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Instead and France
Instead they focused on regions in France over long stretches of time.
Instead, from the second half of the 19th century, France concentrated on the establishment of French Indochina and the conflicts with China leading to the Sino-French War.
Instead, he had his son Edward created Earl of Aquitaine in his place and sent him to France to perform the homage.
Instead, they upheld the rights of Philip IV's nephew, King Philip VI ( an agnatic descendant of the House of France ), thereby setting the stage for the Hundred Years ' War ( see family tree below ).
Instead, he hoped for aid from Britain and France in expelling the Austrians from Italy.
Instead of paying homage to the French king, as his ancestors had done, Edward claimed that he was the rightful King of France.
Instead, Cardinal Wolsey negotiated a peace treaty with France, and on 9 October 1514, at the age of 18, Mary married its 52-year-old King Louis XII at Abbeville.
Instead he sent off his eldest son to Normandy, with a number of officials, including his chamberlain Jacques de Rue, who were to prepare his castles to receive the English, as well as a servant whose mission was to insinuate himself into the royal kitchens in Paris and poison the King of France.
Instead, CAP spending was kept within the remit of the EU – and France led an effort to agree a fixed arrangement for CAP spending that would not be changed until 2012.
Instead the line was held by patched-up divisions escaping from the debacle in France, and Volksgrenadier divisions made up from transferred Navy and Air Force personnel, older men and teenagers: these units were fit for static defence, but not much else.
Instead, he has great respect for French literature and institutions without glorifying the history of France and its kings in the way of previous chroniclers.
Instead he returned to find that Maj. Gen. Charles T. Menoher, an artilleryman who had commanded the Rainbow Division in France, had been appointed director on the recommendation of his classmate General Pershing, to maintain operational control of aviation by the ground forces.
Instead Lassalle next became political commentator in writing a short work on the war in Italy in which he warned Prussia against rushing to the aid of the Austrian Empire in its war with France.
Instead, the word " Netherlandish " refers to " de Nederlanden ", i. e. the Low Countries, roughly corresponding to modern Belgium, Luxembourg, the southern and northern parts of Holland and adjacent portions of northern France.
Instead of scaring Britain into turning toward Germany, the main result was to increase British fear and hostility and to draw Britain closer to France.
Instead of rejoining her husband after his release, she leaves for France with Balian.
Instead he enlisted in the French Army as a private soldier in 1831 with a view to service in Algeria, where in 1833 he received a commission as sub-lieutenant in the Foreign Legion, it having been formed by Louis Philippe ( King of France 1830-1848 ) in 1831.
Instead he was required by the Chief of the Imperial General Staff Field Marshal William Robertson to be ready to send possibly two infantry divisions to France.
Instead, the division was allotted to Operation Nordwind in the Low Vosges mountains of southeastern France.
Instead, they rallied for peace and unity in France.
Instead, therefore, of these commissioners settling the disputed point as to the existence or nonexistence of animal magnetism, their reports only gave the subject an additional interest and the cause of magnetism was embraced by a sizeable number of new supporters and interest in animal magnetism was sustained in France during the ensuing decades.
* Catholic Encyclopedia Innocent III resolved ( 1207 ) to organize a new crusade ... Instead of concentrating the forces of Christendom against the Mohammedans, the pope himself disbanded them by proclaiming ( 1209 ) a crusade against the Albigenses in the south of France, and against the Almohades of Spain ( 1213 ), the pagans of Prussia, and John Lackland of England.
Instead, a more distant Philip, a descendant of Philip IV's younger brother Charles of Valois, successfully claimed the throne as Philip VI of France in preference to Joan and a number of other females closer to the line of succession.
Instead it was sent into the line in France as emergency reinforcements during heavy Allied attacks.

Instead and agreed
Instead a young Danish Prince became King George I. George was a very popular choice as a constitutional monarch, and he agreed that his sons would be raised in the Greek Orthodox faith.
Instead he turned to Storm because they share similar elemental powers and she agreed to tutor him.
Instead the Maharaja appealed to Mountbatten for assistance, and the governor-general agreed on the condition that the ruler accede to India.
Instead, the group agreed to leave the mural, " The Life and Times of General Israel Putnam of Connecticut ," at its current location at Greenwich Library.
Instead, Fine Gael and Clann na Poblachta agreed on Costello as a compromise candidate.
Instead of fighting a civil war, the Ptolemy brothers agreed to rule Egypt jointly.
Instead, Adkison asked Garfield if he could invent a game that was both portable and quick-playing, to which Garfield agreed.
Instead, he agreed to a compromise peace, which in the long term facilitated the integration of Hungary into the Habsburg domains.
Hoenig agreed with Paul Volcker, however, that “ financial market developments ” had caused underwriting corporate bonds ( the prohibition of which Volcker described as the purpose of Glass-Steagall ), and also underwriting of corporate equity, revenue bonds, and “ high quality asset-backed securities ,” to be “ natural extensions of commercial banking .” Instead of reinstating Glass-Steagall prohibitions on such underwriting, Hoenig proposed restoring “ the principles underlying the separation of commercial and investment banking firms .”
Instead, at the Quebec conference, the Combined Chiefs of Staff agreed that Japan should be forced to surrender not more than one year after Germany's surrender.
Instead of allowing the labor markets to work, the National Wage Council pre-emptively agreed to Central Provident Fund cuts to lower labor costs, with limited impact on disposable income and local demand.
Instead, breaking the imperial convention that a new emperor must always be of a generation after that of the previous emperor, Cixi nominated her nephew and the imperial family agreed with her choice.
Instead Federated soon agreed to purchase Broadway Stores, Inc. ( owner of The Broadway, Emporium and Weinstock's stores in California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico ), from its majority shareholder, Sam Zell, thereby gaining a leading position in Southern California and a dominant one in the Northern California marketplace.
Instead, courts presumed that, absent extreme hardship or unusual circumstances, each party had voluntarily agreed to perform their respective duties under the terms of the contract, and that the state merely served as the neutral enforcer of the parties ’ pre-existing voluntary agreement.
Instead, to placate Newcastle and George II, Pitt agreed to send a British contingent to fight in Germany in 1758.
Instead, the creation of an independent state with elaborate power-sharing arrangements among the two communities was agreed upon in 1960, and the fragile Republic of Cyprus was born.
Instead, the takings will go to raise money for ( to " benefit ") some mutually agreed upon cause: e. g. the Actors Benevolent Fund ; a hospital ; a foundation.
Instead, the network agreed on April 19 to be carried on a new second digital subchannel of WKRC-TV forcing WBQC to become an Independent.
Instead, a draw was agreed on move 27.
Instead, in 1945 the US agreed at Potsdam to turn Vietnam back to their previous French colonizers, and in 1950 the US began providing military aid to the French.
Instead it went to Gerrit Van Asch, who agreed with the Milan congress of deaf educators of 1880 ( to which no deaf people were invited ) that teaching should be oral only, and that sign language should be forbidden.
Instead, it was agreed that BayArena would be the main training facility for the German national team during the 2006 finals.
Instead, Insull agreed to stay on only long enough to oversee the consolidation of Edison's companies.
Instead, Cashman agreed to a new contract with the Yankees following the conclusion of the 2005 season which gave him more authority in personnel decisions and paid him an average of $ 1. 3 million more over the following three years.

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