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Instead and Ranuccio's
Instead, Ranuccio's mother's younger sister Catherine, Duchess of Braganza, claimed the throne, very ambitiously, but failed.

Instead and mother's
Instead of settling down at home in what was most expected ( a spinsterhood dedicated to caring for her mother ) Kenny continued to work as a nurse from her mother's home, often brought to her patients in the sidecar of a motorcycle or by automobile.

Instead and younger
Instead of treating his sons equally in status and land, he elevated his first-born son Lothair above his younger brothers and gave him the largest part of the Empire as his share.
Instead of studying nature directly, younger artists began studying Hellenistic sculptures and paintings of masters past.
Instead, the landlords of Lesser Poland gave it to Mary's younger sister Jadwiga I of Poland, who married Jogaila of Lithuania.
Instead, a program of total immersion in study was encouraged for the younger generation.
Instead of exposing the oldest rocks along the axis and the youngest rocks low down on the flanks, the younger rocks of the northern range follow its axis, while the oldest rocks outcrop along its eastern flanks.
) Instead, the formal leaders of the party were a series of younger leaders promoted ( and then demoted ) by Deng and other influential elders.
Instead of becoming a mere twenty years younger, the three grandparents lose eighty years, making George one year old, Josephine three months, and Georgina absent altogether, having become " minus two " ( she was seventy-eight ).
Instead, on the death of his father in 1922, it was given to his younger brother, Manfred.
Instead they used members of the younger races as cannon fodder, and made it possible for their warships to be bred more quickly.
Instead, a more distant Philip, a descendant of Philip IV's younger brother Charles of Valois, successfully claimed the throne as Philip VI of France in preference to Joan and a number of other females closer to the line of succession.
Instead they met Prince Edward who had ambushed the younger de Montfort's army and then marched under its stolen Montfort banners to lure Henry and the elder Simon into a trap.
Instead Hugh the younger Despenser had Llewelyn executed without a proper trial.
Instead the OUN, particularly its younger members, adopted the ideology of Dmytro Dontsov, an émigré from Eastern Ukraine.
Instead, against popular opinion, he created Xiao Tong's younger brother, also by Consort Ding, Xiao Gang crown prince.
Instead, command was given to the Governor Castro's nephew, the younger and relatively inexperienced Álvaro de Mendaña de Neira.
Instead, his younger brother, WBO, IBO & IBF heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko agreed to fight Haye the same date in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
Instead, he supported his son-in-law, the younger Tigranes, when he rebelled against his father, and invaded Armenia in 65 BC in alliance with Pompey, who abandoned Mesopotamia to the Parthians.
Instead, Harald Hardråde's father was supposedly a descendent, in unbroken male line, from a younger ( and somewhat obscure ) son of Harald Fairhair.
Instead, Ray Fulmer appeared in the role of Steve Baxter, George's younger brother.
Instead Henry threatened to appoint a younger son, Gothelo, as duke in Lower Lorraine.
Instead, Philip offered her younger sister Margaret to marry Edward ( then 55 ).

Instead and sister
Instead, his mother and the sister of Kōtoku, the former Empress Kogyoku ascended to the throne under another name, Empress Saimei.
Instead of receiving a significant patrimony, Thomas was wed in 1625 to Marie de Bourbon, sister and co-heiress of Louis de Bourbon, comte de Soissons, who would be killed in 1641 while fomenting rebellion against Cardinal Richelieu.
Instead of receiving a significant patrimony, Thomas was wed in 1625 to Marie de Bourbon, sister and co-heiress of Louis de Bourbon, comte de Soissons, who would be killed in 1641 while fomenting rebellion against Cardinal Richelieu.
Instead, he played the role of kingmaker with his subordinate, Marcian, who became emperor by marrying Theodosius II's sister Pulcheria.
Instead he goes to her little sister ’ s grave, hung so often with his garlands and wet with his tears, to bemoan his fate.
Instead, the baby was taken away from her mother at the age of two and adopted by her father ’ s sister Katia who kept a musical salon in Paris.
Instead of actually enrolling into a college, Bob found a job at the Atlanta University, which became his equivalent experience as if he was a student on campus – from the interview from his sister, he was able to gain a vast amount of knowledge due to his knowledge-packed environment.
Instead, both are sister companies under parent Carso Global Telecom.
Instead, sister company Showtime Entertainment handles in-house productions for the network.
Instead, it aired America's Trucking Network ( still listing it as Truckin ' Bozo on the schedule, even several years after the show changed its name ) originating from sister station WLW.
Instead, she lived with and was supported by her sister Emilie until Emilie's death in 1926.
Instead, she was later discovered collapsed on a bathroom floor by her sister Lavinia and was taken to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, where Blow told the doctor she had drunk the weedkiller Paraquat.
Instead of performing a corporate reorganization, many motion picture companies often have sister companies they collaborate with in other industries that are subsidiaries owned by their parent company and is often not involved in the making of products that are not motion picture related.
Instead of competing with now sister station KROQ-FM, it was asked to switch to a " Triple-A " format ( a blend of album-rock and alternative music that appealed to a 35 + demographic ).
Instead they refer to each other as their respective kinship identifiers in their family groups, such as " sister " or " mother " depending on age and sometimes relation by blood or marriage.

