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Instead and Hitler
Instead of focusing on talking to the Turks, Ribbentrop and Papen became entangled in a feud over Papen's demand that he by-pass Ribbentrop and send his dispatches straight to Hitler.
Instead of satiation Hitler menaced Poland, and at last Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain dropped appeasement and stood firm in promising to defend Poland.
Instead, he wanted Hitler arrested and hauled before a court-martial for his many crimes.
Instead of attempting to break out of the encirclement, German dictator Adolf Hitler decided to keep Axis forces in Stalingrad and resupply them by air.
Instead, Hitler directed that Reichenau should make the main thrust into Prague.
Instead, Taylor believes that the meeting was merely an attempt by Hitler to drum up support from the military.
Instead, Hitler forced them-in violation of Munich Agreement-to sign an agreement for the annexation of the country on March 15, 1939.
Instead, Lukacs dates Hitler ’ s turn to anti-Semitism to 1919 Munich, in particular to the events surrounding the Bavarian Soviet Republic and its defeat by the right-wing Freikorps.
Instead, he was sent to a Hitler Youth school in Braunschweig / Brunswick, where he continued to hide his Jewish identity under the name of Josef Perjell ( changed to Josef Peters for the film Europa Europa ).
Instead, he was captured, and the Russians put him through many brutal interrogations based on speculation that he might have flown Hitler or Bormann to safety at the last minute.
Instead, he found himself providing official sanction and legal grounds for a series of criminal actions under the Hitler administration.

Instead and appointed
Instead of the Acht Orte appointing a bailiff together, Zurich and Bern each appointed the governor for 7 out of 16 years while Glarus appointed him for the remaining 2 years.
Instead of producing the film himself, Chaplin signed a deal with Universal Pictures and appointed his assistant, Jerome Epstein, as the producer.
Instead, the prime minister is appointed by the president, who in his / her view is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the parliament.
Instead Tollemache appointed Anthony Salvin, who had a greater reputation and more experience, and who had already carried out work on the Tollemache manor house, Helmingham Hall in Suffolk.
Instead, the issuer ( or its appointed agent ) maintains a register in which details of the holder of the securities are entered and updated as appropriate.
Instead he was an officeholder, appointed by the provincial States, who also was captain-general and admiral-general of the Union ( there was originally no stadtholder on the confederal level ).
Instead, he was appointed as the first Commander of the Southern Department.
Instead, the Crown is regarded as a corporation, with the monarch being the centre of a construct in which the power of the whole is shared by multiple institutions of government — the executive, legislative, and judicial — acting under the sovereign's authority, which is entrusted for exercise by the politicians ( the elected and appointed parliamentarians and the ministers of the Crown generally drawn from amongst them ) and the judges and justices of the peace.
Instead, he challenged Metzenbaum again, whom Gilligan had appointed to the Senate to replace William B. Saxbe, who had resigned to become attorney general.
Instead of the authority of position held by an appointed head or chief, the emergent leader wields influence or power.
Instead of the authority of position held by an appointed head or chief, the emergent leader wields influence or power.
Instead, the Social Democrat Oskari Tokoi was elected, with Ståhlberg being appointed as chairman of the Constitutional Council.
Instead he returned to find that Maj. Gen. Charles T. Menoher, an artilleryman who had commanded the Rainbow Division in France, had been appointed director on the recommendation of his classmate General Pershing, to maintain operational control of aviation by the ground forces.
Instead young liberals like Mitchell were appointed, with Mitchell receiving the high profile post of Minister for Justice.
Instead, Wilson was appointed to command the newly created independent Persia and Iraq Command, which included the Tenth Army under Quinan.
Instead, Trenchard, seeking equal status with Sykes, argued for a reorganization of the RAF which would have seen himself appointed as the RAF's commander of fighting operations while Sykes would have been left to deal with administrative matters.
Instead he was appointed " Governor-in-chief ", with simultaneous appointments as governor of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and St. John's Island ( present-day Prince Edward Island ).
Instead, he appointed his brother Herakleios as monostrategos of the East, who firstly strengthened the land and sea defences of Anatolia before proceeding to attack the Umayyad Caliphate under Abd al-Malik, winning minor victories while raiding into northern Syria in 700 and 701.
Instead, in March, he was appointed to Pennsylvania ’ s Supreme Executive Council, which was formed to govern the province under its new constitution.
Instead, the By law, no more than 83 City Marshals shall be appointed by a mayor.
Instead, the one member who had a vote only on legislative questions came to be appointed by the Sovereign, and the other three members by the Secretary of State for India.
Instead of blackening Howl's name like he asked Sophie to do, she gets him appointed the new Royal Wizard, the post he has been trying to avoid for years.
Instead, in 1835, Light was appointed Surveyor-General of the new colony.

