he claimed to have been happy about the events at the time, mentioning that his best friend had sent him a joyous text message from Prague in 1989 when the city was being liberated.
Instead, a more distant Philip, a descendant of Philip IV's younger brother Charles of Valois, successfully claimed the throne as Philip VI of France in preference to Joan and a number of other females closer to the line of succession.
Instead the monarch claimed it was because of Rothschild's business activities, but few believed her.
Instead, the bounty system that had been instigated in 1923 was continued, and this proved to be effective: 57, 034 bounties were claimed over a six month period in 1934.
Instead, Ranuccio's mother's younger sister Catherine, Duchess of Braganza, claimed the throne, very ambitiously, but failed.
Instead it was followed in 1960 by Oedipus and Akhnaton, where he claimed that the story of the Pharaoh Akhenaten was the origin of the Greek legend of Oedipus, and that Amenophis III was Laius, and Tutankhamun was Eteocles.
Instead, liberals either ignored the crime crisis, claimed that law and order was a racist ruse, or maintained that social programs would solve the " root causes " of civil disorder, which by 1968 seemed increasingly unlikely and contributed to a loss of faith in the ability of the government to do what it was above all sworn to do — protect personal security and private property.
Instead of the rare Elvis film, Santilli claims, the cameraman offered him footage he claimed to have shot in the late 1940s of an alleged autopsy of an alien recovered from one of the UFO crash sites.
" Instead of treating the characters as deities, they are allocated the roles of being historical heroes who sometimes have supernatural or superhuman powers, for instance, in the Irish sources the gods are claimed to be an ancient tribe of humans known as the Tuatha Dé Danann.
Instead, Ranuccio's mother's younger sister Catherine, Duchess of Braganza, claimed the throne, very ambitiously, but failed.
Instead, they claimed its purpose was to highlight the fact that young girls of Roma origin can be literally bought like cattle, despite the fact that this is a heavy crime which clearly violates Human Rights Legislation.
Instead, he devoted hmself to poetry, editing radical journals, and protesting World War I, which claimed two of his brothers.

Instead and title
Instead of creating a unique title screen for the movie, as had been done with the previous international versions of Godzilla films, the international title for the film was simply superimposed over the Japanese title.
Instead, Godfrey himself seems to have used the more ambiguous term princeps, or simply retained his title of dux from Lower Lorraine.
Instead, the proper title was Mikra ( מקרא, meaning " reading " or " that which is read ") because the biblical texts were read publicly.
Instead of making the dominion of Wessex over Mercia seem like a conquest, Alfred married Æthelflæd to Æthelred of Mercia and gave his son-in-law the title Ealdorman or Earl of Mercia, thus allowing some ongoing autonomy.
Instead, while the title of Earl of Westmorland and several manors were passed to Ralph, the bulk of his rich estate went to his wife, Joan Beaufort.
Instead they use the term " postseason " as the title of the official elimination tournament held after the conclusion of Major League Baseball's regular season.
Instead, Randall knocked him down for the first time in his career and went on to win a split decision and Chávez lost the title to Randall.
Instead of cash, he insisted on receiving the title to ancestral land along the Sprague River where he lived.
Instead of going up in weight, like most boxers throughout history have done after losing the title in their original division, Ortiz went down in weight, and challenged world champion Joe Brown ( also a member of the International Boxing Hall Of Fame ).
Instead, the power of eminent domain is a separate and distinct power which allows a government to divest a property owner of title to such property for public use, and with just compensation.
Instead, the only Hindu title which is commonly rendered as Emperor is Samraat or Samraj ( a ), a personal distinction achieved by a few rulers of ancient dynasties such as the Mauryas and Guptas ; the Muslim equivalent of emperor would be Padshah, applied to the Mughal dynasty.
Instead, Godfrey himself seems to have used the more ambiguous term Princeps, or simply retained his title of dux from back home in Lower Lorraine.
Instead, a parallel title, Legionnaires, was launched, starring the " SW6 " Legion, whose origins were not resolved until the Zero Hour crossover by a different writing team.
Instead, the King gave her the unofficial title " Princess of Réthy.
Instead of taking the title of Lord Protector, John Dudley set out to rule as primus inter pares.
Instead Premium TV chose to launch a channel with the working title of Classic Sport, offering classic BBC sports footage from the Grandstand archives, the channel never materialised.
Instead of creating entirely new opening / closing sequences, NTA replaced the Paramount logos with their own, and on other title cards, all references to Paramount, Technicolor, Cinecolor, and Polacolor were replaced with black bars, including the original copyright notice.
Instead of the spouse's title, Hetepheres bore only that of a " Biological daughter of a god " ( Sat-netjer-khetef, litt.
Instead, the connections between each title are more abstract than story-based, linked only on the karmic level.
In 1999, during the time leading up to the wedding of The Prince Edward, the youngest son of Elizabeth II, experts had suggested the Dukedom of Sussex or Cambridge as the most likely to be granted to him Instead, Prince Edward was created Earl of Wessex, and it was announced that he would eventually succeed to the title Duke of Edinburgh, currently held by his father.
Instead, Xu was given the title of Lord of Changcheng ( 昌成君 ).
Instead of reprinting a full rule-set with each major title, tweaked and modified for each game, the new setting uses one core system for all games, a streamlined and redesigned version of the old rule system renamed the " Storytelling System ".

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