Instead and Duchess
Instead she used the arms of a Princess of Sweden and Duchess of Scania.
Instead, Queen Victoria later created Cecilia Duchess of Inverness for life.

Instead and claimed
Instead, Augustus claimed the title for himself ( for the 7th time ).
Instead of saying that humans live on the outside surface of a hollow planet, sometimes called a " convex " hollow-Earth hypothesis, some have claimed that our universe itself lies in the interior of a hollow world, calling this a " concave " hollow-Earth hypothesis.
Instead it was claimed Raeder was opposed to war with the United States and had always worked to protect neurtal shipping during the war with the committee having Raeder say: " We had to consider neutrals to avoid any possible unfortunate incidents " at sea.
Instead of paying homage to the French king, as his ancestors had done, Edward claimed that he was the rightful King of France.
Instead, they claimed to propose legislating for civil union, however attempts by the Labour Party to legislate for civil unions in the previous Dáil were forestalled by PD Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Michael McDowell, due to his insistence that non-sex relationships be recognised too.
Instead it is claimed that gringo might derive from Caló, the language of the Romani people of Spain, as a variant of ( pere ) gringo ‘ peregrine ’, ‘ wayfarer ’, and ‘ stranger ’.
Instead, he was met by a man who claimed to be General Stephen Van Rensselaer's secretary, Toock.
Instead, however, he claimed he married Guerrero because she had authoritative powers as the General Manager, and sought a divorce.
Instead of performing controlled experiments, Lysenko claimed that vernalization increased wheat yields by 15 %, solely based upon questionnaires taken of farmers.
Instead of worrying about Onslaught, the Avengers questioned Franklin's credibility, as Franklin claimed to be the son of both Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman.
Instead, he claimed to have been happy about the events at the time, mentioning that his best friend had sent him a joyous text message from Prague in 1989 when the city was being liberated.
Instead the monarch claimed it was because of Rothschild's business activities, but few believed her.
Instead, the bounty system that had been instigated in 1923 was continued, and this proved to be effective: 57, 034 bounties were claimed over a six month period in 1934.
Instead it was followed in 1960 by Oedipus and Akhnaton, where he claimed that the story of the Pharaoh Akhenaten was the origin of the Greek legend of Oedipus, and that Amenophis III was Laius, and Tutankhamun was Eteocles.
Instead, liberals either ignored the crime crisis, claimed that law and order was a racist ruse, or maintained that social programs would solve the " root causes " of civil disorder, which by 1968 seemed increasingly unlikely and contributed to a loss of faith in the ability of the government to do what it was above all sworn to do — protect personal security and private property.
Instead of the rare Elvis film, Santilli claims, the cameraman offered him footage he claimed to have shot in the late 1940s of an alleged autopsy of an alien recovered from one of the UFO crash sites.
" Instead of treating the characters as deities, they are allocated the roles of being historical heroes who sometimes have supernatural or superhuman powers, for instance, in the Irish sources the gods are claimed to be an ancient tribe of humans known as the Tuatha Dé Danann.
Instead, they claimed its purpose was to highlight the fact that young girls of Roma origin can be literally bought like cattle, despite the fact that this is a heavy crime which clearly violates Human Rights Legislation.
Instead, he devoted hmself to poetry, editing radical journals, and protesting World War I, which claimed two of his brothers.

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