Instead and Reich
Instead, Hausser sent a detachment from the Totenkopf division for this task and informed Hoth that the risk of disengaging with the Das Reich was far too great.
Instead of leading British leaders to conclude that they could never risk a war with Germany, and therefore must ally themselves with the Reich, the build-up in German naval power led to the Anglo-German naval race of the early 20th century, and Britain aligning herself against Germany.

Instead and Chancellor
Instead of a monarchical head of state, as the Holy Roman Emperor had been, its highest office was held by Karl Theodor von Dalberg, the former Arch Chancellor, who now bore the title of a Prince-Primate of the confederation.

Instead and ;
Instead of linking the nine numbers of this diagram with the traditional Nine Provinces, as was usually done, this equated the odd, Yang numbers with mountains ( firm and resistant, hence Yang ) and the even numbers with rivers ( sinuous and yielding, hence Yin ) ; ;
Instead of kicking feet, Helva's neural responses started her wheels ; ;
Instead, the forms of service that were to be included in the Book of Common Prayer were drawn from the Missal ( for the Mass ), Breviary for the daily office, Manual ( for the occasional services ; Baptism, Marriage, Burial etc.
Instead of focusing merely on the individual objects ( e. g., groups ) possessing a given structure, category theory emphasizes the morphisms – the structure-preserving mappings – between these objects ; by studying these morphisms, we are able to learn more about the structure of the objects.
Instead of listing every single element, sometimes an ellipsis ("...") is used, if the writer believes that the reader can easily guess what is missing ; for example, presumably denotes the set of integers from 1 to 100.
Instead, Minos kept it for himself ; and in revenge, Poseidon made his wife Pasiphaë lust for the bull with the help of Aphrodite.
Instead, these parsers just provide to the application the parsed FPI and / or URI associated to the notations found in the parsed SGML or XML document, and with a facility for a dictionary containing all notation names declared in the DTD ; these validating parsers will also check the uniqueness of notation name declarations, and will report a validation error if some notation names are used anywhere in the DTD or in the document body but not declared:
Instead of pushing each potential future pixel coordinate on the stack, it inspects the neighbour lines ( previous and next ) to find adjacent segments that may be filled in a future pass ; the coordinates ( either the start or the end ) of the line segment are pushed on the stack.
Instead, poetry and painting each has its character ( the former is extended in time ; the latter is extended in space ).
Instead of being confined to a circle, javelin throwers are provided with a runway wide and at least in length, ending in a curved arc from which their throw will be measured ; athletes typically use this distance to gain momentum in a " run-up " to their throw.
That is, to the speaker of Kwak ' wala, the sentence does not contain the " words " ' him-the-otter ' or ' with-his-club ' Instead, the markers-i-da (< span style =" font-variant: small-caps ; text-transform: lowercase "> PIVOT </ span >-' the '), referring to man, attaches not to bəgwanəma (' man '), but instead to the " verb "; the markers-χ-a (< span style =" font-variant: small-caps ; text-transform: lowercase "> ACCUSATIVE </ span >-' the '), referring to otter, attach to bəgwanəma instead of to q ' asa (' otter '), etc.
Instead, since development of music involves man's power, it reduces production of food ; furthermore, appreciation of music results in less time for administrative works.
Instead, bombarding < sup > 238 </ sup > U with slow neutrons causes it to absorb them ( becoming < sup > 239 </ sup > U ) and decay by beta emission to < sup > 239 </ sup > Np which then decays again by the same process to < sup > 239 </ sup > Pu ; that process is used to manufacture < sup > 239 </ sup > Pu in breeder reactors.
Instead there is nothing in the world that is not subject to contradiction and dispute, nothing that is not rejected, not just by one nation, but by many ; equally, there is nothing that is strange and ( in the opinion of many ) unnatural that is not approved in many countries, and authorized by their customs.
Instead, Carpenter turned his attention to the minor league affiliates, continuing an effort begun by Cox a year earlier ; prior to Cox ' ownership, the Phillies had paid almost no attention to player development.
Instead, it is passively replicated along with the host genome and passed on to the original cell's offspring ; all descendants of the infected cell will also bear proviruses in their genomes.
Instead, the Bahá ' í concept of the Manifestation of God emphasizes simultaneously the humanity of that intermediary and the divinity in the way they show forth the will, knowledge and attributes of God ; thus they have both human and divine stations.
Instead of dedicating time to fixing the defect, Alcorn decided it gave the game more difficulty and helped limit the time the game could be played ; he imagined two skilled players being able to play forever otherwise.
Instead, it makes a prediction using a probability distribution ; that is, it describes the probability of obtaining the possible outcomes from measuring an observable.
Instead it is used in smaller contests such as the election of the presiding officer of an assembly ; one long-standing example of its use is in the United Kingdom, where local associations ( LCAs ) of the Conservative Party use EB to elect their prospective parliamentary candidates ( PPCs ).

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